1.      What are the three main divisions of the Pali Cannon?
According to Wikipedia; the three pitaka of the Tipitaka are the Vihana or rules for monks and nuns, the Sutta or accepted doctrine of Buddha and the Abhidamma, which is a complicated collection of accepted beliefs of Buddhists on various topics of interest (or relativity)

2.      How many pages are in the Pali Cannon?
There are thought to be approximately twenty thousand pages in the Canon.

3.      In your opinion, does it matter whether the Buddha actually spoke the words making up the text of "Original Buddhism?" How accurate is accurate? 
Although both modes of Buddhism accept the Canon as largely true they differ on as to whether it is the word of Buddha. I would imagine most Theraveda Buddhists believe it is His word, while some may not but follow it anyway as a religious tradition. Less likely is it that many Mahayana Buddhists accept it as the direct word of Buddha himself. It is most accurate to view the Tipitaka as the word of Buddha, for although it may or may not be what he had to say it is important to note that He said it as Buddha to His followers the monks and they related it to other Buddhists. So by extension it may be His word, although secondhand. It would be a foolish Buddhist who does not at least consider the possibility of the Tipitaka being His word and meditate on it, and an ignorant and foolish Buddhist who dismisses it as hearsay.

As with any Canon or spiritual tradition there are bound to be some idiosynchrosies and overly elaborated concepts. Certainly accuracy of the teachings diminishes each time it is taught, or does it? Before the first monks who meditated on a lotus flower and saw it as a symbol or rebirth it was not a symbol -- it was merely a flower. And so it is with the Canon. Any sacred text which is not debated, examined, shared, meditated on, referred to or venerated is worthless. Thus the Canon is neither the unquestioned message of Buddha or a worthless old book. It is a message of Buddha, nothing more and nothing less. And also it is not a message of Buddha (in that it is likely the word of His followers). It is what it is.


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