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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Religious Philosophy

Religious Philosophy

My answer to Question 1); Is yes, I have visited several places that would be considered to be a scared space or even of power. Some places are very well known, like arriving at the rim of the grand canyon or looking at Niagara Falls with the moist spray hitting you in the face or maybe even standing on the shore line of one of the oceans or great lakes. While other places are somewhat more personal places of renewal for the spirit.
As an example I will refer to the red rock range in Sedona, AZ., and the battlefield of Gettysburg PA. These sites being somewhat more popular so as the general understanding of my definition or rather explanation.
When visiting such places as mentioned before and now referencing the red rock valley, people first notice the beauty of the surrounding area and become awe stricken and begin to turn their observations into speculation of (what was, who were, and what it, etc., etc.). If you noticed, it is a pattern of questions that begins to bring on or rather heighten, not only our curiosity, but also spirituality.
We as human beings begin to realize how small we are, but also how important we are, and at the same time want to connect with it in away that is special and memorable to ones self.
The Sedona area is steeped in native American lore and the evidence of it is great even by our understanding. Though the general understanding has many different interpretations with it, that understanding being almost as numerous as the grains of sand found on its bluffs, we can draw a respect for the feelings it generates in each one of us on that personal observation.
The battlefield at Gettysburg, PA., for many people is relatively the same. It to stirs up emotion and awe as one takes the time to explore and understand and begins to be able to relate to the surroundings of what took place there and the lives that it effected then, as well as today, that being the engagement that took place there.

Places such as these are timeless, they become timeless by human nature and understanding, the reaction and with a respect to the reverence to not only the magnitude of the visual respects but also the emotional respects they generate in ones self.

In some cases in our exploration we can stumble into things that are unknown to any understanding that we may adhere to in respect to general education, or knowledge. Things happen for a reason ! & ?. As was stated in the lesson the interpretation can very, but when something happens to ones self that has no real or tangible understanding, it suddenly becomes spiritual or it takes on a more non charismatic understanding to what may have or may not have just happened to create such an emotion or epiphany.
I'm not being specific here because with respects to the "power" that someone feels or the "spiritual" expressions that, that place within the emotional awareness, the understanding or rather experience has a very personal reverence to it. So, I don't want to intrude on the final outcome of ones personal experience. It does however, effect each person differently and by keeping the topic general the meaning is still expressed without personal detail.
Life itself is a gift and the fact that we are the only creatures on the planet that have the capability to "relate to our surroundings" is too, a very unique gift, so should be the emotional experience that we encounter in life and the places that enrich us to the point of manifestation on an emotional acceptance or rather awareness.

Answer to Question 2); The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, it would not surprise me that a line could be drawn around any circumference to meet the speculations of ones imagination. That is like saying that if the earth was mapped out in a grid that certain points of historical value or even personal value would intersect. The only thing that would change the out come is the distance between grid spaces. Everything and every place has its own point of power. Being it in ones self or being a particular place of origin. To me it is err- relevent because what we experience in life, to be positive or negative has its place in the understanding of relevance to individual power.
Understanding, Knowledge, Belief, Faith, Inspiration, Acceptance, Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Creativity, Relationship, Accomplishment, Spirituality, Influence and Existence are all or can be places of power. This in its self is still just the starting point, of "PLACES of POWER".
PS. I'll get lesson 13 in ASAP. Have your self a wonderful holiday and a very merry Christmas.
Rev. Manley

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