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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Spiritual Awareness

Essay for completion of Dr. Of Spiritual Awareness
Rev. Anne Marie Brooks
The course was very well written. It was organized and flowed well. The lessons all went together each supporting the one before and after. The course seemed to easily fit in spiritual development and psychic development. It supported very well the information I have learned in my parapsychic science. They validate each one very well. There some things already knew from previous work but there were also some aspects that went deeper than I had previously.
I thoroughly enjoyed the ideas about Karma as a teacher, and souls having lifetimes.

Reincarnation allows us the luxury of learning the lessons we missed the last time around, and paying off past karmic debts. The use of active versus passive mediation helps people know there really is no way to do it incorrectly. The different types of mediation such as visualizations, soul trip with your guardian angel and regression mediation, which as he describes it sounds much, like self-hypnosis. I agreed with his perception of good and evil and how important it is to know yourself.

Clairvoyance, telepathy, guardian angels and Reiki spirit guides ring true to me in that I find these perceptions in all the studying I've done. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I loved his description of the Chakras and colors as these are incorporated in to energy healing sessions I do. Once he notes that we are "child of Divine Creator", which reminded me some much of the part in the Desiderata that states, "You are a child of the Universe…"
Finding your own answers is frequently done by learning and trying other religions and he suggests the use of a mentor. From my lifetime and just plain common sense there are good people in any religion and bad people in any religion, which is why it is so important to know yourself and listen to your intuition. You have all the answers in you if you will just listen and be aware of signs around you.
We also get guidance from spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters and animal spirit guides. I enjoyed and appreciated his discussion on high spirits versus low spirits. That is a point not made often enough.
In the chapters, that deal with the Laws, I will only comment on the one's I either hadn't heard of it before or disagree with or did quite "get". Most of the laws have been part of my training with either Reiki or parapsychic science. The law of cycles made sense but maybe too much. It just seemed like good old plain common sense. I didn't quite under his description of the Law Of Gender. In his explanation of the Law of God Will, I found myself thinking it was much like Albert Ellis' work on Rational Emotive Therapy. Beliefs cause filling, feeling cause behavior therefore if your belief is faulty than it is likely that your actions/behaviors will be wrong and not in anyone's best interest. The Law of Lotus didn't remind me of anything I'd read elsewhere and seemed to be vaguely described for to agree or disagree. I would have to say that all in all the laws he discusses I agree with and for the part have become familiar with in other areas of study. This made me feel good in that it validated previous learning.
The discussion on Ley lines was nice to see. He explains it well and how to protect yourself as well letting you know you can always call for help from guides, Archangel Michael and the use of a mirror. This was good information and area where I believe I can never have too many ways to help people know how to protect themselves if necessary. He explains Kundalini , prana, the I AM presence in terms that are easily understandable and again fit nicely with other teachings I've had. In the chapter, in which he discusses the 7 rays, their colors etc. was much like the chakras. His description of how each ascended master is associated to each color and virtue was the perfect way to wrap up the course. Although I knew a lot of this before the course I learned so much more and I must add I love the way he writes. It is down to earth and often quite humorous.


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Friday, March 20, 2009

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest
Master of Metaphysics
Final Essay

As you read on, you might get a sick feeling in the bottom of your stomach, if might even make you feel sorry for me, I just ask you not to feel sorry for me. I, nor anyone else can change what happened to me. I just hope that maybe it can help some else who has gone through it to know that they are not alone.

Setting spiritual, emotional and physical goals at first seemed really easy. I looked at it and said, "No problem, I can do it." Well, I was wrong, it was not that easy for me. There was one thing that seems to stop me right in my tracks, "FORGIVENESS".

I am a very semi person, but with certain things I am very private. What you are about to read is not easy for me to tell people. In the end people needs to hear my story and maybe it can help others.

Forgiveness was a very hard thing for me to do. There has been certain things in my life that have happened to me that were very bad have affected my life in many different ways. Because of it, I have found it very hard to forgive certain people.

Here is my story: (just the basic of it);

As a young child we went to church at least 2 to 3 times a week for church activities during the week and than Sunday School on Sunday mornings followed by worship service in the after noon and than praise meeting in the evening. For the praise meetings my mother would drop my sister and I off at church and than go and pick up a few of the men from the men social (which is part of our church). After some period of time my mother started inviting one of the men over to our house for dinner and what ever else, soon after that they started dating. That is where it all started, he would tell me that he loved me and that I was like a daughter to him. When I was in bed he would come in to say good night to me, and ask me if I wanted to play a game, I said sure (especially if it got me to stay up a little longer), he said that it was a special game between him and me, and not to tell anyone. He started to touch me over my under pants, as days, weeks and even months went by he would come in my room at night and said that we were going to play our special game but a little different, during the game he took my under wear off and did more than just touching. As time went by and things started to change my mother married him and then our little game changed as well. The so called game was also done while I was taking a bath, and in his bed, as time went on the rules of the game changed to where I had to touch him also. When I started to develop his game changed again, this time he told me that if I told anyone then he would hurt me really bad and that I had to play his game just how he wanted it because when you love some one that is what you do. He started to force himself on me everyday, sometimes more than once a day, as I got a little older and told him that I didn't want to play the game anymore he would beat me with his belt and force me to play the game anyways. I can't tell you how many times I cried myself to sleep, and how bad I wanted to tell some one, but I was to afraid that he would hurt me worse then what he was already doing, or was hoping that some one would figure out that something was wrong, but no one did. I found out later in my adult life and after my grand father death that my grand parents figured it out but said nothing because they thought that my mother allowed it. During 90% of it my mother was at home while he was doing all of this to me, and it went on for several years.

The day that I turned 19 I was walking home from my mothers house I was attacked and the guy forced me to sleep with him, I was still in school due to graduate that June, I told one of my foster mothers what happened and she told my other foster mother and foster father (no I wasn't in a foster home, these people helped me with my school work when I had a problem, they were there when I had no one to turn to), they said that it was wrong and it was called rape, so some how I got the courage and told them about what my than ex-step father had been doing to me. I had to break the silence. My foster father told my mother, she said that it never happened and took his side of it. Things got to the point that I even tried to take my own life twice.

It affected my life so bad and in so many different ways;
I became afraid of men
I didn't trust anyone
I couldn't stand to be touched, not even a hug or a hand shake
He took my youth away from me
I couldn't have a real relationship with a man
I had bad dreams and night terrors and relived it all in my dreams to the point that I reverted to sucking my thumb in my sleep and didn't even know that I was doing it
I was afraid that he was going to hurt me worse because I told and he was already at that time looking for us and trying to get back with my mother.

When I was around 20 years old I ran into an old friend, he was looking for my brother. I knew at that moment that I was going to marry him, but there was a little problem, I was afraid of men, I didn't trust anymore and I couldn't stand to be touched, so how was I going to be able to have a relationship with him let alone marry him. As it turned out he knew at that moment that he was going to marry me also. Just from talking with him he new something was wrong. One day everything started to change, I was jumped at my brothers house by a group of people, and had to go to the hospital. When I got back to my brothers house I hid in a corner and didn't want to come out, I was afraid that the people were going to come back, I had no idea as to who they were. My brother went and got Jon and told him what happened, he came to my brothers house to get me and to make sure that I was ok, he said that he would protect me. I started to trust him and I told him what my ex-step father did to me. He was mad, he knew my ex-step father and he understood why I was afraid even of him.

Jon and I did get married, and we have 3 children that lived, we lost 5 children (some were twins), because of the several tears of being rape and sexually abuse, my children had to be born by c-section. I was not able to have a baby the natural way. My mother asked the doctor if it was because of being sexually abuse and they told her yes, that because of it my insides are messed up. At that point my mother knew that I didn't make it up, but at the same time she didn't even say that she was sorry for not believing me.

Thru the years my husband has been there for me and has helped me through the bad dreams and the night terrors. There were times that I would wake up screaming yelling for him to leave me alone thinking that it was my ex-step father touching me, when it was just Jon putting his arm around me. It was a long process that I had to go through to get to where I am today.

I could not forgive my mother for a while but as time went on I was able to forgive her, as for my ex-step father I could not completely forgive him, he also took away my feelings, my freedom.

The most reminder that I had was that I couldn't be completely intimate with my husband. To me there is a difference between having sex and making love. Thru the years I always said we don't have sex, we make love to each other, but in fact it was just sex. I couldn't even make love to the man that I love with all of my heart, and that made me mad to the point that I could not forgive my ex-step father for what he did to me. My hubby and I just had our 23rd. Wedding annv., we have been together for almost 24 years, and we have known each other for almost 43 years.

Through a friend, a man that my husband works with told him about a friend of his that is a minister (plays the same on-line game that we all play), whose group was having a Thanksgiving Outreach. My husband told me about it, our one daughter met me there, I really enjoyed it to the point that I have continued to go on Fridays. The minister is a very awesome man, I have at many times went to him and talked about different things that was happening in my family, like the surgery that my husband had, and some of the others that he has to have later on. I also talk with him in the game that we all play. I asked him a simple question: how can someone really truly forgive someone who could rape and continue to rape a child almost everyday for several years. His answer was simple: if you are a true Christian, you than can forgive him.

I had to think about what he said to me for several days, yes it took me several days to go over in my mind back to the day when my hubby and I started to date until now. I had to take a long hard look at how my life was affected by what happened to me and how it has affected the sexual part of our relationship. I didn't really have any feelings or emotions while we were intimate with each other. Sometimes when I don't know things do change, I am happy to say that I am able to make love to and with my hubby and to have him make love to me. I am not afraid to let a male shake my hand, or even to give me a hug.

The most important thing is that because I am able to feel again, that I am not afraid anymore of males or even my ex-step father (I don't trust him, and I don't ever want him around my children or grand children) and I can truly know what it is like to love again and to be loved no matter if it just a love between friends, a love between wife and husband, or even a love that we share while being intimate with each other. I also have my freedom, to say no when I don't want to be intimate and don't have to worry about getting beat and than being forced to do it anyways. From this somehow I was able to forgive and didn't even know that I had. I would not have known it, if wasn't for my minister, my friend to open my eyes, my heart and to make me take a good hard look at it to make me realized that I did forgive my ex-step father. I know that one day he will have to answer to God for what he did to me.

What makes a person do sick things like that to anyone but especially to a child is beyond me. I know now that it was not my fault, and that I didn't do anything wrong to deserve what he did to me.

I thank God for bringing Jim, the guy from my husband work into our lives, because through him God brought Tony, at first I knew him as Rahammer (his toon in the on-line game that we all play) into our lives, into my life, other wise I would not have known that I did forgive him. Seeing that I forgave him, I can forgive myself for not breaking the silence when I was a child. Now I know that I can forgive anyone that did or might in the future do wrong to me.

As you could just tell forgiveness was a really huge problem for me and I just ask that you understand how hard it was for me. I believe that God knew it was a problem, and for some reason only he knows why it took me this long to realize that I did and can forgive. I don't know if what has happened to me was in Gods plans, but I believe that God did have in his plans for me to meet Jim, Tony and his wife Joy and others in his group. To say the least somewhere in mine and my hubby life our paths had already crossed, don't know where, and don't know when but they have.

It was and is hard at times for me to tell my story, therefore I thank you for reading my story, I know it is long, and I am not sorry for it being long. My story has to be told, it might just help someone else who has gone through something like it themselves. I know that I am still healing from it, and I know that it does not run my life. The most important thing is that I can trust others and I can trust God. I can feel and have emotions again and I can FORGIVE.


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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysical Healing
Thomas Voss

"Healing can be defined as the ability to heal all levels of a person's being, through animating the vital force within."

From the time I was a boy in catechism class at our little Episcopal Church the idea of healing with a touch fascinated me. The "laying on of hands" has come up time and time again throughout my life. The way Jesus did things had class. When I saw that ULC Seminary offered a course in Metaphysical Healing I was on board in a heart beat. And, I was very pleased that it was offered by Dr./Rev. Katharine Kruger. Her name and work in South Africa had come up before as a healer and educator. I was sure she would have a great course and I wasn't disappointed.

We have all heard about auras, charkas, and other mysterious things from the Eastern religions. For most of my life it just baffled me how anyone could go around talking about that sort of thing keeping a straight face. Dr. Kruger offers all these topics plus the seven subtle bodies together with the human endocrine system in her course. And, all the while, she intricately weaves them together in a believable approach to healing. For me, finally, it was easy to associate high energy levels in and around powerful endocrine glands with healing energy of the chakras. From there it wasn't hard to go with a system of Auric fibers connecting the subtle bodies with the charkas together with the Peripheral Nervous System.
"It is important to remember that the Human Energy Field is not something that is separate from the body. It is an extension of the physical, because the peripheral nervous system continues beyond the skin surface, in a very subtle form." The Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Astral Body, Etheric Template, Celestial Body, the Ketheric Template, and the Auric Sheath are all part of the human aura. Again, all of these except the Auric Sheath correspond directly to one of the seven charkas. In turn, the charkas relate directly to one of the endocrine glands.
For instance, the Celestial body, the 6th subtle system corresponds with the 6th charka and the pineal gland. The Celestial Body is regarded as the most beautiful of the subtle bodies (pearl in color) and is the body within which spiritual ecstasy is manifested with in deep states of meditation. It is likely that early Christian artist were representing the celestial body in the "halos" they placed around the head of the Christ and of the saints.
Those are the sorts of things about which we learned from Dr. Kruger's course. In other lessons Rev. Kruger provides a sound introduction to, taking medical histories and clinic operations. One thing I grasped right away was that it is very naive to think one could take a course then put up a shingle and begin to heal the masses.
Dr. Kruger mentioned in one of her lessons that in Africa after one is initiated there is a course (an apprenticeship) of study that may take 6 or 7 years. That seems a bit more reasonable. However, among different interventions I've done and still do using hypno-therapy, NLP, and acupressure it seems like adding some metaphysical healing techniques will definitely help my clients (OK in small doses while I'm learning). My wife, my sister, and my brother all have troubles with there lower backs. All three are bed ridden from time to time painfully unable to move. Now, I don't know what I did to all three of these people (It could be that I'm just a pain in the . . .) but, the least I could do was to offer up some healing. So, I took the course intending to add it to acupressure and hypnosis. We'll see.
The places wherein she talks about the medicine man – shamans out in the bush and their beliefs and approaches to healing are especially entertaining. The African medicine men have an idea that healing is magic mixed with the spiritual. "In African Culture the ancestors could be the spirits of deceased family members who now wish to continue their healing work through the mediumship of the initiate." The idea that there could be a number of spirits hanging around is really spooky to me – pun intended. I find Dr. King's approach using Universal Energy to heal much more appealing.
Tribal healers believe that people who do wrong will cause there own illness and illness for the whole tribe as well. Another belief of the tribal healers encompasses "soul loss" and they conduct soul retrieval to heal. Wow! Anyway, it was all very enlightening and there wasn't any part that I didn't like.
One comment as a caution about 'past life regression', as a practicing hypno-therapist I've been in classes and other situations not in my control wherein neophyte-therapists unwittingly created for their class mates/clients many 'past lives' and even spaceships. Any therapist must be ever so very careful how this type of induction is approached not to mention how it is conducted.
On a popular TV show that is all about UFOs, the staff was investigating where and how the aliens abduct people. During the show they contacted a popular hypno-therapist who was doing "research." This therapist is an avid UFO fan and has "studied" aliens for many years. During an induction they were airing that night the audience should have readily seen that what really happened was an overzealous therapist placed his client(s) right in the middle of an alien spaceship! Neither the client nor any aliens had anything to do with this reality.
To begin with, the very reason that that particular client sought out that particular hypno-therapist was to find other-world aliens somewhere in his (the client's) 'Sub-conscious' mind(s). Both gentlemen were ripe to find some aliens. The entire interlude was completely contaminated. Presupposition is the bane of all any therapy and all religion.
Too much of what therapists believe comes up in the heads of their clients. If somebody wants a past life they can probably find a "therapist" who'll give them any number they want. I do not presume to question someone as important as is Dr. Kruger in the world of metaphysical healing. I do think it is important that all her students clearly understand that induction into any level of hypnosis is a truly powerful process and that an outright novice shouldn't be messing around with it without real guidance. Enough said.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas A. Voss


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Monday, March 02, 2009


Master of Druidism Essay
By Rev. Kevin John Gilhooly

The Druids were an ancient people, although there was a more modern version. The modern ones tended to converge on Stonehenge from time to time. That was about all I knew about Druidism when I began this course.

I have always been interested in a multitude of belief systems – I was raised Roman Catholic and went to Catholic schools, I attended Buddhist services after college, and I've looked at other religions, as well. It has not been a quest to find the "right" or "only" solution, but rather to find ideas that will help me along my spiritual journey.

I began my study of the Druids with very little preconceptions. I chose the course since my family is originally from Ireland and because it was a belief system born of simpler times, which I think would be one possible solution to some of the issues of today. (This was mentioned in the course, in fact, so I was not alone in this thought.) Other than that, I was a blank slate.

I appreciated learning that the Druids were a society more than a religion. There are some societies (AA comes to mind) which often bind their members much more closely than proper religions do.

It is unfortunate that it was an oral tradition, since much of the specifics are then recorded for posterity by those outside the society. Nonetheless, there are records which are quoted throughout the course.

Since it was an oral tradition, there was a specific portion of society (the Bards) dedicated to continuing the tradition and handing it down. There were also Ovates, who were the healers and the Druids, who were performed the rituals and were teachers. It sounds like the caste system was not what we would consider a caste today with different levels in a hierarchy but rather a progression of learning.

Druidism taught its members to honor life – in all its forms. This core belief could help people to realize that all their actions ripple throughout the Earth – affecting not just themselves, but people and other beings around them. If you can accept this core belief, then you can start to realize your place within the Earth and how what you choose has effected beyond just those entities directly around you.

The interesting aspect of this to me was that it is a belief that will help one to do right without the requirement of a Supreme Being who is watching and "grading" what you do. There is no real need for someone watching over you to see if you behave – you can determine your correct path by how it affects the Earth around you.

Like their ethical code, the Druidic holidays are also tied to the Earth. Their calendar is based on the seasons, which would be much more important to acknowledge in an agrarian culture, and also again grounds the people into the rhythms of the Earth. It is interesting to note that theirs was a solar calendar, rather than a lunar one.

I was glad to learn that there are actually practicing Druids today. While it may not be accepted widely, I do believe it has concepts that should be acknowledged and studied, since other beliefs can gloss over them.

It is unfortunate that some of the aspects of the Druidic system (magic, divination) are held to ridicule by those in the mainstream, which then causes them to dismiss the tradition wholesale. While part of the tradition, I don't believe focusing on those aspects give a true picture of the system and how it can help modern people survive in a modern world. I also believe that the explanations of magic in the course would lead many to believe that magic is around us.

As the world becomes more automated and mechanized, perhaps all of us should take a moment and reflect on the traditions of the Druids, who were connected to the earth and to each other.


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I decided to take this course as a tie in to the Master of Wiccan Studies course I took a few years ago. When I reviewed the comments on the message board, Rev. Lucinda Parker recommended three courses that are tied together. Wicca, Paganism and Druidism.

Therefore, I did a bit of research on the net. Here's what I found on the website:

According to a passage in a Wikipedia essay on Druidry (now deleted): "Modern Druidism (a.k.a. Modern Druidry) is a continuation of the 18th-century revival and is thus thought to have some, though not many, connections to the Ancient Religion. Modern Druidism has two strands, the cultural and the religious. Cultural Druids hold a competition of poetry, literature and music known as the Eisteddfod amongst the Celtic peoples (Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Breton, etc). Modern religious Druidry is a form of Neopaganism built largely around writings produced in the 18th century and later, plus the relatively sparse Roman and early medieval sources."

Overall, this Paganism course was interesting and a good tie-in to Wicca. A real eye opener for me was "The Great Rite", a ceremony that is very detailed in this course. When reading about the Great Rite I was amazed at the similarities to the symbolism of the Catholic mass and the Great Rite ceremony. The symbols of the goddesses body being the alter, the alter cloth, the challis, and the overall ritual can be directly tied to the Catholic communion ceremony. Since my field of study is now centered on the old earth religions, it always amazes me when I find these direct ritual similarities, especially when the Hollywood versions of the old religions, with a few modern exceptions, usually attach evil and Satan worship to anything having to do with Whichcraft, Paganism, etc. We all know that this is completely false. There is no link whatesoever between the old religions and anything to do with evil. It is quite the contrary.

This course has re-confirmed for me that a natural and common sense approach to religion is a much more pleasant experience than the old traditional fear systems. This was a very enjoyable course and I highly recommend it to any Wiccans who are seeking more details and information on Wiccan rituals.

Robert Pelot
Orleans, Ontario


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Spirit Quest

The Spirit-Quest Discourse is an excellent course for either beginners or those who are more advanced. I found this course an excellent refresher course, with new insights that I had not thought of before. I can not say that it taught me a lot as much of the information within the course I had already learned through other courses of study, through reading and surprisingly some things I just knew. 
One of the main things I liked about this course and that is all lessons, is your assignment of the week. It is one thing to learn or read each topic but another to apply what you learn, I found each weeks homework assignment to be very helpful in incorporating many of your suggested exercises into my human journey. Many of these "homework" assignments I have found helpful in my personal dealings and in my work as a spiritual counselor and instructor. 
I have used some of your techniques while working with some of my students and with those that I am counseling, and they found them helpful as well.
Spirit-Quest is definitely an extensive course that I will be constantly referencing as I have learned over the course of my years of study and throughout my own journey that often times we read things one time and find things we need to know, read it later and new things appear. 
The lessons I found extremely helpful are:
Protection Rose
Tools For Getting Unstuck Part 1 and 2
Creating Your Own Reality Pt 1 and 2
All in all the course was extremely well written, easy to understand and with the assignments each week one could begin to apply each lesson into their own life's journey.

Rev. Joyce Chandler


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