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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Shamanism Course

(This is more than 400 words, but I have a lot to say).
The Drum is vitally important to me and to my Healing Work.
The Drums speak to a deeper part of myself.
When I was younger, I never quite understood why that was.
Well, as I got older, I found out the Truth my Family tried to bury.
Now, I am Proud of what the Drum represents.
The Drums take me to another time and place.
I Always feel the vibrations of the drums from a Pow Wow Drum Circle.
My Belief, as a Healer in Training, is in the knowledge that I can help others through the work that I do.
I don't dare call myself a Shaman without the expertise, knowledge and training that this would take.
My Power Animal is the Bear. I call him "Grizz."
My Religious Beliefs really do mirror what I hope that my Ancestors are training me for, whatever this may be.
There are also time that I have been able to bi - locate even while Awake.
I "walk between the winds." I have ever since my earliest experience with the Medicine Path.
I really did need to accept this calling for several reasons:
1.) I was on vacation here in NM and I was called forward by Tribal Elders, being told of my Heritage. I was told this again, later in my Early Adulthood by Apache Medicine Elder, Spotted Bear.
2.) I was living in Cheyenne, WY. when I found my Native Heritage.
My Tribal Heritage is Seneca.
3.) My Elder Grandfather, Eagle Plume and I are very, very close. From Spirit, he helps me with a lot of my Training.
4.) Many of the cases of Spirit Contact and my Healing Energies have become so intense that they are impossible for me to deny.
When I have done healing work, I often have worked with Herbs. Normally, I can heal minor illnesses, such as colds, flu, arthritis, etc.
My most recent case involved my Grandmother.
She had broken her Arm in a fall. I sent her Healing Energies and her Arm healed in half the time that it normally would have. The Doctors were astonished.
A woman also came up to me at 4th of July with her hand in a Cast, from Surgery that was recent.
I put through the Healing Energies again. I am waiting to see how this turns out.
I have as well, cleared Spirits from Buildings.
Personally, I prefer Smudge, Incense, Drum and Rattle to a lot of Paraphernalia.
It is interesting though, how much was done by my Ancient Ancestors.
Many times, my Ancestors as myself, believe that each living thing has a Soul or Spirit.
I directly Descend from Early Shamanic Ancestry.
I am Proud of this Fact.
Maskes, although culturally interesting, play little or no role in my personal Abilities.
The Lesson 8 Section, touched me deeply.
I am very Sad at how the Jewish people were treated.
This Lesson taught me the Connection between my Culture and thiers. I Embrace them even closer.
I could though, barely read this lesson without feeling like I wanted to cry.
My Personal Totems are Bear, Wolf and Eagle. Bear is my actual Power/Journey Animal.
When I was in High School, my Bear "Grizz" protected me from a Bully, scaring him off.
I believe my Messenger Guide is my Beloved Eagle, "Feathers."
My Shadow Guide is my Playful Wolf Pup, "Wolfie."
I believe my Family's Power Medicine is Eagle.
My Vision Quest, among other things, was very powerful and I do recall much of it.
Sorry, but I am unable to be Hypnotized.
I won't be doing any Shamanic Journeying again for a while. My first time was intense enough.
My last life comes with it, a slew of Memories that many don't believe me that I know what I know.

My Name was Abrana Garcia.
I was Born Navajo, at Canyon de Chelly.
My People were taken after a Raid on our Village, My Father was killed and my Mother and I were taken on the Long Walk (many Atrocities), we were finally placed in the Indian School at Santa Fe (Now a Church and Hotel).
I was Wed to a Man known then as the Outlaw Billy the Kid.
We lived at Ft. Sumner, NM.
We had 4 Children, a Daughter and 3 Sons.
We were Wed Feb. 11, 1871 in a Candlelight Ceremony at Santa Rosa, NM. Catholic Church. This is now Crumbling from age.
Billy, as I knew him, was Not an Outlaw in the Traditional sense.
He was Misunderstood and Labeled like this because he was going to speak out against Corruption, he tried to help those that were being Oppressed by the Crooked Governances.
Well, eventually, after much time on the run, they had him killed by my own Cousin, Pat Garrett, in our then Home,
He was shot down int he Darkness of our Bedroom, Not Pete Maxwell's room, as History Recounts.

He died in my Arms.
I remember so many wonderful things about that time of life.
It may have been hard, but we were Married a Wonderful 11 years.
I passed from that life, May 12, 1932.
I returned again after a short time in Spirit, to complete the work that was not done in that time. The Story will soon be told.
Billy Will be laid to rest, with what I have to say.
There is so much the Christian Faith did and still does to my People. They tried desperately to Eradicate us and our Culture. Well, we Survived. We are Back and in a BIG way!
An interesting connection between Siberia and NM, is that where I am at, like them, is that the ground surfaces there as here are Pourous, so may well contain more Spirit Activity and more Shamanic Peoples.
On top of this, both places have Centuries worth of History overlapping each other and may hold those Memories in place.
I have always known there was something different about me.
What interests me most about the Siberian People and Shamanism, is that I never really knew anything of them until recently.
All of what is described in these Lessons are things that directly coincide with what my Cousin in France told me of the Siberian Culture (She is Direct Descent from these People).
The Blackfoot People are very much intertwined with the Siberian Shamans.
This Culture is Not entirely extinct, but according to current information, have mostly been moved to Canada, where these people are still being Brutalized, but to a lesser degree.
My Cousin helped me to understand the Siberian Native American Cultural connection.
Female Shamans have not entirely been wiped out either. We still exist.
Myself and my Cousin are prime examples of this.
Ours is a Blood Lineage to the Shamanic Lineages of Siberia.
My Direct Heritage, is Directly Traced to the Seneca, to 16 Generations, to 1534 in Jamestowne, VA.
Since moving to NM, I have found my Abilities to have grown.
The energy here is very powerful.
Where I reside is called "Placita de Las Brujas" or "Place of the Witches." I consider it something much more deeply Profound.
I call it "Place of the People with Strong and Ancient Energies."
What the rest of my Journey on the Medicine Path still holds, is anybody's guess.
One thing is for certain, is that I hope to continue to learn what my Elders know or knew.
Hopefully, I will be able to refine my Abilities, using it to help those that need what I have to offer.

The major reason I dislike Scientists interfering with the Paranormal, is the Fear that they have of these things that may yet be unknown.
Fear produces negative energies and therefore, negative outcomes.
The Scientists should stick to the conventional stuff that they are comfortable with, like Gadgets and Gizmos.
Leave those of us that know what we are doing with the Paranormal to our Craft and we will leave them to theirs.

Science really has very little to no place in the Paranormal and the Paranormal really has little to no place in Science.
Science cannot possibly comprehend what goes on with the Paranormal.
Honestly, because of lack of information on the whole 2012 thing, I have never been 100% sure of it.

If it means that we are going to be more Spiritual, then great. If the Poles are going to shift, I see No point in worrying oneself over it. As it stands, if this were to happen, there would be nothing could be done about this. It would happen anyhow. Something completely beyond control.
Yes, we Shamanic Practitioners exist nearly everywhere.

For example, I grew up in and around Urban Los Angeles, CA. But later in my life, I did come in contact with the Rural side of life.

Now, I reside in Rural North New Mexico. It is a far longer story however, of how we got here.
In context of what it is that I do in my personal Role as a Medicine Healer, I have no ability to influence nor control the weather or climate.

I am able to heal within the constructs of Herbology and Energy Healing.
I am also able to see, hear and feel Spirits and access them for help with specific problems.
One, I suppose can put me in with the Class 3 of Practitioners; Diviners, Seers and Mediums.
One Rule I have as a Medium is Never to allow a Spirit Energy to "Possess" me.
I can see, hear, feel, speak to them, but they are Not allowed to enter my Body.
Yes, I am still a Spirit Conduit, but Never to the extreme.
I can make Herbal Remedies and I know what heals.
I also Never allow Psychic Flooding nor release of control of my Abilities.
My Abilities exist within the Horticultural Agrarian Society of my local community.
My Personal Abilities were inherited, but with this, OBE's and Lucid Dreams came too. Along with this, I also survived a near fatal Childhood Illness.
Right now, I am more a "Healer in Training" than an actual Healer.
I am in Training, under the Tutelage of other Shamans and Medicine Practitioners at this time.
It is only when I become Angered, that I can display some Psychokinesis (PK).
I am not often around Native Cultures too much, so anything I should have learned, I did not get an opportunity for.

I rarely, if ever, use ASC's. I don't find it necessary to my work.
Few Real Mediums are even able to do the whole "Transe" or "Possession" thing. I don't do this myself and I don't recommend it unless you have been trained to do so.
I also do Not use nor do I advocate the use of Alcohol, Opiates, Psychedelics, Stimulants or other harmful Substances in Shamanic or Medicine work.
This can be Extremely Dangerous, unless done under Supervision.
Also, due to other circumstances, including my energy levels and Abilities, I do Socially Isolate myself. I tend to feel overwhelmed in Public.
Finally - this has explained why and how, after a Pow Wow, I feel better Physically, Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally than when I came in.
Yes, I can feel the emotions, aches, pains of others, including that of Spirit People.
I usually chalk it up to being extremely sensitive.
However, now I know it is part of the Medicine Path.
I prefer also mental imagery than anything else.
Only thing about Psychotherapy Community with me is, I personally dislike the whole bunch of them and have very little trust or belief in them.
Much of that Community screwed me over early on in my life.
I also do Not use "Psychotropic" Drugs in my work. I use Herbs.
I wholeheartedly agree that Psychology does have the emphasis of separation of people from other people and from the Natural Environment.
Thus why the whole Psychiatric Community itself should be put out of Business or be separated from the Paranormal Community.
Like Scientists, Fear breeds Fear and Negativity.
Both Science and Psych Communities should be kept Out of the Paranormal.
Neither one has any place in what I do.

Rev. Melissa


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