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Monday, November 30, 2009

Religious Philosophy

Master of Religious Philosophy                                                                                                                  
Rev. Andrew Manley
Lesson 9 ~ Religious Expressions

Q.1.) Consider your own religious path. What stories are told that serve to enlighten and educate? In other words, what stories are mythical?

As I studied and searched the New Testament, I found this question to be very challenging in order to seek out a statement in Christ's own words that fit the question asked. In return for my effort the lord and the Holy Spirit led me to Matthew, Ch. 5. Verse 3 ~ 16; The B- attitudes, as well as the proceeding verses. (Mythical) in the since that something good comes from what may appear bad. (Mythical) is the promise that is perceived for a devotion to such an idea or perception when put into action as a life style. (Mythical) is the faith that must be endured to achieve such reward.

Q.2.) Are any of these myths thought to be actual historical events? Is that important? Would it matter if it was proven that they didn't really happen?
 2a. thought to be historical (Yes) many were supposedly present when Christ gave this inspirational talk.
2b. it is only important to those who hear and through faith, act on it with their whole self being.
2c. I don't feel that it would matter to the faithful, because it is such a strong moral and ethical behavior that it implies as to (how to live) one's life.

Q.3.) Can you think of a non-religious myth? Perhaps political, or economic, or ethnic. What is the telling of this myth trying to convey?
A political experience that had a profound religious effect and yet there are those, liken to the Holocaust, say it did not happen or that it was a conspiracy of the government. I am referring to the events of (9/11/2001) that took place in a historical content, but however, due to attitudes since the event have taken on a more self-centeredness perception of the event. The final outcome as to the actions taken will not be settled for years to come. One might even say that it is also true that it too is a day that will live infamy.

Q.4.) The Yoruba religion of West Africa tells the religious myth of a fawn named Nala who goes to the water hole at night to get a drink. When she arrives, a hyena corners her and threatens to eat her. Nala points out that she is small, and would never be enough to satisfy the ravenous hyena. She then points out a large wedge of cheese floating in the waterhole that would clearly satisfy him. The hyena dives into the water to get the cheese, and Nala quickly scampers off to safety. However, the hyena quickly discovers that the "cheese" Nala pointed out turns out to be the reflection of the moon on the water. What do you believe is the ethical message that this religious myth is conveying?
In a weird way of looking at this story I noticed a hidden message that would suggest that it is ok to "deceive" in order to save one's life. That it is ok to manipulate the niveness of individuals that might be gullible and or lack significant knowledge to discern a situation.
However, on the other hand the message or story conveys an insight to the mental psyche to the perception of survival and the circumstances of the environment may be used to one's advantage. When I look at this story from the point of view of the "hyena", I feel that not only was the hyena possible thinking how lucky the little "fawn" was, but also how foolish he must have felt being duped to such a trick.
From a Christian point of view I see the "fawn" as being a new Christian in the faith and as a meek or childlike / young individual, yet wise enough and carnal enough to pull off such a deception and that the "hyena", signifies "Satan", and how nice it would be to be able to pull one over on him and escape unharmed.
Yet, the ethical message is lost here because of its deception in the way it conveys the outcome. I recon the best thing the "fawn" could have done is to be patient and wait until daylight or have other fawns go to the watering hole, because there is a general since of safety in numbers.

Reverend Father Andrew R. M. Manley


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Universal Life Church

The 11:11 Phenomenon and Repeated Number
Sequences Hundreds of Thousands are reporting seeing 11:11
and other number combinations and sequences. The internet has much information on why this phenomenon is occurring.

One belief is that Angels and loved ones who have passed on (in death) are contacting recipients with Angelic Numeric (digital) communications.

Here is the Online meaning of Angelic Number Communications along with Pastor Gary Colin's Biblical Numbers definitions:

0 - God is Present (The Alpha and The Omega-Revelation 1:1-8). Gary Colin's Numerology-The Zero, The Nothing (not a thing-no thing-no matter-2 Samuel 18:13; Daniel 2:10; John 4:24; Leviticus 12:4;

Matthew 6:9-13), The Black Hole (Hallow-Matthew 6:9-13), The Black Goddess (Eve-Mother Of All Living Things-Hallow Eve-Halloween-Anpu-Genesis 3:20-Mary-Jesus Sepulchre-Night-John 20:1;Mark 16:2; , Feminine Divinity,
Feminine Deity

1 - Watch your thoughts and only think about your desires

instead of your fears, as you will attract what you're thinking about. Gary
Colin's Numerology-The First-The Son-The Sun-Jesus-The Eastern Star (Mark 16:2;
Matthew 2:2; Revelation 1:11-17)

2 - Keep the faith and don't give up

hope. Gary Colin's Numerology-Two-The Marriage-God and Humans Becoming "One" (
Genesis 2:24-Duality Meeting Singularity (Plural)-We-Us-They-Them The I AM and A

3 - Jesus or other ascended masters are with you and helping you.

Gary Colin's Numerology The Presence of God-especially with resurrections and new beginnings (Luke 13:32; Luke 9:22; Revelation 11:11)

4 - The angels are all around you all the time. Gary Colin's Numerology-The Angel's Number (Matthew 24:31; Revelation 7:1; Revelation 14:1-14)

5 - A pulsating change is coming for you (buckle up and be safe). Gary Colin's Numerology-The separation or division of spirit from flesh (Genesis

47:2-Pharaoh's Presence)

6 - Release any fears about the physical/material world to God and the angels. Balance your thoughts between the material and spiritual. Gary Colin's Numerology-The number of Preparation, Preparing Humans to Become One with God. It is the Beast's job to prepare the Way (Sons of God) for these Kings (regenerated humans) of the East Sun rising (Regenerated Humans. Angelic Lights, Children of the Sun God-Ra, Zeus, Re, Jesus, Apollo). The Dragon Beast Leviathan of the Sea (Pharaoh

Akhenaten-Ezekiel 29:3; Psalm 104:20-27; Revelation 13:1-end; Revelation
17:1-16) will Prepare humans to meet God-as Sons of God just as Satan
prepared Job (Job 1:1-10; Revelation 13:15-Genesis 1:24-26; Revelation
14:1-10; John 19:14; 1 Chronicle 22:5; Nahum 2:3; Revelation 13:16-18;
Revelation 17:1-16; John 17:17-21).

7 - You're on the right path, so keep going. Gary Colin's Numerology-The Sabbath Rest of God where humans have now been Regenerated and are now One With God (US) (John 17:17-21; Genesis 1:26)

8 - Abundance is coming to you now. Gary Colin's Numerology-The

Beast is the Eighth King but is of the Seventh (Revelation 17:10-16). The
Underworld, The Spirit World, The Otherside, The Hereafter (John 13:7; John
1:51; Revelation 1:19; Luke 22:69), The Afterlife, Nether, Netherland (Exodus
19:17; Ezekiel 32:18; Ezekiel 21:18; . The Judgment or Circumcision of God (on
the Eight Day-Luke 2:21). God must be "judged" and "put to
death-REST-SABBATH-Exodus 31:17-as Jesus was (Matthew 28: (death of
God-fool-Psalm 14:1)" before the Son (new world) can be born (Luke 22:55-71;
Revelation 12:1-10).

9 - Get to work on your life's purpose without

delay-Gary Colin's Numerology-the birth of the Son, manchild (Revelation

10-Gary Colin's Numerology-The Kings of the Earth-Angels

and humans Regenerated/Refreshing into Angels (Matthew 19:28; Psalm 104:1-5; 1
Corinthians 15:47-54; Titus 3:1-5; Exodus 31:17)

11-Gary Colin's

Numerology-The Traveling or Journey into the Spirit World (Genesis 37:9 (Notice
that Baal-the Moon/Sun God Of Hallow/Nether (World of the
Dead-Anpu) is mentioned with his "stars of Heaven" (Angels)- see also
Revelation 13:1-end-false Prophet and fiery stars from Heaven-Very few people
know that the God of the Bible calls Himself Baali (Hosea 2:16) and Jesus was
called Beelzebub (Bel or Baal)-Matthew 10:25; Genesis 32:22. One might receive a
11:11 message from those in the Spirit world and follows of God in
Space-Orion-Sirius-The Seven Stars

12-Gary Colin's Numerology-The Tribes

Of "Israel"-All of God's creations (Genesis 49:28)

13-Gary Colin's

Numerology-The "death or judgment (circumcision)" of God which is His
Sabbath/Passover (John 19:31) Rest (death-Exodus 31:17; Exodus 49:33) and
is the New Spirit World (Revelation 21:1-5; John 4:24; Psalm 104:1-5), Genesis
17:25;  Numbers 29:17- Notice the number 13 being associated with the Bull
or Baal. Biblically speaking the Bible numbers 8 (eight) and 13 (thirteen) are
very similar. 8 and 13 is the Black Darkness (Judgment upon God/Jesus-Matthew
27:45; which is Space and the Divine Feminine Deity Goddess (Revelation
17:1-16-Babylon), Mother Jerusalem Above-Mary (Galatians 4:24; Revelation

14-Gary Colin's Numerology-The Passover (Leviticus 23:5)-The

time when humans "cross over" to the other side (Luke 8:22;  (in
Michael-(Moses-Priest-Pharaoh-Beast-Akhenaten-The Ark of God's Covenant-(Exodus
2:1-6; Matthew 24:30-47; Ezekiel 29:3)-Leviathan-Psalm 104:1-5, 20-27; Exodus
1:1-end;-Mark Chapter). These Angels are "Jesus" the Sons of God (John
10:30-44-John 10:1-30; Genesis 6:1-end; Matthew 24:30-47; John 17:17-21).

Is is important to note
that the Orion 11:11 gateway in association with Sirius (Black Dog Star
Anpu/Anubis) and the Seven Sister Stars of Pleiades (Job 38:1-end; Amos 5:8; Job
9:9; Job 38:31) Whom Jesus holds in His Right Hand (Revelation 1:14-16) are all
signaling the 11:11 call as
Osiris/Horus/Herod/Orion/Anpu/Sun/Re/Ra/Son/Moon/Baal/Ashtoreth Pharaoh
Akhenaten/Moses/Scorpion King the Beast of the Sea/River walks the earth
Again (Matthew 24:3; John 14:28) as the
Captain/Prince/Son/Joshua/Yeshua/Jesus-Commander and Chief (Michael) of
God's Army/Host-angels of Heaven (Exodus 1:22; Exodus 2:1-6; Ezekiel 29:3;
Mark 16:2; Malachi 4:1-8; Matthew 2:2; Psalm 104:20-27; Revelation 13:1-end;
Revelation 17:1-17; Revelation 9:1-20; Revelation 6:1-18; Matthew 24:20-47;
Revelation 12:7-12; Joshua 5:13-15: John 1:51-Son of Man).

Could this Commander and Chief be
the Quetzalcoatl  of Hopi Mayan Prophecy?


SALVATION" ( ISBN 1-4241-0152).

"Bible Symbolism What It Means To Your Salvation" ISBN
1-4241-0152-2 (Revelation 10:5-7).

Free viewing of Bible based beliefs

Purchase "Bible Symbolism ..." here


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Chaplaincy Program

1.    Describe someone you know who has the Divine Mark.  What set them apart?
I have met such people, one was a cousin, cousin to my mother actually, who was a priest and that was the first person I ever was drawn to in memory.  Another person was a spiritual guide at a point in my life when I was lost; he is now a priest too.  But I must say, when I think of the Divine Mark, the first thing to pop into my mind is the eyes of Savannah, my four legged companion who passed away a decade ago, for that matter all dogs, when I look into their faces I see the Divine.

2.    Has anyone observed the mark in you?  Write down what they have said.
Since I was 6 or 7 I've been told I would grow up to do great things.  When I graduated from High School and announced that I wanted to enter the Catholic Seminary, only my parents were surprised, not being very religious themselves and hoping I'd become a doctor or lawyer.  My cousin, the priest just told me it was a matter of time as he could see from when I first asked him to baptize me.  Later, when I was lost I was steered into joining a religious order as they felt I had something special to give and to this day I am still invited to join various Catholic orders (could be more of a need on their part these days than any recognition of the Divine Mark on myself.)

3.    Consider your calling.  Describe it in a paragraph or two.
I knew I wanted to be a priest when I was 7 or so.  I knew I was called by the time I was in my early teens.  Things were ugly growing up, I usually win the, "My childhood was so bad…" game.  Somewhere in my later teens it occurred to me to barter with God using my calling as leverage.  That didn't work, bur rather did my desire to enter a contemplative religious order and become a priest.

My anger and resentment with God, people and the world led me to many dark places, places where most aren't ever expected to return.  Somehow I surfaced enough to exist but not live, in the twilight between Life and sub-life.  And there I existed until recently.
Recently, I was diagnosed with cancer and have been treated and am in remission.  Through this I've risen enough more to feel and breathe the Light again and the Calling, except this time I'm not being called to a reclusive contemplative religious life, though I would like nothing more, but to one of working with those who feel lost, troubled teens, men and women displaced by our economic times and especially those in hospices and dealing with end of life issues.  The call is clear as day and springs forth from the foundation of my being.

By Rev. Billy Jef


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The ULC, run by Rev. Long, has created a chaplaincy program to help train our ministers. We also have a huge catalog of Universal Life Church materials.  I've been ordained with the Universal Life Church for many years and it's Seminary since the beginning and have loved watching the continual growth of the seminary.

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Mystical Christianity

Part One -Annunciation "Magic" of Ancient Egypt    

From my reading and understanding (not comprehensive by any means), Egyptian theology actually paralleled Christian concepts which would later develop. Long before the heretic king, Akhenaton, who attempted to change Egypt's polytheistic viewpoint to emphasis on the one god, that of the sun = the Aten, the region of Memphis broke through with a theology of its own. The "Memphite Theology" called upon the creative forces of nature much akin to the highly skilled artists/architects/artisans of ancient Egypt. Their chief god's name was Ptah, and he is considered Father-god to all subsequent deities.

  Ptah's power lay in the power of the spoken word. Some sources compare his power of creation with the Hebrew book of Genesis = "Let there be light and there was light" (Genesis 1:3). This power is called by scholars "annunciation". In John 1:1,2 we find the same annunciation "magic" if you will = "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Ptah put the Word into creative action.

  Atum is the term the Memphite theologians used to describe the raw material of creation whereas Ennead was similar in function to the potter's hands in forming the angles and curves of an artistic piece. Ptah's tongue articulated the magic words pushing the sound and the glory of creation between his teeth into the heavens and earth. Through Ptah's heart, pulses the spirit of the gods followed by mankind and the lesser but not less important life forms. Ptah's heart thinks the Father-god's divine thoughts, while his tongue expresses the forms he wishes to create. All identifying features and life processes were then built with Atum, the material of creation, sculpted with god-like meticulousness by Ennead, interpreter of Ptah. Formation in the god's mind,  his ideation of what he would create and its purpose is termed as "perception" and Ptah's articulation, the Word, which enters the world by divine will as creative speech, is "annunciation". Though not unique to the ancient world, within Egyptian theology, these ideas remain exclusive to Memphis.

  The Greeks had similar creation myths which scholars believe to be partly translatable into early Christian mythos.

 Part Two:   Hathor, protectress of women

 In our Mystical Christianity lessons, much emphasis is given to the feminine side of Christed individuals. In researching various sources for this concluding essay, I came upon Hathor who figured prominently as the goddess of joy and feminine love. She is depicted at various times in ancient Egypt as both the wife and mother of the god, Horus. Since both Horus and Hathor were sky-deities, they are usually pictured with either solar disks (Horus-a sun god) or in Horus' case, a falcon head which kept careful watch on the activities of humankind. Hathor, however, had the distinction of being seen in either the role as wife or mother, wearing the countenance of several "grounded" animals: the cow who nourished pharaohs and children (and hid Horus every evening in her breast as the sun set),a ewe, and during playful moments could assume the head dress of male animals as well. Her symbol or fetish was the sistern, a musical instrument which had the power to soothe and drive away evil spirits. Hathor often entertained herself with dance and music, wine and wild love-making. In the later era of the great Egyptian dynasties, Hathor became associated with the journey of the dead. This became so wide-spread that a dead person, previously known as an "Osiris", became supplanted in title to a "Hathor".

  Hathor, at this period of time, was known also as the "Lady of the Sycamores". The story is told that the goddess hid in a grove of these trees at the edge of the desert to startle, then welcome, the newly dead and assist in guiding them on their final journey. She was also known to hold the ladder which the dead would climb on their path to Paradise. Hathor was present frequently in funeral processions in various roles as protectress of the deceased's living children, a symbol of new beginnings which for the Egyptians was very true, and venerated along with her husband (or whatever relation that region attributed to her) Horus. Images or statuary of both were present during the processions and in their shared sanctuaries.

  At Dendera, large celebrations were held in honor of Hathor where her most famous sanctuary was located. Even worship of her husband, Horus, could not eclipse the participant's joy at these festivals where Hathor was the center of attention. Her birthday was New Years which added to the occasion. Songs were sung and composed and wine was abundant. Party-goers left happy and intoxicated.

  Various stories are told concerning Hathor. The most famous is about the time Hathor disguised herself as the Eye of Ra. She was about to use the power of Ra's Eye to destroy the human race when Ra himself intervened by pouring beer (blood red in color) over the field where her deadly vision was fixed. Hathor saw herself reflected in the liquid and then with a godly thirst, drank all the beer. She became so inebriated that she forgot about her murderous mission and mankind was spared.

  Worship of Hathor was wide-spread and she was known by various titles according to region. In Phoenicia, she was called "the Lady of Byblos"; in Somaliland, her name was "Mistress of the Land of Punt.." In the Sinai, her title was "Mistress of the Land of Mefket".

EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY by Paul Hamlyn, Westbrook House, Fulham Broadway, London, Copyright 1965
WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE ON THE BANKS OF THE NILE: Egypt 3050-30 B.C .by the Editors of Time-Life Books, Alexandria, VA, USA, Copyright 1990
ANCIENT EGYPT, General Editor David P. Silverman, Oxford University Press, New York & London, Copyright 1997
TIMEFRAME 1500-600 B.C.,: Barbarian Tides, by the Editors of Time-Life Books, Alexandria, VA, Copyright 1987

by Rev. Judith Lichtenberger


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Chaplaincy Program

It may be a surprise to some that I very little experience with chaplains.  For 6 years that I was in the US Navy as a flight crew member I never saw a Chaplain.  This includes Vietnam.  They always seem to hang out with the flight officer, but never saw the enlisted.  This maybe because that the war didn't attract many into the military chaplains.  After 6 years in and 3000 flight hours, there were times in which I could have used one.

I am current a Chaplain in the American Legion.  Opening and closing meeting with a prayer, doing military funerals, and counseling veterans in PTSD .  I am taking it very seriously. 

I have seen them working with the Fire and Police departments, but my belief is that I have to go where God is leading me.  (I hope its first responders)

By Rev. Arthur Strauss


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As a long time member of ULC, Rev. Long created the seminary site to help train our ministers. We also have a huge catalog of Universal Life Church materials.  I've been ordained with the Universal Life Church for many years and it's Seminary since the beginning and have loved watching the continual growth of the seminary.

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Monday, November 23, 2009


Here is lesson 2 and 3

Unifying Assumptions

The basic unifying assumption with Shamanism is that everything in the universe is alive and can be communicated with when approached properly.

These perceptions assist in the understanding of different realities from the one main-stream mundane reality suggested as "Ordinary Reality." Our true power comes in recognizing our relationship to these realities. Shamanism deals with recognizing each person has a helping spirit  and by working with the persons spiritual aspect of health. 

It sees the realms as having a topography with a lower, middle and upper world.
The anthropologist Michael Harner is noted as stating the core elements are practiced rituals and beliefs that occur universally across cultures. These core elements include: Ecstasy a sensation of being outside one's self, often joyously.  This is the ecstatic energy of Shamanic journeying, skiing and sex.

Lower level shamanic reality is experienced as a journey passing through a tunnel to where power animals and other healing instructive forces reside. This is not the hell considered in Christianity. Middle World is considered ordinary reality experienced in the spiritual sense.  Participation in Divination and other forms of healing are done at this level. In Upper World it can be a positive journey for the Shaman as they travel upwards from Middle World again this is not considered as heaven.

Non-ordinary reality is where the Shaman journeys to. It is not of the Aristotelian logic. Ordinary reality is our general life in our ordinary state of awareness. This is linear and of a logical formulation.

Power is another element obtained through the right relationship to the other realms as we over come and achieve immunity against negative spiritual influences there by enjoying fullness of life. The power animal is the helping spirit or familiar that has agreed to act as guide advisor and healer. The Shaman which is a "Tungas" word refers to a person that contacts these other realties for healing and wisdom  in service to the community.

The Shaman's Drum is considered to symbolize much spiritual power and is the Shaman's horse to travel to these other worlds.  It is usually a one-handed drum struck with a mallet. The Shaman's rattle is used to communicate with the spirits and assist in the healing work.

Shamanic consciousness is an altered ecstatic state created usually through the use of a sonic driver, a repetitive sound or the use of mind altering herbs. The sonic driver could be a voice, rattle or drum. 

The World Tree can used as the axis mundi as the energetic connection used to traverse between the worlds.

A Shaman can be helpful in the recovery of Soul Loss. A psychic trauma that has affected the individual as a result of a physical or psychological trauma.  In essence this traumatic result has left the individual's soul missing and the person feels disoriented or lost.. something amiss where they may be depressed,have a loss of vigour or lust for life.

The Shaman recovers a soul through Shamanic journeying to bring the persons soul back to it's home. Upon retrieval of the soul the person must nurture themselves and help to develop the newly recovered soul. The soul could have left at a much earlier time in the persons life and it will have to have assistance to return to original function and development the community can also assist at this point.

Shamanism Lesson 3. Religion

By Rev.Cynthia Vickers

Shamanism as a religion has been considered by some people to be a primitive-religious-magic practiced by aborigines through out the world.  There appears to be several view of the expression of Shamanism and their rites and practices including the removal of evil spirits.

The Siberian tribes had a noticeable mythology foundation which was track able back to nomenclature.  This was supported by a intellectual activity in Mongols and neighboring nations of Europe known as Shamanism as explained by scientist writing of Banzaroff. With the introduction of Buddism the Mongolic Nation's old religion became known as "The Black Faith" (Khara Shadjin) and the Buddism, " The Yellow Faith"(Shaira Shadjin). With the Chinese it was considered as Toa-Shen (gambolling before the spirits) this is according to Father Jakiuv.

Further understanding of Shamanism looks at the Palaeo - Siberians is considered the simplest form of Shamanism with Neo-Shamism  being the most complex. The Palaeo-Siberians were mainly family members and the Neo-shaman more the
profession Shaman. Not that the Palaeo -Siberian was more primitive it was the professional attended more the application of ceremonies and rites with the influence of communal life. Geographical influences also had effect on practice as relating to the heat and cold. These were the differences most directly noted on the practice.

With this understanding it becomes a personal determination that one decides whether the Shaman is a cult to the Siberian region or if it is part of the general primitive magic-religion.

The family Shaman is noted amongst Palaeo-Siberians and the professional amongst the Neo-Siberians. The family shaman are losing ground in modern times amongst the many tribes, with the exception of the Chukchee. Whether it is a individual or professional shamanism that occurs the reference that is implied is a person "with spirit" (enenilist), from enen, a shamanic spirit is also know by some writers as Arctic Hysteria. The most identifiable trait of a good Shaman is their power and other unusual qualities.

Because the Shaman's vocation is rather vague in description with the exception of the working the drums and singing of melodies the family "tries to communicate with spirits in the same manner as a shaman." The difference between the families and the professional is timing..the family is in the outer room in daylight, the professional in an inner room at night.

The vocation of Shaman is an inspired person often having overcome serious nervous afflictions. To be called to become a Shaman is generally equivalent to being someone afflicted with hysteria and they overcome the disease by answering the call of Shamanistic Practice. As a believer the acceptance means accepting several spirits or at least one as a protector or servant in which the Shaman can communicate with the whole spirit world.

Rev. Cynthia Vickers


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Metaphysical healing

Assignment: Number three
Student: Rev. Dr. Edonna Alexandria
1. Answer each of the following questions.
a) Write a paragraph on the Human Aura:   The Human Aura is the protective invisible shield which surrounds the physical body,  it is composed of seven shields that span out around the body in an elliptical formation, much like the elliptical orbits that follow the path and rotations of the planets around the sun.  It provides protection to the body and allows information to flow through.  Information flows in and out, providing a two way communication system from the universe, immediate earth areas and the body.
b) Why do we have subtle bodies?  We have these subtle bodies to: 1) protect our physical body. 2) Provide a communication system between the physical and spiritual words.
c) Name the different energy systems.1) etheric, 2) Emotional, 3) Mental, 4) Astral, 5) Etheric template, 6) Celestial, 7) Ketheric, 8) Auric
d) What is the function of auric fibers? The auric fibers provide protection to the physical body by picking up signals from our surroundings; Caution us ; vitalize our physical and subtle bodies with life force energy.
e) where are the spinal nerves located? In the spinal cord.
2. Describe the Circulatory system in the physical. The circulatory system in the physical carries oxygen to the tissues and waste products away from.  It is the major transport system of the body involving the heart and blood.
3. Describe the Circulatory system of the Etheric.  It allows energy to be carried though the tissues physical body which assist the body in draining itself of negative etheric energy away from the body and into the auric field.  The auric energy field is a colorless like fluid which contains billions of cells that are excreted by the chakra system.  The auric cells circulate through the acupuncture meridians and exited the body along the auric cells by passing through the skin.  If this auric Sheath is damaged, the auric fluid will begin spilling out and experience in the physical body as exhaustion which will cause physical weakness.
4. Write a short paragraph on the Physical Aura. The personality of the human is created by the physical aura, which is contained in the physical body consisting of the etheric , emotional and cognitive bodies utilized to breath, think and feel.
5. What does the Etheric Body look like? It is similar to the blue/gray print of an architect.  It is an outline of the body much like that of a negative of a photograph.  It looks like the shadow of the physical body.
6. How does the Etheric body differ from the Emotional Body? The etheric body is lighter and more weightless compared to the body; additionally it creates the chakra system and is the first level where disease will reveal itself.
7. What are the main functions of the chakras? The main function of the chakra system is to vitalize and energize the body by transmitting energy through the blood system and to serve as a communication channel with the universal life force energies.
8. What is the color of the Astral Body? Rose Pink.
9. What function does the Astral Body serve? It serves as the mediator between the physical and spiritual aura, thus communicating between ourselves and the higher spiritual planes of consciousness
10. Why do we need a "silver cord"?  To keep us connected the astral body because without it the physical body could not exist.   When that cord is cut, our astral body leaves the physical body which dies, while the spiritual continues to live its immortal existence.
11. Describe the Spiritual Aura. The spiritual aura is the embodiment of the higher spiritual self which allows us to communicate with beings that exist on the higher spiritual planes of consciousness and awareness.
12. Complete this sentence: The Auric Sheath is extremely strong and is resistant to penetration and  protects the fields.
13. Where are the major chakras located externally? Along the outside of the endocrine system.

14. Name them and give the corresponding endocrine glands. The
a. Crown--Pituitary
b. Forehead--Pineal
c. Throat--Thyroid
d. Heart--Thymus
e. Solar Plexus--Pancreas
f. Sacral/Naval--Ovaries/Testes
g. Base of Spine--Adrenals/Top of Kidneys


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Friday, November 20, 2009

A Course In Miracles

I have so loved this course and have truly hate to see these lessons based on A Course In Miracles come to an end.  These courses have been very life changing to me.  They have so transformed my ways of thinking in all areas of my life. I have totally loved coming to the understanding of how to judge what truth is and seeing life from the perspective of all being an illusion created by our thoughts.  This is very powerful once you grasp it,  I love how this course teaches how to manifest miracles and make them a part of daily life.  Using attention and directed focus and intensity for the desires we have in life. I have found through this course that I am more conscious of my own thoughts and desires and making sure that they are grounded and rooted in truth and love instead of being based on fear,  This course brings great awareness to these things. Through it I have been able to change the way I look at my work and my relationships, all the areas of my life. I have the book a course in miracles but I am very glad that I was able to take this course because I think that it helps to grasp these concepts before reading it.

I truly also loved the way that this course changes the perception of self imposed limits and being able to move above that to clearly see that there are no limits. The things I learned in this course have built in me new aspirations and hope as well as causing me to see those around me in an entirely different light. It is not something that you can just read and put behind you, it moves you to change in all areas of your life.  I am so thankful that this course was offered here and I know that it is no coincidence that I have found it. I find myself going back to them often for reference.

Rev. Cindy Roskamp


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Inspirational Stories

The Pickle Jar
The pickle jar as far back as I can remember sat on the floor beside the dresser in my parents' bedroom. When he got ready for bed, Dad would empty his pockets and toss his coins into the jar.

As a small boy I was always fascinated at the sounds the coins made as they were dropped into the jar. They landed with a merry jingle when the jar was almost empty. Then the tones gradually muted to a dull thud as the jar was filled.

I used to squat on the floor in front of the jar and admire the copper and silver circles that glinted like a pirate's treasure when the sun poured through the bedroom window. When the jar was filled, Dad would sit at the kitchen table and roll the coins before taking them to the bank.

Taking the coins to the bank was always a big production. Stacked neatly in a small cardboard box, the coins were placed between Dad and me on the seat of his old truck.

Each and every time, as we drove to the bank, Dad would look at me hopefully. 'Those coins are going to keep you out of the textile mill, son You're going to do better than me. This old mill town's not going to hold you back.'

Also, each and every time, as he slid the box of rolled coins across the counter at the bank toward the cashier, he would grin proudly 'These are for my son's college fund. He'll never work at the mill all his life like me.'

We would always celebrate each deposit by stopping for an ice cream cone. I always got chocolate. Dad always got vanilla. When the clerk at the ice cream parlor handed Dad his change, he would show me the few coins nestled in his palm. 'When we get home, we'll start filling the jar again.' He always let me drop the first coins into the empty jar. As they rattled around with a brief, happy jingle, we grinned at each other. 'You'll get to college on pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters,' he said. 'But you'll get there; I'll see to that.' No matter how rough things got at home, Dad continued to doggedly drop his coins into the jar. Even the summer when Dad got laid off from the mill,and Mama had to serve dried beans several times a week, not a single dime was taken from the jar.

To the contrary, as Dad looked across the table at me, pouring catsup over my beans to make them more palatable, he became more determined than ever to make a way out for me. 'When you finish college, Son,' he told me, his eyes glistening, 'You'll never have to eat beans again - unless you want to.'

The years passed, and I finished college and took a job in another town. Once, while visiting my parents, I used the phone in their bedroom, and noticed that the pickle jar was gone. It had served its purpose and had been removed.

A lump rose in my throat as I stared at the spot beside the dresser where the jar had always stood. My dad was a man of few words, and never lectured me on the values of determination, perseverance, and faith. The pickle jar had taught me all these virtues far more eloquently than the most flowery of words could have done. When I married, I told my wife Susan about the significant part the lowly pickle jar had played in my life as a boy.. In my mind, it defined, more than anything else, how much my dad had loved me.

The first Christmas after our daughter Jessica was born, we spent the holiday with my parents. After dinner, Mom and Dad sat next to each other on the sofa, taking turns cuddling their first grandchild. Jessica began to whimper softly, and Susan took her from Dad's arms. 'She probably needs to be changed,' she said, carrying the baby into my parents' bedroom to
diaper her. When Susan came back into the living room, there was a strange mist in her eyes.

She handed Jessica back to Dad before taking my hand and leading me into the room. 'Look,' she said softly, her eyes directing me to a spot on the floor beside the dresser. To my amazement, there, as if it had never been removed, stood the old pickle jar, the bottom already covered with coins. I walked over to the pickle jar, dug down into my pocket, and pulled out a fistful of coins. With a gamut of emotions choking me, I dropped the coins into the jar. I looked up and saw that Dad, carrying Jessica, had slipped quietly into the room. Our eyes locked, and I knew he was feeling the same emotions I felt. Neither one of us could speak.

This truly touched my heart. I know it has yours as well. Sometimes we are so busy adding up our troubles that we forget to count our blessings.Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture you can change a person's life, for better or for worse.

God puts us all in each other's lives to impact one another in some way. Look for Good in others.

The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched - they must be felt with the heart ~ Helen Keller

- Happy moments, praise God.
- Difficult moments, seek God.
- Quiet moments, worship God.
- Painful moments, trust God.
- Every moment, thank God.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ULC Sermon about 2012

Universal Life Church Sermon - 2012
Before we get started tonight on a journey over many eons of time I have to tell you that throughout my life I have been called a Gnostic because of my desire to seek knowledge of God and the religions of the world to better understand my God and as well theirs. 

I have been called pagan for the image of God I see is not some super imposed super human being setting on the edge of the universe judging us for our transgression. Then My peers have called me heathen or rebel. For my God is the life within us and around us spread throughout the universe. A vastness beyond our comprehension of space and time. This evening I'm going to bring to light topics that are theories, mixed with conspiracies and mystery.

We are going to travel back in time beyond the birth of Christ to the land of the Egyptians, and the Mayan and journey to the island of Patmos in the Mediterranean Sea. As we explore the Mayan 2012 Calendar and the Book of Revelation of the Christian Bible.

We will explore the Lost Books of the Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls and other predictions handed down through the ages of our existence. We will ask questions that throughout centuries we have plagued the universe in hopes to find answers to meaning of it all, and to come to peace with ourselves and the life, which we share with all creation.

In today's world, which we live, there are problems and societies ills all around us. We are faced daily with the question what can be done? Some will tell us that nothing can be done it is human nature! There is nothing we can do, so why bother? If it comes, let it come. The hassles and confusions wars, plagues, and destruction have come to be the mainstream of the self-professed civilization we live in. 

Made up of societies and cultures from all corners of this third rock form the sun and each one of us are a part of what is going on.
Yet, in our day's busy hustle and bustle we go about to and foe with blinders on like a horse drawing a carriage in Central Park of New York so we are not distracted from the world around us. However, we cannot escape the TV, The Internet, newspapers, magazines where we are confronted with, "the world is in decay and us along with it."
But "STRANGE ENOUGH" at this very moment upon Earth, there are heighten energies, of discovery, awesome enlightment, and new knowledge with each new dawn, that has never existed before. The opportunities and challenges of today's world are the climax of all that has proceeded us or were every created.

Never since our dawning existence has the population been greater than ever, by 216,000 births a day, give or take a few on either side. Never before has our biosphere been in such a state, with global warming, holes in the ozone layer and on and on. Not necessarily reflecting, the most balanced, healthy, or sane way to operate. It is for us to decipher how to live our lives with truthfulness to determine what truths empower us to model our lives according to our greatest potential.

All that is manifesting around us reflects the sacred strengths of these prophetic times.
More than ever we are seeing with a clear mind. Regardless belief, love, beauty, and compassion flood the world with multi-faceted victories of art, co-creation, communities coming together in support of one another, a healing and evolution shine all around us, that enlighten the spirit grace of our true self.

This all exists even tho around us down the block. Around the next corner or across the globe the world is in fear, with brutality, pain, disease, endless anguish of anxiety, separation, disconnection, confusion, and isolation alongside the toxic realities of the egoist, with their callous greed and corruption, materialism, additions and their dangerous ignorance.
Science reveals that (Earth's heart-beat), and the magnetic fields of the planet are dropping - reflected in the shifting migration patterns of animals. These shifting of the Earth's body allow physical and emotional patterns, conditioning, beliefs, attitudes, programming, and us to release unwanted baggage - mental. Simultaneously, that which we think or desire is becoming actualized increasingly swiftly.
  • Temperatures are already on the rise. Since 1970, winter temperatures in the country have increased by an average of 1.3 degrees per decade—changing and damaging marine life, forests, agriculture, recreation and human health.
  • Extreme storms are becoming more frequent. East coast for example, can expect a coastal flood equivalent to today's 100-year flood every two to four years on average by mid-century, and almost annually by the end of the century.
  • The oceans are rising. Scientists project that sea levels could rise another 4.5 feet by the end of the century—inundating our coastline and claiming countless low-lying communities
  • Heat waves are expected to increase. Within our children's lifetimes, Northeast cities could experience 20-30 days above 100 degrees causing pain, distress and even increased mortality for our vulnerable citizens.
  • Our snow season is becoming shorter and shorter. By late this century, the length of the snow season could be cut in half across country, and reduced to a week or two in southern parts of the region, a trend that may have already begun.
  • Plant and animal populations are shifting northward. Species like the fir and spruce are expected to all but disappear from the region by the century's end. The Baltimore oriole, American goldfinch and song sparrow populations will become much less abundant.
The facts speak for themselves. It's clear that the road on which we're traveling is a dead end. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to make a u-turn—but it's going to take your help to turn this world and this rock around.

What can you do about it?

As we catapult towards the point of no return, it's time to hit the brakes and begin change. I'm not speaking of plaguing congress and world governments to make climate changes to laws that have proven to be wrong, or for some that may have given us a dent in the overall problem, we as beings upon this rock have created. The change begins with ourselves, and how we view our world and ourselves.

A lot of us even tho we may not say wander about the end time's wither we are going to be affected by the planetary alignment of 2012, will the world tilt on its axis.

On the other hand, will Jesus come, judge our sins, and give us paradise or damnation.

On the other hand, will we explode our rock with nuclear holocaust amiss a war as never seen before between good and evil? Of course, we have to ask ourselves as beings that may fight that war, just who are the good or evil. Of course, there are always the facts of possibility of super volcanoes or the big earthquake. Or will we choke to death by our own emissions. What a mess we have made and the funny thing is no God or gods have helped us do it. We have done a good enough Job on our own.

I'm no prophet yet there are some truths behind all I've said. First, I want to speak of the Mayan 2012 December 21st. Is it doom or new beginnings? Regardless of belief, the Mayans were not alone.

This time we are now in has been called "The Time of Trial on Earth," "Judgment Day," "The Time of Great Purification," "The End of this Creation," "The Quickening," Not to be confused with the Highlander series and movies "The End of Time as We Know It," "The Shift of the Ages." It is foretold that the completion of the Precession brings regeneration of Earth, offering awakening to all open willing hearts. Many peoples spoke of these last days of the Great Cycle, including the: Maya, Hopi, Egyptians, Kabbalists, Essenes, Qero elders of Peru, Navajo, Cherokee, Apache, Iroquois confederacy, Dogon Tribe of Africa, and Aborigines.
The apocalyptic view popularly attributed to the Maya, many New Agers believe that the ending of this cycle will correspond to a global "consciousness shift" and the beginning of a new age. This theory is grounded in a apocalyptic vocabulary dating back to the 1950s and draws on many of the same sources and personalities of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. Established themes found in 2012 literature include "suspicion towards mainstream Western culture", the idea of spiritual evolution, and the possibility of leading the world into the New Age, by individual example or by a group's joined consciousness. The general intent of this literature is not to warn of impending doom but "to foster counter-cultural sympathies and eventually socio-political and 'spiritual' activism".
Well, technically, the planets will never perfectly align. If you are looking at it from a 2-D perspective (from above) it seems that they would. However, if you look at a 3-D perspective, you will see that the planets are not all on the same level.

The planets when they do get close enough to be considering in alignment, there won't be too much to notice from it. If you are an astronomer or know what to look for, then you would have something interesting to look at in the sky in the weeks leading to and after the alignment. What you will be able to see is the planets grouped very close together.

In no way will this cause an eclipse. Mercury and Venus are way too small and too far away to cast a shadow on the Earth. The only thing that can cause an eclipse is the moon. That happens all the time already so you don't need an alignment to see that. You may have to travel to a different part of the world to really get a view of it though.

Some people have claimed that when the alignments of the planets happens, their increased gravity will wreck havoc on Earth. That is not true. The alignment will not increase their gravity or combine the effects of their gravity. The gravity that Mars or Venus impact on Earth is insignificant and would be impossible to measure. The same goes for the planets that are even further away. The gravity of Jupiter (the planet with the most gravity in our solar system) has no effect on Earth. The closest Jupiter ever gets to Earth is 365 million miles. The effects of its gravity are weaker and weaker as you move away from it. After 365 million miles, there is almost nothing left to feel. Therefore, the alignment of planets will not cause something bad to happen on Earth.

Will Jesus come, judging us giving us paradise or damnation? Depending on whom you listen to, Mathematic, theology, or biblical scholars will tells us the book of revelations tells us of our doom. What I'm about to tell you will put me on thin Ice with ministers and Christian alike. Yet the facts stands that John the individual who wrote the book was imprisoned on the Island of Patmos
Modern scholarship suggests that John the Apostle, John the Evangelist and John of Patmos were three separate individuals. This can be determined via new means of inquiry such as textual criticism. Certain lines of evidence suggest that John of Patmos wrote only Revelation, neither the Gospel of John. For one, the author of Revelation identifies himself as "John" several times, but the author of the Gospel of John never identifies himself directly. While both works liken Jesus to a lamb, they consistently use different words for lamb when referring to him—the Gospel uses amnos, Revelation uses arnion. Lastly, the Gospel is written in nearly flawless Greek, but Revelation contains grammatical errors and stylistic abnormalities which indicate its author may not have been as familiar with the Greek language as the Gospel's author.
Most commentators accept Revelation to be the unified text of one writer. Robert Henry Charles saw things slightly differently. He agreed that Revelation possessed an underlying original structure because the seven beatitudes, which exist unobtrusively in the text, have not been disturbed and that the first of these is right at the beginning (1:3) and the seventh near the end (22:7), Thus, prologue and epilogue are part of the original. However, he reasoned on internal textual grounds, that the book was edited by someone who spoke no Hebrew and who wished to promote a different theology to John's. As a result, everything after 20:3 has been left in a haphazard state with no attempt to structure it logically as John would surely have done. Furthermore, the story of the defeat of the ten kingdoms has been deleted and replaced by 19:9 and 10. John's theology of chastity has been replaced by the editor's theology of outright celibacy, which accounts for 14: 4 'they which were not defiled with women: for they are virgins', and which makes little sense when John's true church is symbolised as a bride of the Lamb. Most importantly, the editor has completely rewritten John's theology of the Millennium which is "emptied of all significance" In the edited version, the martyrs when raised to glory, are "sitting on thrones in splendid idleness for full one thousand years" when, according to Charles, John's intention had been to show "the Millennial Reign is one of arduous spiritual toil" in which Christ and his martyrs evangelise the whole world, Jewish and Gentile.

It has been contended that the core verses of the book, in general chapters 4 through 22, are surviving records of the prophecies of John the Baptist. The Lamb of God references in the Gospels are all associated with John the Baptist, and other hallmarks of Revelation can be tied to what is known of John the Baptist. With this take into acount that John the Baptist lost his head on the King's daughter request. John the Apostle is believed to be one of the 12 disciples. Matthew links John's death as well with Herodias, as he related that her daughter so much delighted Antipas with a dance that he vowed to grant her any wish to which, after asking her mother (Herodias), she demanded the head of John the Baptist. (Matthew 14:6-8) The Gospels date John's death before the crucifixion of Jesus. Josephus places John's death no later than 36 CE (common era). Neither Josephus who was a first-century Jewish historian ,nor the Gospels state where John was buried, though the Gospels state that John's disciples took his body and placed it in a tomb and then told Jesus all that had occurred, to which Jesus replied that there had been no greater son of woman than John the Baptist (Matthew 14:3-12). I believe that John of Patmos imprision on a barian Volcannic Island saw visions and wrote what he saw. Was it the destruction of Rome or today's predictions depends on who you talk to and your belief.
If a comet hit the Earth, would not all the wars end immediately as we bonded together or would a rogue leader use it to initiate international aggression? In a little more than five years, all the major prophecies in the world coincide into a singular event. From the Book of Revelations to the Bible Code and from the Hopi to Lakota prophecies, they all agree and are starting to synchronize. There is a time in the future coming soon when they all agree about what will happen. Are you ready? It is a time to prepare now not out of fear but hope and excitement. Something both terrible and wonderful is about to happen.
Some will tell us the book of Revelations is unfolding in Israel now. According to the prophecy, Jerusalem is where this final battle is to be played out. No stranger to conflict and violence, this city is the focus of dreams of eternal paradise. According to most Christians' beliefs, this is where Christ will come back to earth. But first, the Jews must return. Most Christians believe that the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 was a fulfillment of the biblical prophecy and since then 'the last days clock has been ticking'.

Many Christians interpret the US government's policies on Israel and the Middle East from a biblical point of view. Many Israelis are very worried about the kind of 'support' they are being offered. Some say this is not based on Israel's needs and that there is no support for peacemaking. On the contrary, the agenda of the Christian Evangelicals is war, to fulfill the violent prophecy of Revelation.

Provocatively, some Christians have joined forces with fundamentalist Jewish groups who want to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, touching on the ancient Jewish yearning for their destroyed Temple. However, the place where they plan to build it has deep meaning for the three Abraham religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Temple Mount is Islam's 3rd most holy site, Al-Aqsa Mosque. The spot where Muslim, Jewish and Christian believers think that God created Adam, Abraham prepared his son Isaac to be sacrificed, and according to his vision, Muhammad was carried on a winged horse.

The Hopi prophecies came from a man known as Time's Special Witness, around 7th century Mayan prophet Pacal Votan. He left a universal message for future generations of an evolving Earth. Proclaiming "If humanity wishes to save itself from biospheric destruction it must return to living in natural time." He foretold of our accelerated technological society and the resulting damage of our collective divergence from Natural Law in exchange for materialist values.

Votan's prophetic call is alerting present-day humanity that our biological process is transforming, approaching the culmination of a 26,000-year evolutionary program. Bringing the return of universal telepathy, heightened sense capacity, and self-reflective consciousness, this is a return to the sacred domain of our inner technology. This grand cycle of evolution will culminate winter solstice, December 21, 2012 AD.

The Lakota prophecies are called The Prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Woman. To the Lakota, the birth of a white buffalo is a sign for the whole world. It is said that when this calf matures, it will turn the four colors of the peoples of the earth (white, red, brown and black), and upon turning black, the world and all its peoples will be united in peace. The birth of a white buffalo is said to be the fulfillment of age-old legends.

It's a one in 60-million chance that a pure breed buffalo will be born white. And an even smaller chance that it's offspring will also be white, but a couple near Belle Fourche say they have a matched set. Three years ago Jim and Dena Riley were surprised with a very special new comer at their bison ranch, a white buffalo, who they call Miracle Moon. And now that she's three years old, Miracle Moon has had her first baby, another white buffalo. Jim and Dena have named their new white buffalo Rainbow Spirit. "My husband saw a rainbow in the sky right after the birth so it was kind of appropriate to name her that," says Dena. This buffalo unfortunately died.

The birth is significant to many because Native American cultures tell of a young woman who taught them how to use the buffalo for survival. When she left the people, she turned into a white buffalo and promised to return. When she returned it would be a time of chaos and disaster in the world. And when she returned it would be a time for all races to come together in peace, balance, and harmony, and bring healing to the world.

The Nostradamus predictions have been interpreted many ways but his end-times predictions are very clear. From Part IV: The Time of Trouble. Prelude to the Antichrist and W W III, there will be volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts, famines and rioting. The death of a world leader and revolt coincides with a comet. Fiasco from communication breakdown between two superpowers causes Russian and American submarine and naval confrontation. Crazed leader launches atom bombs on Mediterranean and Europe.

A third world leader creates strife. Antichrist profits from radar research in Europe. International political and social incidents occur. War-game simulation by Britain in Europe leads to disaster. American Electoral College voting ends in stalemate. Earth abuse causes agricultural devastation in U.S. and Britain. Underwater Russian submarine base defanged by diplomacy. Extraterrestrials shot by paranoid nation and bacteriological agents released. Extraterrestrial probe discovered by scientists.
From Part V: Scientific Achievements in the Time of Troubles. Dangers of weaponry mixed with natural disaster. Weather modulation devices go awry causing ice and hail. Nuclear reactor meltdown near city with underground chambers. Space shuttle accident releases microorganisms into atmosphere. Devastating accidental weaponry explosions from earth tumult. Ruptured earth energy fields cause meteorite storm. Research into warping time leads to disaster. The weapons of W W III are new, horrific, secret and radical weapons monstrosities. WMDs unleashed on San Andreas and New Madrid faults. Antichrist obtains WMD through espionage, bribery and treachery. Death caused by radio waves.
The Bible Code predicts wretched cosmic. Meager year for 2010. God year for 2012. 2012 has comet impact. Revelation 16:18 "No earthquake like it has ever occurred since man has been on earth." Revelation 16:21 "From the sky huge hailstones of about 100 pounds each fell upon men." 2012 is Day of Judgment. 2012 is human extinction.
Looking for confirmation of published code on a possible cosmic impact with an extremely large body (60 miles diameter) in 2012 could be corroborated with other codes. The odds on any one of these matrices appears to be on the order of one in a million, and to get 33 of them might lead someone to think that an important message was embedded. The probability estimate is driven by the relative rarity of 5, 6, and 7-character words and the fact that multiples of these words are found in the same frame. Let us all pray that it's not the extinction of the human species that we might find encoded here. In America 2012-2013 Ohio may be one of the few places in America that will still be habitable after Yellowstone erupts. There are persistent rumors about internment camps being prepared for use in an emergency.
It seems that there is going to be a time when many great and terrible things will coincide into a body and spirit opening for many and death of the ego for most. It is time to get prepared. It is not a time to fear but a time to embrace what will be world unity and eventual world peace. A time when our super senses will be activated fully and we will experience life in a whole new way. It happens in less than 2500 days

Metaphysical predictions

2012 is sometimes claimed to be a great year of spiritual transformation (or apocalypse). Many esoteric sources interpret the completion of the thirteenth B'ak'tun cycle in the Long Count of the Maya calendar (which occurs on December 21 by the most widely held correlation) to mean there will be a major change in world order.
In Conclusion
We are living in strange and interesting times friends! And many times the word apocalypse comes up in regards to "the end of the world" etc. But the REAL meaning of the word is to "uncover," a "revelation," to REVEAL.
The poor stone carver of the Mayan calendar ran out of rock or broke his chisel.
John on the island of Patmos wrote to the 7 churches in a code so his Roman guards just thought he was crazy or writing a fantasy.
Hollywood's "2012" opens in cinemas, featuring earthquakes, meteor showers and a tsunami dumping an aircraft carrier on the White House.
A Guatemalan, says the doomsday theories spring from Western, not Mayan ideas.
It may sound all too much like other doomsday scenarios of recent decades — the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, the Jupiter Effect or "Planet X." But this one has some grains of archaeological basis.
One of them is Monument Six.
Found at an obscure ruin in southern Mexico during highway construction in the 1960s, the stone tablet almost didn't survive; the site was largely paved over and parts of the tablet were looted.
It's unique in that the remaining parts contain the equivalent of the date 2012. The inscription describes something that is supposed to occur in 2012 involving Bolon Yokte, a mysterious Mayan god associated with both war and creation.
However — shades of Indiana Jones — erosion and a crack in the stone make the end of the passage almost illegible.
Archaeologist Guillermo Bernal of Mexico's National Autonomous University interprets the last eroded glyphs as maybe saying, "He will descend from the sky."
Spooky, perhaps, but Bernal notes there are other inscriptions at Mayan sites for dates far beyond 2012 — including one that roughly translates into the year 4772.
And anyway, Mayas in the drought-stricken Yucatan peninsula have bigger worries than 2012.
"If I went to some Mayan-speaking communities and asked people what is going to happen in 2012, they wouldn't have any idea," saids, a Yucatan Mayan archaeologist. "That the world is going to end? They wouldn't believe you. We have real concerns these days, like rain."
The Mayan civilization, which reached its height from 300 A.D. to 900 A.D., had a talent for astronomy.
Its Long Count calendar begins in 3,114 B.C., marking time in roughly 394-year periods known as Baktuns. Thirteen was a significant, sacred number for the Mayas, and the 13th Baktun ends around Dec. 21, 2012.

"It's a special anniversary of creation," said David Stuart, a specialist in Mayan epigraphy at the University of Texas at Austin. "The Maya never said the world is going to end, they never said anything bad would happen necessarily, they're just recording this future anniversary on Monument Six."

Bernal suggests that apocalypse is "a very Western, Christian" concept projected onto the Maya, perhaps because Western myths are "exhausted."
If it were all mythology, perhaps it could be written off.

But some say the Maya knew another secret: the Earth's axis wobbles, slightly changing the alignment of the stars every year. Once every 25,800 years, the sun lines up with the center of our Milky Way galaxy on a winter solstice, the sun's lowest point in the horizon.
That will happen on Dec. 21, 2012, when the sun appears to rise in the same spot where the bright center of galaxy sets.
Another spooky coincidence?
"If we want to honor and respect how the Maya think about this, then we would say that the Maya viewed 2012, as all cycle endings, as a time of transformation and renewal,"
As the Internet gained popularity in the 1990s, so did word of the "fateful" date, and some began worrying about 2012 disasters the Mayas never dreamed of.
Another History Channel program titled "Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012: End of Days" says a galactic alignment or magnetic disturbances could somehow trigger a "pole shift."
"The entire mantle of the earth would shift in a matter of days, perhaps hours, changing the position of the north and south poles, causing worldwide disaster," a narrator proclaims. "Earthquakes would rock every continent, massive tsunamis would inundate coastal cities. It would be the ultimate planetary catastrophe."

The idea apparently originates with a 19th century Frenchman, Charles Etienne Brasseur de Bourbourg, a priest-turned-archaeologist who got it from his study of ancient Mayan and Aztec texts.

Scientists say that, at best, the poles might change location by one degree over a million years, with no sign that it would start in 2012.

While long discredited, Brasseur de Bourbourg proves one thing: Westerners have been trying for more than a century to pin doomsday scenarios on the Maya. And while fascinated by ancient lore, advocates seldom examine more recent experiences with apocalypse predictions.
Dooms day predictions have been, predicted, and handed down throughout the ages. If 2012 as the western culture predicts perhaps we will see a change in ourselves and our world.
The bible states we know not the time of Christ's Return and if we are in the last of times we have only began to scratch the surface of the signs of His coming. That is if the book of revelations predicts our doom and not that of the Roman Empire.

If I have pasted on this evening a desire for you to research the topic spoken of so that you may come to your own conclusions, then I have done what I set out to do. 

Pastor Pat


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