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Monday, May 10, 2010

Nine Pointed Star Ceremony

  My name is Pat Fleury, also known as, Wind Song Spirit and honorary member of the Hopi Tribe.  I have an exciting invitation for you, in Galveston, TX. 5-18-2010.

The NINE POINTED STAR CEREMONY for the healing of our Waters of the Gulf and the World.

            Many of you know that in 2008 I became part of an International Ceremony of the Native Americans to bring back our waters to a pristine blueprint for continued life on planet earth. While I could not join Marshall Jack and Barbara at Lake Tahoe, many of you joined me at Lake Woodlands where we prayerfully activated, with crystals, the healing of that body of water.   Also in that year, I traveled to my birth site of Buffalo, N.Y. and helped to activate and heal the waters of Lake Erie and the other Great Lakes.  At that time I asked Great Spirit for clarity of vision, and to be a part of future ceremonies by the Native Americans to return our water to purity.

            Fast forward to today.  National Day of Prayer….  May 6, 2010   my prayers were answered in a way I never dreamed. 

            The phone rang and Marshall Jack, aka Golden Eagle, was on the line from AZ.  See his web site at:   He told me that my name came up as he meditated with Spirit over the 9 Pointed Star Ceremony. He needed my/our help.

            It seems that the huge water ceremony that was planned with the Native Tribes along the Colorado River had to be canceled due to the high water levels from the melting snow in the Mid-west and Northern States.  

            The spirit meditation revealed Marshall was to travel to Galveston, TX. to have the water ceremony on May 18, 2010.  On this date there is a star alignment happening that will enhance all "Water Ceremonies" conducted at this time.

 That's Right….With the huge amount of devastation from the oil spill and Gulf pollution, we, the five fingered ones, are asked to hold the ceremony here in Texas.  Our participation will not only bring in the blessings for the whole Gulf Coast but will then connect to the world crystal grid activation points for great healing of all our Waters around this planet.
            My intent is to notify all the light workers and those passionate about our waters and inform them of the ceremony.  We need many people to activate the vortex of the "crystal star alter" around the planet.  (Children are welcome).
            Please check your heart to see if you are to join us for activation days May 15, 16, 17th and/or for the gathering of the tribe(s) in ceremony on May 18th.

            If you are called to this Nine Pointed Star Ceremony… contact me for more info.  and if you can assist with a beach house let me know.
See Sacred Geometry in upper right corner and Golden Eagle's web site for more on Nine Star Ceremony.  (His Web Site will be changed soon to reflect the change from Colorado to Galveston, TX.)     Many Blessings… and hope to see you there.

In the Words of Golden Eagle:

The May 18th ceremony consists of eight-points around a specific need.  Our intent is for the purification of the world's water.  We have been in contact with several individuals that have helped us link a crystal altar around the planet.  We need energy, at the time of this ceremony, to produce enough strength for the Mother Earth to create the Ninth Point of the Star.  We do this simultaneous ceremony to allow the Mother Earth to reach out on her own to call upon the Great Mystery to heal Her.

There are several factors in this effort to heal the waters.  The factors include using our energies to clear the debris off of golden disks (electromagnetic/crystalline energies), to clear the negative energies that have damaged our waters, and to bring forth abundance, purity and sustainability. 

It is vital that the women use their "birthing" energies to give life back to the crystalline energy of water (original DNA blueprint.) To accomplish this, the women - along with the men - need to gather sacred offerings that will be placed in the waters. Offerings need to be held in your hands, INTENT directed to the offerings....THEN the offerings need to be placed in the waters with reverence.  Intentions are the things we are asking healing for; in this case, WATER, both worldwide and also in our own particular areas.  The offerings may consist of, but are not limited to: crystals, herbs, and ceremonial offerings.... anything that has importance to YOU in a sacred way. 

            There are eight specific points of water around the world that we will be directing our energies toward and creating a Nine-Pointed Star Crystal Altar:

1)  Lake Tahoe, California                                 Note:  our intent forms the 9th point of the star.
See the diagram of sacred geometry
2)  Lake Titicaca, Peru

3)  Lake MacKay, Australia

4)  Lake Chad, Africa 

5)  Lake Baikal, Russia 

6)  Lake Issyk-kul, Kyrgyzstan

7)  Lake Geneva,

8)  Lake Superior, Minnesota-Wisconsin-Michigan, USA


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