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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Considering the fact that so little is known about the Druids, it is amazing and gratifying that the author could fill twenty weeks with a plethora of interesting facts. I have always had a penchant for Pagan times, feeling some familiarity with pagan rituals and identifying with their belief in pantheism. I remember as a child being in the woods and feeling God all around me, as if I were enmeshed in love. Books and songs, ruins and runes, have always fascinated me. I felt a connection to it all. I thought perhaps I had lived a former life as a Celt. This course only added to that feeling.

Throughout the lectures, I continually found The Druids to be a fascinating people.  Orderly, organized and wise. It would be hard not to have great respect for their beliefs and practices since these are so all encompassing and receptive. For example, each priest is allowed to change/adapt the liturgy in order to bring people together. It is therefore, responsive to the needs of the group as a whole and to those within the group. This would be almost heretical in many other religions.

The use of magic is what probably draws me the most. To use magic for the purposes of spiritual growth, healing and increased awareness of life and divinity is a marvelous concept.  To be reminded that we use it now in so many of the helping things we do or are trying to do is reward enough for taking this course. It is always good to receive reinforcement in life, but to find it in the middle of a course on Druidism is fabulous.

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. The Druids did not write things down, but transferred knowledge through word of mouth.  This results in little first hand knowledge of their culture and beliefs.  A million thanks to Reverend Erica Nash for giving us such a detailed and meaningful glimpse into this mystical culture.

Rev. Judith Wolf


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Masters of Shamanism (For 60hrs for Doctor's Degree)  
Final Essay by Rev. Linda Francis

   In addition to needing six more hours to finish up the 60 hrs for my Doctors Degree I selected this class because of an experience that I had about eight years ago when I hosted an American Indian Storytelling event and a stranger shown up that had not been invited but said some friends of his said I would not mind.. He was dressed kind of different and I thought he might just be a homeless person that drifted in off the street for when I ask where he was from he told me that he actually had no place he called home but just lived where spirit called him.  Needless to say I was a little concerned about having this stranger person in my home for several days. But as other storytellers and friends arrived indeed they knew him by his strange name and seemed to embrace him with warm affections. I pulled a few aside and asked about him to be told he was a shaman and indeed did live from place to place whenever folks offered him lodging. He was very friendly, asking a lot of questions about me and my spiritual life and personal goals.  I was beginning to think he was looking for some future lodging seeing I lived alone in this big house and thus still feeling a little uneasy about his presence.

  I notice him talking to others who seemed to be discussing me as well and that only made me feel all the more uneasy. When the workshop was over the leader of the group ask about staying one more night that they wanted to spend the day with just me alone.  They said they had been discussing my strange Aura and that all had come up with the same feeling about my spirit and my future.  I agreed, and was wondering what would happen the next day.  The shaman did not stay but left an eagle feather behind for me that he said would be presented by the leader of the group to me the next day.

   It seemed they had decided to adopt me into their native family because they felt I had a spirit like their own for both nature and mankind. I was given an Indian name, Rainbow Butterfly and told why this name was chosen, the I was given a rare gift only for Indian's, since now I was one of their own. It was the eagle feather from the shaman.  I was told great spiritual blessing would come both to me and from me to others in the future.  A medicine wheel was made in my back yard, a totem pole and prayers were burned in little red squares of tobacco.  I did not understand it but loved the people and took part all the same.

  It was only after taking this class that much of the meaning of what was happening has become real to me.  I would encounter great health problems that would make me pray to die to escape but at the same time during all this isolation I became wrapped up in my garden and nature and encounter many spiritual truths in visions and all the more in dreams. I would see things before they happened and think at times I was losing my mind.  I would return to school both locally and with this program that I am working on now by Internet, and all my classes and even the books that fail off the shelf at bookstores and I picked them up and started reading turned out to be about healing, teaching and using storytelling to heal.  I have master degrees in storytelling, psychology and Rehi healing already and have been using them to heal through story for a long time.  Only two weeks ago as this class is coming to an end do I return to study the messages of nature and animals again and what am I told again.  The future is here and my time of healing others is growing near as my own healing takes place.  After 4 knee surgeries I am out of the wheel chair, off the walker and cane and I am walking without pain for the first time in over 12 years.  Yesterday, I walked for five hours, when only a year ago I could not walk over 20 minutes without pain.  My inner healing has been about non-judgment of all, unconditional love and forgiveness for myself and others.  And it seems that as I have forgiven all those who hurt me in my childhood and youth my own body has healed.

   I had not thought much about the stranger that appeared eight years ago and was said to be a shaman until this last lesson.  Now, I wonder did this man have an insight to my past and future.  Did he see I was going through my own healing so I can helps others, and perhaps give me a special blessing that day.

   I appreciate this class in that it gave me more respect for this man rather than seeing him as some "folk character" of history.  Although, I would never call myself a shaman, perhaps all that are called to teach, tell stories as healers of spirit, mind body and soul to help our mankind find his higher self have a little shaman kinship.


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Essay on Paganism
Growing up in the Mississippi Delta, you were either Baptist or Methodist. Sure there were other denominations, but these were the two that dominated the culture. You never heard Pagan mentioned. You were a "Witch".  Path? No one talked about a path, unless they said you were on a "path to hell."  The word "Witch" was all encompassing. Voodoo = Witch, Wiccan = Witch, etc. Also, "Witch" and "Satanist" went hand in hand. It was a culture based on ignorance.  Unfortunately, one I was stuck with.

I have always felt different and more inquisitive about faith and what makes us who we are. I found myself thrown out of more than one house as a teen when I questioned the Christian ideal.  I would point out the similarities Christianity to that of Greek and Roman mythology, having no idea that there were many other parallels out there.

Now that I have grown and discovered a new path for myself and still need to quench my thirst for knowledge, I wanted to strengthen my wisdom of Paganism so I can work to teach and overcome the ignorance and bigotry that still exists.  Each one of the lessons in "Paganism for a New Age" served to enlighten me and make my want for knowledge even stronger. I found myself excited each week when the lesson would arrive and give me more insight into Pagan beliefs. Is it all encompassing, no. How could it be? Not a 20 week lesson, or a 20 year lesson can wholly cover everything in Paganism, How many thousand years has it been since man  came from the Earth and we are still ignorant to what is there. As a Minister, but mostly as a human we should never stop leaning and striving for enlightenment.

I myself did not want to write this essay when I completed the course until I felt it was time. During the time that followed I have moved to a new state, been diagnosed with diabetes, had and overcame financial difficulties, and many other things that we all face day to day. Through all that I have been true to myself and still desire to learn. I have promoted and been a part of Pagan Pride Day events, I have spoken to many groups about Paganism and I am part of a nature based group close to my home. This course was a part of making me a better person and definitely a wiser one.

by Rev. Glenn Brooks


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Shamanism Course

(This is more than 400 words, but I have a lot to say).
The Drum is vitally important to me and to my Healing Work.
The Drums speak to a deeper part of myself.
When I was younger, I never quite understood why that was.
Well, as I got older, I found out the Truth my Family tried to bury.
Now, I am Proud of what the Drum represents.
The Drums take me to another time and place.
I Always feel the vibrations of the drums from a Pow Wow Drum Circle.
My Belief, as a Healer in Training, is in the knowledge that I can help others through the work that I do.
I don't dare call myself a Shaman without the expertise, knowledge and training that this would take.
My Power Animal is the Bear. I call him "Grizz."
My Religious Beliefs really do mirror what I hope that my Ancestors are training me for, whatever this may be.
There are also time that I have been able to bi - locate even while Awake.
I "walk between the winds." I have ever since my earliest experience with the Medicine Path.
I really did need to accept this calling for several reasons:
1.) I was on vacation here in NM and I was called forward by Tribal Elders, being told of my Heritage. I was told this again, later in my Early Adulthood by Apache Medicine Elder, Spotted Bear.
2.) I was living in Cheyenne, WY. when I found my Native Heritage.
My Tribal Heritage is Seneca.
3.) My Elder Grandfather, Eagle Plume and I are very, very close. From Spirit, he helps me with a lot of my Training.
4.) Many of the cases of Spirit Contact and my Healing Energies have become so intense that they are impossible for me to deny.
When I have done healing work, I often have worked with Herbs. Normally, I can heal minor illnesses, such as colds, flu, arthritis, etc.
My most recent case involved my Grandmother.
She had broken her Arm in a fall. I sent her Healing Energies and her Arm healed in half the time that it normally would have. The Doctors were astonished.
A woman also came up to me at 4th of July with her hand in a Cast, from Surgery that was recent.
I put through the Healing Energies again. I am waiting to see how this turns out.
I have as well, cleared Spirits from Buildings.
Personally, I prefer Smudge, Incense, Drum and Rattle to a lot of Paraphernalia.
It is interesting though, how much was done by my Ancient Ancestors.
Many times, my Ancestors as myself, believe that each living thing has a Soul or Spirit.
I directly Descend from Early Shamanic Ancestry.
I am Proud of this Fact.
Maskes, although culturally interesting, play little or no role in my personal Abilities.
The Lesson 8 Section, touched me deeply.
I am very Sad at how the Jewish people were treated.
This Lesson taught me the Connection between my Culture and thiers. I Embrace them even closer.
I could though, barely read this lesson without feeling like I wanted to cry.
My Personal Totems are Bear, Wolf and Eagle. Bear is my actual Power/Journey Animal.
When I was in High School, my Bear "Grizz" protected me from a Bully, scaring him off.
I believe my Messenger Guide is my Beloved Eagle, "Feathers."
My Shadow Guide is my Playful Wolf Pup, "Wolfie."
I believe my Family's Power Medicine is Eagle.
My Vision Quest, among other things, was very powerful and I do recall much of it.
Sorry, but I am unable to be Hypnotized.
I won't be doing any Shamanic Journeying again for a while. My first time was intense enough.
My last life comes with it, a slew of Memories that many don't believe me that I know what I know.

My Name was Abrana Garcia.
I was Born Navajo, at Canyon de Chelly.
My People were taken after a Raid on our Village, My Father was killed and my Mother and I were taken on the Long Walk (many Atrocities), we were finally placed in the Indian School at Santa Fe (Now a Church and Hotel).
I was Wed to a Man known then as the Outlaw Billy the Kid.
We lived at Ft. Sumner, NM.
We had 4 Children, a Daughter and 3 Sons.
We were Wed Feb. 11, 1871 in a Candlelight Ceremony at Santa Rosa, NM. Catholic Church. This is now Crumbling from age.
Billy, as I knew him, was Not an Outlaw in the Traditional sense.
He was Misunderstood and Labeled like this because he was going to speak out against Corruption, he tried to help those that were being Oppressed by the Crooked Governances.
Well, eventually, after much time on the run, they had him killed by my own Cousin, Pat Garrett, in our then Home,
He was shot down int he Darkness of our Bedroom, Not Pete Maxwell's room, as History Recounts.

He died in my Arms.
I remember so many wonderful things about that time of life.
It may have been hard, but we were Married a Wonderful 11 years.
I passed from that life, May 12, 1932.
I returned again after a short time in Spirit, to complete the work that was not done in that time. The Story will soon be told.
Billy Will be laid to rest, with what I have to say.
There is so much the Christian Faith did and still does to my People. They tried desperately to Eradicate us and our Culture. Well, we Survived. We are Back and in a BIG way!
An interesting connection between Siberia and NM, is that where I am at, like them, is that the ground surfaces there as here are Pourous, so may well contain more Spirit Activity and more Shamanic Peoples.
On top of this, both places have Centuries worth of History overlapping each other and may hold those Memories in place.
I have always known there was something different about me.
What interests me most about the Siberian People and Shamanism, is that I never really knew anything of them until recently.
All of what is described in these Lessons are things that directly coincide with what my Cousin in France told me of the Siberian Culture (She is Direct Descent from these People).
The Blackfoot People are very much intertwined with the Siberian Shamans.
This Culture is Not entirely extinct, but according to current information, have mostly been moved to Canada, where these people are still being Brutalized, but to a lesser degree.
My Cousin helped me to understand the Siberian Native American Cultural connection.
Female Shamans have not entirely been wiped out either. We still exist.
Myself and my Cousin are prime examples of this.
Ours is a Blood Lineage to the Shamanic Lineages of Siberia.
My Direct Heritage, is Directly Traced to the Seneca, to 16 Generations, to 1534 in Jamestowne, VA.
Since moving to NM, I have found my Abilities to have grown.
The energy here is very powerful.
Where I reside is called "Placita de Las Brujas" or "Place of the Witches." I consider it something much more deeply Profound.
I call it "Place of the People with Strong and Ancient Energies."
What the rest of my Journey on the Medicine Path still holds, is anybody's guess.
One thing is for certain, is that I hope to continue to learn what my Elders know or knew.
Hopefully, I will be able to refine my Abilities, using it to help those that need what I have to offer.

The major reason I dislike Scientists interfering with the Paranormal, is the Fear that they have of these things that may yet be unknown.
Fear produces negative energies and therefore, negative outcomes.
The Scientists should stick to the conventional stuff that they are comfortable with, like Gadgets and Gizmos.
Leave those of us that know what we are doing with the Paranormal to our Craft and we will leave them to theirs.

Science really has very little to no place in the Paranormal and the Paranormal really has little to no place in Science.
Science cannot possibly comprehend what goes on with the Paranormal.
Honestly, because of lack of information on the whole 2012 thing, I have never been 100% sure of it.

If it means that we are going to be more Spiritual, then great. If the Poles are going to shift, I see No point in worrying oneself over it. As it stands, if this were to happen, there would be nothing could be done about this. It would happen anyhow. Something completely beyond control.
Yes, we Shamanic Practitioners exist nearly everywhere.

For example, I grew up in and around Urban Los Angeles, CA. But later in my life, I did come in contact with the Rural side of life.

Now, I reside in Rural North New Mexico. It is a far longer story however, of how we got here.
In context of what it is that I do in my personal Role as a Medicine Healer, I have no ability to influence nor control the weather or climate.

I am able to heal within the constructs of Herbology and Energy Healing.
I am also able to see, hear and feel Spirits and access them for help with specific problems.
One, I suppose can put me in with the Class 3 of Practitioners; Diviners, Seers and Mediums.
One Rule I have as a Medium is Never to allow a Spirit Energy to "Possess" me.
I can see, hear, feel, speak to them, but they are Not allowed to enter my Body.
Yes, I am still a Spirit Conduit, but Never to the extreme.
I can make Herbal Remedies and I know what heals.
I also Never allow Psychic Flooding nor release of control of my Abilities.
My Abilities exist within the Horticultural Agrarian Society of my local community.
My Personal Abilities were inherited, but with this, OBE's and Lucid Dreams came too. Along with this, I also survived a near fatal Childhood Illness.
Right now, I am more a "Healer in Training" than an actual Healer.
I am in Training, under the Tutelage of other Shamans and Medicine Practitioners at this time.
It is only when I become Angered, that I can display some Psychokinesis (PK).
I am not often around Native Cultures too much, so anything I should have learned, I did not get an opportunity for.

I rarely, if ever, use ASC's. I don't find it necessary to my work.
Few Real Mediums are even able to do the whole "Transe" or "Possession" thing. I don't do this myself and I don't recommend it unless you have been trained to do so.
I also do Not use nor do I advocate the use of Alcohol, Opiates, Psychedelics, Stimulants or other harmful Substances in Shamanic or Medicine work.
This can be Extremely Dangerous, unless done under Supervision.
Also, due to other circumstances, including my energy levels and Abilities, I do Socially Isolate myself. I tend to feel overwhelmed in Public.
Finally - this has explained why and how, after a Pow Wow, I feel better Physically, Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally than when I came in.
Yes, I can feel the emotions, aches, pains of others, including that of Spirit People.
I usually chalk it up to being extremely sensitive.
However, now I know it is part of the Medicine Path.
I prefer also mental imagery than anything else.
Only thing about Psychotherapy Community with me is, I personally dislike the whole bunch of them and have very little trust or belief in them.
Much of that Community screwed me over early on in my life.
I also do Not use "Psychotropic" Drugs in my work. I use Herbs.
I wholeheartedly agree that Psychology does have the emphasis of separation of people from other people and from the Natural Environment.
Thus why the whole Psychiatric Community itself should be put out of Business or be separated from the Paranormal Community.
Like Scientists, Fear breeds Fear and Negativity.
Both Science and Psych Communities should be kept Out of the Paranormal.
Neither one has any place in what I do.

Rev. Melissa


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spiritual Awareness

Masters of Spiritual Awareness Final Essay
Rev. Barry Deel

            When I decided to take the spiritual awareness course I was in a time of my life when I had become disconnected from my own spiritual path that I had chosen.  I was trying to find a way to fan the flame that I had so become depended upon in my life.  I had become bitter and resentful of all the situations and people involved that seemed to be some how against me or out to hurt me.  I had thrown all my beliefs out the window and stopped using the lessons that I had learned over my life to guide myself through this time.  I had even thought that I had lost my connection to Divinity and thought that my chosen gods and goddesses had turned from me leaving me alone and without any reason as to why they would have done this. 

I spent many hours in self-loathing and pity cursing the fact that I had made really bad choices.  I was going around asking people that I knew and thought that I could trust beyond a shadow of a doubt to see if they could help shed some light on what I was going through, but they could not give any information or reasons that made any sense.  So, I decided that I need to take a good look at myself and see what I could find.  All that I could come up with was the fact that I had an urge that was very strong to learn something but not knowing what it was I had no where to even start looking for this new learning. 

When, I would be out and about among the people that had some how hurt me I would here about the ULC in some way or form.  The ULC kept coming up, coincidence, I don't think so.  I thought what the heck, I am a member of the ULC and what could it hurt to see what they had to offer.  Well, I found that the ULC was exactly what I needed and was looking for.  The first course I took was the Maters of Metaphysical healing do to the fact that I was a Healer with my own practice I figure that I would use this course to judge the validity of the lessons offered.  By the time I had finished the twenty week course I had come to realize that this was "It".  I found myself going through the courses being offered and deciding which courses that I wanted to take after I had completed the metaphysical healing course.  At that moment when I made the choice to continue with the learning provided by the ULC the courses lined up on there own as to which would be next and all the way to the last course.  I knew right then and there that my divinity had not stopped talking, but, that I had stopped listening.  Once that connection had been realized within me the flame of my spirit sparked and began to burn though it was not as bright as it had been in the past.  I realized that my divinity had wanted me to return to a beginning point to reassess my life and what I had learned. 

            The masters of spiritual awareness began with a very simple insight, find beauty in life.  This insight was so simple and so easy that I thought what in the world are they trying to convey?  Well, even the simplest of things and actions can have the impact of a lightning strike.  I followed the lessons of the awareness course and practiced the techniques and found that the flame of my spirit was getting brighter. 

As all of this was going on I realized that the course was teaching me the same things that I had already done in my life and practice when I started out on my chosen spiritual path.  It was like a homecoming to me and every time I made a connection with what was being taught and my earlier years I would found myself laughing.  Yes, at my self for being so stupid in forgetting were I had come from.  I had gotten caught up in my mundane life of trying to make money, pay bills, meet my needs that I had lost myself and had forgotten my vision and purpose, which I now understand to be the incorrect choice, not the wrong choice.  Due to the fact that I now know I am fulfilling my vision.  But, everything in life needs to be in balance.  The spiritual awareness course was just what I needed to reassess and become even more connected in my spiritual practice and balanced in everyday life. 

By becoming aware of the coincidences in my life and truly looking at them I now have had great opportunities arise that I thought that I would never have in this life time.  The Spiritual awareness course was a spiritual life preserver for me and I would recommend it to anyone who feels or thinks that they are not connected to divinity or to life.


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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Life of St. Paul

Life of St. Paul
One can hardly imagine the fate of the Christian religion without the acts of Paul and Peter.  The unselfish, relentless, drive of Christian evangelism Paul dedicated himself to truly is an accomplishment worthy of sainthood.  He performed duties and miracles and his oratory and letters became the fundamental foundations of the structure of developing Christianity.   If a 'congregation' went on an errant heading he applied the course correction. He was a preacher's preacher and evangelist's evangelist, a disciples apostle and above all a motivational speaker and in that context a leader of men. 

Today one can only assume the obstacles and difficulties one had to overcome to prevail in teaching and broadcasting the works of Jesus Christ.  First, as the course points out is the omnipresent pagan environment. Be whatever god, idol or personality supported by pagan rites, if not the sword, it was the only 'religion' the vast majority of the populations of the area knew.  Conversion certainly was no easy task to encourage and no simple decision of the pagans to make. 

Jewish factions were no friends of Christ and Paul as well. The course properly identifies that initially Christianity was a subset of the Jewish religion. First one was an 'ancient' Jew and then a Christian until Paul made the statement that the gentiles could join in the praise and following of the truth, way, the righteous path of Jesus Christ without first being Jewish.

Then there was the power of the sword wielded by the fearful Romans that regarded Christians as undermining the authority, allegiance to and the wealth due the empire. They dealt with Christians as they had successfully with others – death and death by barbaric means to dissuade others not to follow.

Paul is the accepted author of Romans.  His act of gathering contributions for the poor of Jerusalem was to be a demonstration that gentiles could join the 'church' of Christ in harmony with the devote Jewish. He delayed his return to Jerusalem to write an epistle, a book, of guidance and instructions to those in Rome and thus set into motion a chain of events that would take almost three centuries to run its course. The word of Paul, the works and words of the Lord in time overcame all obstacles of paganism, treachery and brutality.  Never in my view was there ever in the course of human events any comparable historical record the triumph of good over evil, of knowledge over ignorance, of faith over sacrificial ritual – to the extent one might call the era of 50 AD to 325 AD the Era of the Epistles of Paul the Evangelist.

A philosophy triumphed over all barriers.  Pagan gods fell, tyrants fell, an empire began conversion, the church came from underground to above ground worshiping in the light of creation, Genesis 1:4; the light of good, Psalms 4:6; the light of salvation, Psalms 27:1; the light of Jesus, John 8:1 – "I am the light of the world; he that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the everlasting light of life."  

That path to everlasting light St. Paul walked three times. 

 Rev. Kurt Fondreist


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Spiritual Awareness

Dr. of Spiritual Awareness Final Essay by Rev Sharon J. Mayer

I used this course to build on the information learned in previous classes I have taken through UL C Seminary. It is much more intense and involved than the wonderful Spirit Quest course, which should be taken before this class is attempted. The instructors are very knowledgeable and each new concept is explained in terms that anyone can understand. Since the concepts and practice, as presented, were complete I did not use other texts or interpretations of ideas or practices during the course.

Each concept of learning was building upon another. I was so glad to read that not all beings are not able to do all things. So many times I have read that one should just do this or that and everyone who tries is able to see auras, or project good feelings or health to all. At one point I had given up trying and believe that is when my life was in a downward spiral. It has taken me forever to come to terms with where I should be on my path and all because I misunderstood where I should be and what I personally could do or accomplish.   The ideas presented in this course of  Spiritual Awareness is to go at your own speed and practice until you attain the desired level, but if it does not come you are just not to that level on your path as yet. 

The explanation of the Laws was new to me and explained in details that I was able to understand. Many of them I had not heard of before but during the lessons when we were to explore our feelings and understanding I was able to see where each came into play in my own life. I may never attain a high mastery of the all information given but I feel better about what I can do, what I must work on, and what I never might be able to do at this point.  

The course has shown me that I must never feel inferior or give up again. It is very hard to maintain a positive attitude and give of your energy all the time. I believe my next step is to find a way to have more positive energy given to me on a continual basis. Right now that does not seem to be the case. I try very hard to use other energy instead of my own but it seem at present I am in an area of my life where there is more negative energy directed toward me than external positive energy I have been  working on sending to other.  I will be working on that in the time to come.  I have reached a point of self-love which should help and I no longer feel that I have to do things to please others so my esteem is maintained in my own mind. I am finding my own pace and quiet time to enrich my own nature.

The weeks that have been spent with the lessons are showing an improvement in my well-being and it will be an on-going growth to reach higher levels and goals. This is not a read, learn, and put away class. It is a continual process of growth and the lessons given in the course will assist with the progress I am able to make. I do see very positive change in thought and feelings. I am learning self-love and that it is fine to care about yourself and not selfish at all in doing so to enable you to give more to others.

Some of the information given was new and I am not sure I can accept all of it at this time but will think about it and try my best to understand. I am new to the lessons of spirituality even after about three years of study. I do have a willing to take all information give to me to move forward in my quest. I have learned from the course that this is normal so it does not worry me as it once would have. Being a person who must understand and study all sides of each idea it may take a while longer for me to accept or reject things but while doing so I am learning and this course  has allowed me to think positively about doing things in that manner.  


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Spirit Quest

Final Essay – Spirit Quest by Rev. Arthur Putnam

Over the last several months there has been many manifestations of new perceptions of ultimate reality all around me and within me. The course of Spirit Quest has played a important role in providing new insights and tools in the development of my embracing the new knowledge in a form of experience that has brought on a newest of my view of the every expanding universal life force we all share in.

One of my favorite tools in this course I have found most useful is the grounding cord. What an awesome tool we all have built into us once it is recognized and used in the manner it is explained in this course. I also believe it shows the inter-connectivity that we have with earth but also all of creation. Which I believe the course also bring to light the importance of the ALL of creation in this inter-connectedness of our being. When we view Life Source as the source that is not only in the things around us but also within us. That there is no separation between the individual and the Source of Creation or Life that we are empowered in many new ways of freedom and enlightenment.

Even thou the grounding cord is my favorite from this course, I also found that many of the other subjects covered also proved to be very empowering and revealing to the nature of our being. To be able to draw in the energy of the golden sun or to use the flower as tool of protection of energy you do not choose to have bombard you, is a great concept of the many things the Spirit Soul can manifest for you.

Over all I rank this as one of the best study course I have done in some time on gifts of the Spirit that we all have, if we would only get to know ourselves and make use of them.
I highly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in expanding their perception of energy fields and nature of Spirit that resides with in each of us.


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Friday, July 03, 2009

Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual Awareness
I have found many things very helpful in this course and have learned a great deal from all that is offered.  I love how Charles is able to make things so understandable.  I have especially liked this course going through the natural laws and I am still working at seeing how these laws are so interwoven into my everyday life.  It has helped me to become more focused and to understand that we have the power to achieve what our desires and whatever our intention may be.  This enables our lives to flow with love and abundance in all areas.

I have also learned from the meditation section and bringing in the Christ Light and allowing it to fill my being.  This has really helped to deepen my love for people and enabling me to see this Light in them as well. I also feel that it has made me much more aware of my higher self and it's relation to my own divinity.  This is always something I have struggled with because I was brought up in a very strict religious home and community and have had to relearn all my truth.

I have learned from the chakra lesson and the energies that come from them as well.  I have always been aware of these and their associations to different colors but this lesson has led me to do some extra reading about them and I have learned much from it.

I loved the part on the Kandalini and other life force energies taught in lesson 19.  These I have greatly benefited from because I didn't have much knowledge about them before.

I was also very interested in learning about the Ascended Masters and their various rays and the energies they can bring to our lives.  I am really going to look into these some more and learn more about them so I can call on them for what they have to offer in my life.

I also enjoyed the lesson on Spirit communication.  As a medium I am always in touch with my guides and the spirits of those who have passed and I often get asked how people can sharpen their abilities in these areas and so I love ideas and information that I can give them because it works so differently for everyone.

One of the things that has really stuck in my mind through these lessons is not using so much of your own energy but using the energy around you from Ley Lines and Ley nodes and tapping into it.  Also just allowing the energy to come to you.  Remembering this has helped me not to feel as drained and also to control more of the energy that comes to me by doing more grounding.

I could go on and on about all that these lessons have meant to me and how they have helped me grow as a person and a medium and my spiritual awareness in my everyday life.  I hope that with my learning I can offer more help and guidance to people around me as my own understanding and awareness grows.

Rev. Cindy Roskamp


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As a long time member of ULC, Rev. Long created the seminary site to help train our ministers. We also have a huge catalog of Universal Life Church  materials.  I've been ordained with the Universal Life Church for many years and it's since the beginning and have loved watching the continual growth of the seminary.

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Mystical Christianity

Lesson 20: Mystical Christianity
By Rev. Judith Lichtenberger

1. As outlined in our lesson, intimacy as in any other relationship begins with honest conversation. It is different with a human friend who in the initial stages of friendship often chooses to embellish personality and interests in order to hold attention. God, in contrast, sees through our human fa├žade down to the bare bones. We can not help but be honest with Him. So, what intimacy can we hope to achieve? We can be certain that He will nurture that friendship in spite of our short-comings. We are His children. What good parent will not uphold the positive characteristics of a beloved child?

As far as intimacy is concerned – I tell God in prayer my thoughts and desires. I request guidance from Him and I know He will not steer me wrong. I beg Him to stay by me in my worst moments. I know a human friend might try but never be able to impart strength in the throes of illness or mental anguish.
2. On a personal level, I feel that prayer is always keeping in touch with our Savior. It does not necessarily mean "putting in a request" but just ordinary conversations with Jesus which will eventually lead to a positive life-long relationship with God.
Meditation is a skill which must be developed. It is leaving the world behind, closing out the distractions and getting a special focus on the divine. This is an aspect of "prayer life" which I need to work on. I am an individual who is easily distracted by worldly cares and I pray that my life journey will lead me one day to the peace contained in that meditative state. Prayer is always with me – meditation is not something which comes naturally to me.

Julian requested an affliction from God to develop her focus on the divine and eventually experience a miraculous healing. Her life of humility and self sacrifice was an example to all others. She let the world in so she could show others how to take the good from God's creation (there IS good in the world!) and then let the evil (her disease) out. I am reminded of the "Dr. Faustus" character (novel based on the legend) of Thomas Mann. In his novel, the main character, Leverkuhn, contracts a disease purposely for the sake of his art- the suffering of the artist- but for him, God does not intervene and creativity must be its own reward.

With Julian, the reward is hope and her good works for the benefit of her order and the fortunate others who learn from her example.

Theresa is a mystery to me with such strength of character that she can dwell in each castle room and leave detailed instructions for us to enter in as well. The effort of her victory is daunting but the "pictures" which she paints of the various "mansions" would certainly make the struggle worthwhile.

The 21st century is only a number and name of an era. The divine is not obligated to "modernize" because mysticism is as old as creation – a journey within, of the spirit back to its origins, back to God.  


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As a long time member of ULC, Rev. Long created the seminary site to help train our ministers. We also have a huge catalog of Universal Life Church  materials.  I've been ordained with the Universal Life Church for many years and it's since the beginning and have loved watching the continual growth of the seminary.

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