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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Metaphysical Healing

Final Essay

We need to integrate all of ourselves into all of ourselves!

In the holistic healing approach the spirit of the individual is considered pure. The balance of energy is vital for holistic healing, as the individual is viewed as an organic whole with mental physical, emotional and spiritual aspects actively contributing to the state of health or illness. Imbalance of any sort in the body, mind and soul causes disconnection and distortion of energies. To attain harmonious whole personhood, the working energy of body, mind and spirit must be correctly realigned and balanced. Healing can bring balance between the physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioural activities, and the spirit; through spiritual awareness and self-knowledge. Knowing who we are, as well as understanding how we are interconnected with the universe and with each other creates the life force energy necessary for restoration and spontaneous healing.  Therefore the concept is to provide an opportunity to rediscover this space and to explore and develop specific interactive skills, knowledge and competency, within metaphysical healing. 

There is a lot more to healing than physical symptoms, as many illnesses are a result of emotional and mental energetic imbalance.  Healing can be used to stimulate and revitalise the whole being using vibrational energy.  It improves the quality of life and has no side effects.  Although the medical profession is skeptical there has been a massive shift in consciousness and the government is now giving holistic healing a place alongside Western medicine.  Healers are channels who absorb healing energy which is sent through the hands as positive energy into the client.  Traditional Priestesses and Priests healed way before 'doctor' was an established profession.  Healers are highly trained, qualified and professional people who undergo years of training to be in private practice.  Research proves that healing is a potent therapy that delves deep into a person's being.  However, healers do not 'diagnose' they 'observe' problem areas.  If Western Science took metaphysical healing approaches seriously there could be a huge impact on medical costs and patients.  It can cut medical costs and utilise the power of the mind to heal itself.  It is important to recognise that medical intervention is necessary sometimes and that self-administered care speeds up recovery, as a broken bone cannot be fixed by the mind alone. 

We can reclaim and heal ourselves by understanding our purpose in life and living it. In doing so we find opportunities to create balance and uncover the universal truth-'know thyself', an essential tool for healing and embracing the true oneness of the universe. The holistic healing approach views therapy not as a 'cure to crisis', but as support on the journey. Crises are not seen as problems, but as stepping stones for spiritual emergence and growth. Holistic healing builds on traditional theories, as well as recognising and accessing higher consciousness through such tools as meditation, imagery, metaphor, visualisation, creative arts, awareness, intuition and inner attunement. Within all of us is a space that holds our potential, our aspirations and dreams. It is the space that we enter for strength and stillness; it is from this space that healing comes. Within this space is our future, pain and healing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel ready to go out there and heal with my hands.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to finally know myself and have the confidence to share my calling with the world. 

Rev. Yemaja-Ixchel Sophia Sekhmet-Maat


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