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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Master of Religion

Universal Life Church Seminary - Rev. Amy

Master of Religion Completion Essay
In the first few lessons I was reminded easily of how the Bible came about and how, even though, it may have gone through several interpretations by many individuals and having so many contributors, it still can be believed in as “God’s” word.  I was reminded of the many sections I had long since read and needed to touch again to re-enforce the strong Faith I already have, making it stronger.  I had known of several of the sections being missing and was reminded of those and still know in my heart they are the true word.  I can remind those that still doubt the words from other religious factions that one faith has taken the bible and reworded or paraphrased sections to meet their needs and cannot be taken seriously, many religions have done this and all are still accurate and true to their belief systems.  

As I progressed through the lesson I was given some good tips on ways to study the bible, many I had not even considered, since the readings in the many versions is at times very intense with the translations, paraphrasing and lengthy wording.  I now have a confidence that I can review and renew my faith at any time and assist others in doing son also.  I now have many sections I had not referred people to reminding them “God” does exist.  I can now take these sections to further my educational efforts and use them to teach others and ask various questions to help in establishing or re-establishing their faith.  The true meaning of the :”Trinity” has been elaborated in a fashion very meaning full and truthful.       
The middle chapters remind me of the true and ongoing duties of the Priesthood, Missionary duties and why I was called on to help spread his word and depend on “God” to lead me in the right direction to help those who need the help and not condemn those who may not believe completely, but help to become believers and still lead them to a path as Jesus would have done.  The many titles religions of the world have for their leadership, with one intention.  The Sacraments and Baptism section reinforced my understanding and teachings of what I had been told as a young man.  I am now more confident in being able to properly teach about the Sacraments and it’s many portions it encompasses, from Baptism, the Eucharist, Anointing of the sick and the Holy Orders. 
The section on Marriage and Tithing reminded me of my true and binding relationship with my beloved wife for whom I truly love and cherish in the true meaning of “Marriage” with the understanding we are equals and our children are gifts of this marriage and we have taught them the words and the meaning of “God” hoping they will carry it with them through life and learn from us.  It is not necessarily the church that confirms your marriage and the meaning of it, but it is the words in themselves and the thoughts that go beyond them. 
In the later sections of this course I have been given a plethora of information to re-enforce my stances on Homosexuality, Abortion, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Prostitution and Divorce.  I received a lot of good information about Counseling with good information I can use to help people who turn to me for my assistance no matter what the issue may be.  I can them have re-assurance I have done the right thing and said the right thing to get them back on track and focus on their goodness and faith to lead them further into life and with the understanding coming to me for help is part of my duties as a Minister and Hopefully a Chaplain. 
The last sections of the course reinforced my understandings of the Church with its’ vast history, the many Denominations and directions they take and concluding with further education on the governance of the Church.  I would recommend this course for everyone, no matter what level of Christianity you wish to take.  It was very educational and gave me a better understanding of the faith that has been instilled in me since birth to the meaning of my calling and the reasons I need to continue to help my fellow man.  I would also like to Thank Rev. Amy for all her hard work at putting this and the many programs of the Seminary together for us and sending them so timely and helping us to accomplish our goals as Graduates of the Seminary and Chaplains.  I would lastly and not leastly like to Thank Bishop Pat and the many other contributors to this course for the opportunity to indulge in their readings. 

Rev. Charles (Chuck) Callahan, DD

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