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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spiritual Development

I would not rate this course on the same level as some of the other courses I have or am currently taking. For example the idea of multiple universes where we exist in different worlds playing out different scenarios is good for science fiction but does not jibe with my Christian background or upbringing. How can one soul live out so many different destinies?? Basically in this scenario we are able to pick the best outcome and ignore the rest???  The other idea that we can "will" things to happen, if we think hard enough we can make things happen, picture it....and it becomes real. A lot of books have been written about this, but in my experience, life is not that easy. We are asked to pray for things and whatever is the highest good for one and all will happen. 

Sometimes what we think we want or need, is the worst thing that can happen to us, so willing it and producing it...may not be a good thing. "changing our mind...can change our reality.....I wish we had this much control of our lives.....changing our minds...can change our course in life...but my sense is..the reality stays the same.....our perception of things can change...but not the things themselves.........I try and be open to new ideas and concepts...but I find this course very simplistic and contrary to my christian beliefs and upbringing and actual experiences. The concept of "outcomes" to be is very controlling, like we have the power to change outcomes which means we can change our destiny??? If our destiny is for us to be at 'x', all the positive thinking in the world will not get us to 'y'. Yes we can influence our friends and family and coworkers with a positive attitude and mindset, but can we really change outcomes that have been set in motion?? by others....suppose we have a group of people all together, with different "outcomes" in mind for the group..which "outcome" will prevail???  the strongest desire?  the strongest will?? what happened to all the other "outcomes"? 

The author mentions "referencial" information we take in, influences our lives......that is true to a degree....but to the degree he seems to indicate.......if I inherited "high blood pressure" thru matter what i think or do...i still have high blood pressure....if someone kills another human being in cold blood...the fact remains..they were could be in self defense....protecting oneself and family members....but it is still murder...killing of someone...that is not going to we deal with this situation as a a different issue.....the reality remains the we deal with the what changes............The concept of NLP and communicating with the unconscious is dealing with reality as if...Deity..God does not exist....if mankind was the only creation and we all were individual islands of our own...we were all individual "gods" that we could tap into our deepest most mind, unconscious mind...higher self..and change things.........again...this goes against everything the Bible has to say...we are to pray to God...for help...we are to reach out to Him...the power of prayer and Divine Guidance..the working of the Holy Spirit is more powerful than anything mankind can think of. 

Sorry to be so negative...I read all the lessons with an open mind....and I know this course is required reading for the Chaplain Program...and it did explain what the author was trying to get just did not resonate with me and I basically disagree with the basic concept.

Rev. Andy

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