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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Final Essay: Druidism Course
"All roads lead to Rome," some wise soul once said. Rome in this case being the great essence which is the Creator, Yahweh, I AM, AWEN. The question is which path is meant for me. The Buddhist path, the Christian path, the Druid path, or a combination of all. Perhaps, one has to travel, study and learn what each path has to offer in the way of enlightenment. Maybe , then I will know my way home.

In Buddhism the essence of life seems to be found in all things spiritual. In Druidism it seems to be found in all things living. In the trees, the animals, the clouds, the stars, in all living organisms. The power and beauty of the Creator is all around us. It is inside, outside and enveloping every part of our world.

I am sitting here by my window looking out on the rain soaked grass and the beautiful trees, of all different types and shapes. It has been raining for several days in my little corner of Alabama. I love it. I love the rain. I love the smell of everything washed clean by it. I love the feel of it on my face. It was raining the day I was born. I came into this existence, on my family's farm. It seems that, I come from a long line of midwives, so my great aunt delivered me. It was pouring and you could hear the rain hitting the roof. The rain was probably the first sound I heard and smell of all things washed new filled my lungs with life. I have always loved being in the country.

I was raised in New York City. I longed for the green of God's country. I felt the trees were alive. That they somehow could see, hear and feel. That somehow, they spoke to us. Some trees have been around for thousands of years. Can you imagine what it would be like to sit in a grove and have a serious conversation with a beautiful Oak or Willow?

In the park, I would lie on the grass and imagine what it was like to fly , like a bird. Where were the clouds going? Do they all talk to each other? Do they talk about us? I knew deep down, that a very great Creator had done this, for mere man could not accomplish such a task.

As a child, I enjoyed storytelling. One afternoon, my friend, Ellen, asked if I could make up a story to pass the time. Ellen gave me the topic, and off I went. Three hours later, I wrapped up the story a with a happy ending.

Music was the center of my existence. I couldn't sing, but boy, I could sure dance. If I went missing, you could find me in some quiet corner listening intently to music. I felt music spoke to the very essence of the body, to the heart of your very soul.

When I grew up, I became a warrior and followed in my family trade of delivering babies. I joined the military.

When I moved to the country, my heart filled with an all consuming declaration that I was finally home.

So what does this have to do with Druidry?
Druids hold nature to be sacred. So do I.
Druids were the ones who dedicated their lives to their tribes. They were the military advisors, the teachers, the healers.

So did I.
Druids believed, "the gods must be worshiped, and no evil done and honorable behavior maintained." (Lesson 11 Druid Course ) So do I.

Druids believe in the immortality of the soul, rebirth, and in the Divine Essence, the AWEN. So do I.

After searching a life time, studying many religions and teaching, I was always left with a sense of discomfort and incompleteness. I am now a minister and I had the privilage to preside over my son's wedding. When I went to do the wedding, I found myself standing in a small grove, under a beautiful Willow tree, dressed in my white robes and white cinture. I was filled with happiness, contentment, and completeness.

So, as I sit here looking at my white robe and reading the teachings of the ancient Druids, I ponder to myself. So many times, I was drawn to the Druids. I looked and walked away. I was afraid because of what I had been taught of witch craft, Devil worshipers, evil doers. So when this course showed itself, I waited a year. But I could not loose the feeling that I must study and learn the truth.

Thank you. I found a very deep connection with the Druid path. I have worn a Celtic Cross around my neck for many years. I have many books on Celtic prayer and traditions. It seems so familiar to me.

Were my ancestors Druids? I don't know. Ancestors have a way of reaching out and guiding you on your path, whatever that might be.

This course has changed my life for the better. I feel great peace and comfort in my soul. Perhaps this is finally the way home..
We will see.

May God bless you all,
Rev. Nitza L. Melgar, ULC Minister, SBT


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