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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Friday, February 27, 2009


Essay on Master of Shamanism Course

Throughout this course I learned many different things about Shamanism and found the course extremely interesting. I have learned that Shamanism originated in Siberia among the Siberian Tungus. "Saman" refers to "sacred medicine men" and consists or is relevant to traditional beliefs and practices. Shaman make connections with spirits and through those relationships garner the ability to diagnose, treat, and even cure human suffering. Shamanism is more likely to be the oldest form of religion but there are likely as many variations of Shamanism as there are different forms of Christianity.

I learned as well that Shamans are psycho pomp, meaning that Shamans conduct the souls of the dead by way of the underworld and spirit guides. There are also two other realms being the middle and upper worlds. I also found, and to quote a line in a lesson, "Everything that exists is alive". This has always been my belief , whether it be plant, sky, cosmos, or stone, all these exist as a form of life. All beliefs, are as well, a part or form of the truth about existence. Shamanism, in my mind comes closest to that reality or the search for that reality. That part of my own opinion about spirituality, reality, and the search for it being said I can continue to speak in terms of what impressed me about this course.

I am slightly disheartened by the term Black Shamans and that they existed and probably still do. I like to think of Shamanism in the light of the term White Shaman. I was very interested in the length to which the history of Shamanism was explored and also the garments, or coat, and the iron discs and copper ornaments applied to it. The likeness on the garment of the "amagyat", the spirit or guide very close to the Shaman.

I was pleased to learn of the relationship of Shamanism to Jewish beliefs. I was saddened, however, to learn how much of their knowledge was destroyed and burned by the pope long ago.

I learned so much from this course. I learned about self-hypnosis ( never done without a companion ). I learned how to achieve Altered States of Consciousness, by way of the death breaths or through rhythmic drumming. The drum being a tool of ancient shamans as well.

I found it very interesting in the lesson on Mayan Shamanism and 2012 that the Winter Solstice of December 21st 2012 AD will align with the center of our galaxy the Milky Way. This alignment has not happened for 25,800 years. I believe it to be the begining of a new spirituality of humankind on a large scale.

In conclusion, and on a lighter Shamanistic note by the the very meaning of "Shaman" as a "self-healed madman", I have survived my own madness at times and have healed. Bless those important shamans of history such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohhamed, Allah, etc.

The only minor problems that existed in the course were the occasional typographical errors. This was a very informative and helpful course.
Thank you Amy
Sherman Arnold


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