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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009



     This class enabled me once again to contemplate my own personal ideas and beliefs on spirituality.   I  feel  that if I am moved in any way about my point of life from a class then the lessons were successful.

      Gnosticism makes sense to me.  It is enriched in our daily lives if we allow it to do so. The idea of myself as co-creator is an empowering step and ability that I and everyone processes.  We can see the world as spiritual or material.  Can we see the world as both, with a centered balance? Reading the weekly lessons along with a great reference book" LIVING GNOSIS" A practical guide To Gnostic Christianity, by Tau Malachi demonstrated for me this state of flux that is always occurring.  I don't believe there is a carved in stone answer to living a life of gnosis, however I was able to come to a clear understanding about this once tabooed way of thinking.

      The part that drew me into reflecting on my own thoughts of Gnosis was the "Sophian" gospel. This enabled me to see Yeshua as a man who was symbolic of the spiritual once he merged with the
"Christo".  This enabled me to say yes to my own belief that the gospels are to be experiences in our own daily life.  These sets of books do me no good locked up or dismissed from the Contemporary Christian Counsel, who I see as the watch dogs on keeping the traditional esoteric belief in order.

This is where Christianity for me has fallen off of the human path. Yesua was a man born with no more enlightenment then any other individual is, however he seeked the mission of life and found that life was not the mission rather the mission was of life. The way ones celebrates their divine mission to the life of living.

     The connection of male and feminine being in balance and harmony is seen in the life of Yesua and Mary of Magdelene is a vision of dualistic nature within each of us. These natural states of consciousness are what will enable people to be  "LIGHT BEARERS''.  The Church of Universal Light uses the concept as part of their tenets.  I belong to this church as well and as a Holistic Minister I can see many more congregations coming back to this living of Gnosis.

     The symbolism created in Gnosticism is expressed for the person to understand it to the level of their belief and spirituality.  The expression taught in these lessons I found to be of an eclectic verse. some of these resonated with me while others were not in sync to my level of living, however I did not dismiss their teachings since living the gospels is an experience that changes daily.  All of this is based on my mental, physical and spiritual awareness at any given time on this journey.

     As with the course on Christian mysticism I found myself seeing Jesus and Mary as people who were learning about the "Christo" as they experienced it.  I have always believed Jesus was not the exception yet the example.  For me it makes natural sense that Yesua and Mary were destined to be soul mates.  Each approached their destiny from different paths that brought them together.

     For me a good contemporary reference is the Rock Musical "JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR"

This demonstrates the life of Gnosis.  It takes all the rhetoric teachings and throws it out to the simple truth.  Again I found myself listening to the soundtrack of this musical as I read the lessons and the book on living Gnosis.  What also I found very enlightening was how Gnosis symbolizes The Creator and Satan .  It was using the dualistic elements that we as fractions of the creation of light have forgotten for some reason or another. Basically it is from Human understanding we will connect to the greatness of Creation .  Not through rhetorical principles and teachings.  We already know within ourselves what we hold true of the self and this is the step to be taken, I feel, to re-awaken our divine right and duty as light bearer's.



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