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Monday, October 19, 2009

Religious Philosophy

Religious philosophy Summary of Course
 Dr Patricia Wormeck THD, ND

     I do believe after taking this course, that I have found my spiritual place in the world.

  After completing my Doctorate in Theology, I came to realization that I cannot be a part

  Of any organized religion.  This course helped me define my position in the world of


     Immediately in the course the definition for religious philosophy was a study in non bias,

  or non personal agendas or opinions.  Most written material, books, courses, etc. have

  agendas that the author wishes to express.  I might include possible include the books

  of the bible, but that would be my opinion.  The point of the course is that we do not

  want to study in that way.   Studying facts and points of view of various religions is     

  acceptable.  The basis for the whys and wherefores of religion organizations and why

  people need religion is discussed, as definitions of words such as precepts and concepts.

     I was very interested in the discussion of the makeup of the brain that determines

  whether a person has spiritual tendencies or not.  Apparently the more serotonin

   receptors a person has, the less spiritual they tend to be.  The serotonin seems to 

  given them comfort.  With this definition, I must have fewer receptors and therefore

  need the comfort of spirituality.

    The above definition is not the only reason for spirituality.  Maybe God has programed

  us to be spiritual to refine ourselves for out afterlives, and maybe not.  The love of ideas

  and what men think can also be motivators.

       I loved this course, and it has opened a few field for me.   Thanks so much.


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