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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Spiritual Awareness

The excellent Master of Spiritual Awareness Course by Rev Elizabeth King has strengthened my understanding of the concepts in the James Redfield’s book series. I had heard of the Celestine Prophecy and had wanted to read the book or see the film. After starting the course I purchased the three books in the series to include The Celestine Prophecy, The Tenth Insight, Holding the Vision, and The Secret of Shambhala. I also am working with The Celestine Vision, Living the New Spiritual Awareness, and the Celestine Prophecy An Experiential Guide... I recently acquired a copy of James Redfield, Michael Murphy, and Sylvia Timbers God and the Evolving Universe The Next Step in Personal Evolution. The course and these books will help to enhance my understanding the the principles of the lessons. The exercises in the course were an excellent way of reinforcing each of the lessons and helping students to understand each of the concepts.

I understand now how years ago the ideas and principles were given to me but because I was not awake I was unable to take in the knowledge. It took me to this point to understand that I needed to experience spiritual awakening and give up a life based on fear of the unknown and move forward with my abilities to new heights and awareness. How we must see love and beauty in every thing around us. How Love is the only truth and we must give to receive. Because I had followed many who had distorted this principal I was for a time lost. This new awaking is so wonderful and I feel so much more uplifted and relaxed about life. I have always enjoyed the beauty of the environment but never the beauty of other humans before. The concept of we are all One was not a lesson I had learned until recently. I felt for so long it was more a fear based Me and Them atmosphere in my world.

I am slowly getting over the need of preoccupation with survival and comfort. I have been a person who wanted possessions and have filled my space to over-flowing. No longer do I feel the need for that type of reassurance of “Love” because I have things I missed out on or my grandparents had in their home. I no longer feel the need to fear as my peers and leaders say I must. We in the world are all in the One and I am learning that only love is real and giving is receiving. This was a product of my upbringing in a cold and non-loving home as well as the religious instruction I had for so many years received and taught. In the last few years I have moved away from formal religious practice and beliefs when I realized that what was being said did not match what I was reading in the religious texts. I was finding a different meaning for the words that were to be seen with my own eyes. Even Mother Theresa, in letter to one of her mentors that has just come to light, speaks of the difference in what she expected and was seeing and the truth of what should be experienced. She felt lonely and in a void waiting for some enlightenment. If someone with her ability to live the life of service she gave for so many years why should I feel that with a few books and a 20 week course I will be changed without more study, practice, and time? I have started my journey and will continue on the path with the understanding that it will take time but I now have the background and understanding to move forward. This is still very new to my peers and family as each is on their own path to understanding so we are working our way to the best of our abilities and understanding at each step upward. There is much discussion and debate but that is very healthy and will lead to an understanding for all concerned.

I am most interested in the concept that we will be given a time when we pass over to go over how well we have learned the new tasks and lessons we asked to learn during our time on earth. It will be a time to see if we passed or need more work on that particular lesson. Learning this now has given me a reason to ponder before I pursue any action. It has been most helpful to my progress in advancement. Also, I now see that what I had perceived as failures in interactions with others and in my dreams were just stepping stones to help me reach a higher level of understanding. My depression was caused by my being torn between what I thought was real and what I was making happen on my own by my perceptions of what was going on around me. I let others control my every idea and being. Since I had become so afraid of rejection or admonishment I stopped creating, dreaming, or thinking of what I now know I am capable of doing. I was in a state of paralysis and would not even start to create because I had been told in the past I could not do such and such so it was lost before it was found.

I know from what I have learned and read that it will be an ongoing process and that all the principles will not come at once and it takes practice to stay focused on the Love and positive nature of this new thinking process. I work in service and find myself looking or listening to each person I assist with a new understanding and wondering if we are part of a group or if I can better serve them without intruding into their space. In person you can see how someone is reacting to your speech or actions on the phone it is not as easy but if you project love and understanding for all the process is about the same. Since starting the course I have seem a difference in reaction to my speaking with customer with the new understanding I have of the Oneness of all. I had always tried to speak to others as I wanted to be spoken to but there is difference now that I can not describe but the interaction has improved with difficult calls.

Because of some past experiences I had built a wall around me and my space with an invisible but very noticeably felt brick wall. I was not going to be hurt or humiliated again and with this wall I felt what I thought was safety. It was not so. Since the Awareness Course I understand that I was isolated in a non-learning or growing state that I, at the time, felt was a safe haven but was preventing me from moving forward. The wall is coming down daily and each time I work on a new area of my understanding the wall gets shorter and shorter. I will look more into the answers and wisdom that will be synchonistically given to me by my Spiritual Group and those around me to keep shortening the wall.

The ideals that are the whole of this new understanding will help me as a spiritual counselor and in the same token I will be more open to taking ideas from those I meet. I will now understand that each person I interact with on a daily basis will be giving me something I need to understand, change about myself, or speak with that person about. Each will be part of the whole puzzle of what I need to do to finish my lessons on earth. They will help me find my meaning for asking to come to earth to learn and live more for advancement.

It is a growing process and with the lessons learned in the course and the books I am working with I will continue to grow in understanding. I am not sure I have grasped all the information or feel comfortable with each of the higher areas of the principles. I will have to get to the point where those things are more the normal occurrences or actions for me in time. The idea that we will have a life here on earth that will be filled with love is such a change from what I have observed over my 69 years. The idea that governments and leaders will not want to grab the riches of other nations and disrupt their lives and the realization that governments the will not be for personal gain and prestige by overriding others is so foreign to what I have seen and know most of my life. I have seem a shift in knowledge and understanding for the last thirty years but wonder if thought and change can bring about a new loving and better world in such a short period of time. But then since time is a human concept and not a higher power concept I am reminded that with faith, understanding, hope, and will anything is possible.

As Carl Jung said “We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate it only oppresses.” I hope that the shift will happen and I sincerely hope that more will come to understand the principles of why humans are on earth and will come to a point that they are able to learn, understand, and teach. I for one will continue to move forward with a new understanding and open mind to all ideas and principles that are presented to me.


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