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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spirit Quest

Comments on the Spirit Quest course
by Rev Daniel S. Irwin
Spirit Quest, a course which truly assists one on their spiritual journey.  A spiritual journey that embraces one's spiritualism no matter to which or what 'established' faith group one may belong.  Even those referred to as being members of 'the other church', meaning atheists, can find value and useful insight and information in this course.
Thirty weeks and each week I anxiously awaited the next lesson.  In this course, there were a marred of helpful ideas presented in the lessons.  Setting spiritual goals, spiritual growth, and awareness of the world around one (tangible and intangible elements) can lead to an unexpected enrichment of the spirit.
Not only have I learned (in my way, at my 'beginner' level) how to use this information, but it will prove quite valuable in my attempts to help others.  I could use the phrase "I particularly liked' referring to a lot of things here in the course.
I was taken with the brake down of 'tools' in facilitating a healthy spiritual awareness.  The grounding chord, golden sun, protection rose are invaluable tools in dealing with one's own spiritualism and psyche as well as establishing a healthy relation with the world.  Setting spiritual goals and a timeline for same is just a part of establishing harmony in one's life.
Harmony in one's life, in body and spirit, enabling spiritual growth is the goal of meditation.  Meditation set to dealing with the world, dealing with others, dealing with the self for, as noted in the lesson, change basically comes from the changes one makes in one's self.  For others to change, you must change.  And if the change you make in yourself does not suit those around you, then ,perhaps, it is better to not have those people around.  Conflict with others creates negative energy.  In our spiritual growth, we work to eliminate negative energy.  Negative energy disrupts the peace and harmony of our spiritual goal.
Forgiveness was a particularly interesting subject covered in the lessons.  A matter of forgiving and, as they say, 'letting go' of the negative memories/aspects.  Revenge is to be avoided in thought and deed.  Actions in retaliation take away from one's own spirituality and hampers spiritual growth.  People make mistakes, people are often cruel, people are subject to unwise acts.  The question that should be asks in these instances is, "What made them do or act as they did?".  Perhaps there are unknowns to the act.  Still, to respond to an unkind act is to further the negative aspect  in a snowballing effect and, no matter how much or well you 'got back at them', you, yourself are damaged in embracing the negative.
The lessons on competition, chakras, and karma were very enlightening.  I, myself, was unfamiliar with the Chakras and how they effect us.  Karma, I have had some insight into but the lesson presented clarified some questions that I had about it.  Being an artist, I was very much taken with the 'color' in relation to spirituality.  And the 'pictures' lesson was, indeed, a very well thought out and presented lesson on how the world can perceive those around them.  As it noted, even a large number of words in a conversation/presentation can be summed up in one basic 'picture'....very much like a 'first impression'.
Reincarnation was discussed in a positive aspect.  Well, if one is discussing reincarnation from the stance that they believe in it, it should be discussed in a positive aspect.  But, what I found intriguing was the noting of the soul aging and, if on the right path, growing.  Here, timeline was addressed in so many words.  As with the soul, life , itself, can be seen as past, present, and future.  With me, 'past time' is, and has always been, the least important.  The present, of course, has value in that that is the 'now', but, I have always looked to the future.  Most everything that I undertake has been toward a goal...gaining knowledge at work, furthering scholastic studies, writing, acting, whatever.  And, without realizing it, spirituality.  I feel my sense of spirituality has progressed over time with many changes...and these changes always came from the future.  Not like science fiction, but in becoming aware of spiritual things as I pass on my journey through time.
I toughly enjoyed this course. I found it enlightening and presented many tools to help me and others as I can.  'Spirit Quest', itself, was a remarkable journey.   

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