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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Religious Philosophy

                                                           Food for Thought

·    Which view best describes your personal relationship with nature — dominion, cooperation, or reverence?

Answer: cooperation. Yet this is contrary to the scripture I believe- the Bible Gen 1:28 which made me to understand that dominion is given to me by God. In Christianity we preach and believe in this dominion but sad to say that in practice majority of us including me practices cooperation rather than dominion using spiritual power.

·    How is this view played out in your everyday life? How does it (consciously or subconsciously) impact the way you live your life, earn a living, and function within society?
Answer: As I mentioned above, I believe I have dominion but there are a lot of things that still       overcomes me in my everyday life for which I am still in search of who, how and what to do to assume full control of the spiritual and physical (natural) aspect of human existence.

I pray on daily basis believing God to one day lead me to a good mentor/spiritual father under whom  I will be trained on how to gain full dominion like that of the prophetic and healing power to avoid living the life of ordinary religious man.

Since I am not operating at the full potential of dominion as I am made to believe to be possible, I think it is the reason why I am not functioning up to expectation within my society. I also believe that any man whose function within society is below ones expectation will not be happy and satisfactory with whatever one does to earn a living just as the case with me. I need to attain a spiritual height where I can exercise control over greater number of circumstances around me.

·    Does whatever religious faith you follow share this view of nature? In what ways do you agree or disagree with the religious functionality of your faith with regard to the natural world?

Answer:  Yes, the religious faith I follow is Christianity. Christianity share this view of nature and taught me what I just mentioned about spiritual power even the prophetic and healing powers. About five (5) percent of the Christian population operates at this power mentioned here; people like: Benny Hinn, Apostle Johnson Suleman of Nigeria; Prophet Eubert Angel of Zimbabwe; Prophet T.  B. Joshua of Nigeria Etc.

I agree with the religious functionality of my faith with regard to the natural world in the aspect of Gen 1:28-“We are created to have dominion over all creatures on earth” yet I disagree with majority of Christians on the practicality of this believe and teachings among us, this is because only few and handful Christians lives the gospel which say that Christianity is not in word but in power. Therefore I am looking the men of God with power to identify with and be groomed by.

Yours in Him,
Ikpenwa, Chizoba Gabriel

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