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Monday, November 23, 2009

Metaphysical healing

Assignment: Number three
Student: Rev. Dr. Edonna Alexandria
1. Answer each of the following questions.
a) Write a paragraph on the Human Aura:   The Human Aura is the protective invisible shield which surrounds the physical body,  it is composed of seven shields that span out around the body in an elliptical formation, much like the elliptical orbits that follow the path and rotations of the planets around the sun.  It provides protection to the body and allows information to flow through.  Information flows in and out, providing a two way communication system from the universe, immediate earth areas and the body.
b) Why do we have subtle bodies?  We have these subtle bodies to: 1) protect our physical body. 2) Provide a communication system between the physical and spiritual words.
c) Name the different energy systems.1) etheric, 2) Emotional, 3) Mental, 4) Astral, 5) Etheric template, 6) Celestial, 7) Ketheric, 8) Auric
d) What is the function of auric fibers? The auric fibers provide protection to the physical body by picking up signals from our surroundings; Caution us ; vitalize our physical and subtle bodies with life force energy.
e) where are the spinal nerves located? In the spinal cord.
2. Describe the Circulatory system in the physical. The circulatory system in the physical carries oxygen to the tissues and waste products away from.  It is the major transport system of the body involving the heart and blood.
3. Describe the Circulatory system of the Etheric.  It allows energy to be carried though the tissues physical body which assist the body in draining itself of negative etheric energy away from the body and into the auric field.  The auric energy field is a colorless like fluid which contains billions of cells that are excreted by the chakra system.  The auric cells circulate through the acupuncture meridians and exited the body along the auric cells by passing through the skin.  If this auric Sheath is damaged, the auric fluid will begin spilling out and experience in the physical body as exhaustion which will cause physical weakness.
4. Write a short paragraph on the Physical Aura. The personality of the human is created by the physical aura, which is contained in the physical body consisting of the etheric , emotional and cognitive bodies utilized to breath, think and feel.
5. What does the Etheric Body look like? It is similar to the blue/gray print of an architect.  It is an outline of the body much like that of a negative of a photograph.  It looks like the shadow of the physical body.
6. How does the Etheric body differ from the Emotional Body? The etheric body is lighter and more weightless compared to the body; additionally it creates the chakra system and is the first level where disease will reveal itself.
7. What are the main functions of the chakras? The main function of the chakra system is to vitalize and energize the body by transmitting energy through the blood system and to serve as a communication channel with the universal life force energies.
8. What is the color of the Astral Body? Rose Pink.
9. What function does the Astral Body serve? It serves as the mediator between the physical and spiritual aura, thus communicating between ourselves and the higher spiritual planes of consciousness
10. Why do we need a "silver cord"?  To keep us connected the astral body because without it the physical body could not exist.   When that cord is cut, our astral body leaves the physical body which dies, while the spiritual continues to live its immortal existence.
11. Describe the Spiritual Aura. The spiritual aura is the embodiment of the higher spiritual self which allows us to communicate with beings that exist on the higher spiritual planes of consciousness and awareness.
12. Complete this sentence: The Auric Sheath is extremely strong and is resistant to penetration and  protects the fields.
13. Where are the major chakras located externally? Along the outside of the endocrine system.

14. Name them and give the corresponding endocrine glands. The
a. Crown--Pituitary
b. Forehead--Pineal
c. Throat--Thyroid
d. Heart--Thymus
e. Solar Plexus--Pancreas
f. Sacral/Naval--Ovaries/Testes
g. Base of Spine--Adrenals/Top of Kidneys


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