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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spirit Quest

Hello Amy;
  First,  I would like to thank you for putting together such a remarkable, Life changing course.  I feel as though I am a much better person after completing it. My Essay follows:

                  Master of Metaphysics ~ Spirit Quest
                        Janus Olivia Carson

  I found this course to be Life changing and spiritually freeing. I especially enjoyed the  visualization techniques beginning in "Lesson 3 - Grounding and the center of your head".
  When I first began the visualization exercises  it would take a while, I would need quiet and the visualizations were not very clear. After a few weeks of practice with the meditative techniques the began to be easier and clearer. Now, I can send a grounding cord down in an instant, I can even feel it as it grows from my spine and borrows into the ground. I can also feel the energizing power of the golden suns as they enter my body, it is truly incredible!

  Over the course of the last few months the chair in my "control room" has gotten very comfortable and the control room itself has grown and been updated even as I have grown. The screen is now a 360 degree wrap around, The chair hovers slightly over the control room floor and moves with my thoughts. One thing I did not expect was that this meditation has made my knowledge of  "I am not my body" more experiential  in nature thereby solidifying that concept within me. I really love the time I spend in my Control room spirit - Body interface.

   Every night I now build the most beautiful, finely detailed roses and blow them to smithereens effectively riding myself of negativity that would otherwise be clogging up the works in my body and spirit. Then I bring in a huge yellow sun and run some earth and cosmic energy, revitalizing myself.

   My life has become more of a wonderful adventure with the use of these fantastic meditative tools. I have made many great friends and am enjoying life much, much more. I am now working three days a week doing hypnosis at a Metaphysical shop and many of the people are amazed at my energy levels. I owe so much of where I am in my life now to this course.

Thank You;

~Janus Carson C.HT.~
True Mind Hypnosis
(205) 386-0069
"Live life from the inside out"


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