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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011



Reverend George Parsons

As with all of the other discourses taken at Universal Life Ministry, a final exam is required to receive the diploma in the discourse.  This final exam is the form of a 600 word (or more) essay on what you learned, did not learn, liked, disliked, and the list goes on. 

The Masters of Gnosticism course truly opened my eyes to all of the various religions in the world of yesterday and today and how it seems to be re-immerging to assist in the development of the future.   I realize how most people cannot accept the teachings of Gnosticism, since it causes one to search for the inner Light in themselves through knowledge.  Most people would rather sit back in their comfort zone and hit the "I believe" button of the religion that they learned as a child.  They are the ones that walk around with a blindfold and refuse to accept that what they perceive as correct in religion could be in error, or not complete.

The fact that most of today's major religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all have a Gnostic origin.  Bishop Pat Schwab did an excellent job at painstakingly researching this topic and presenting the information for all to read and formulate their own thought on.  Bishop Pat summed it all up in three sentences,

"Within this course on Gnosticism, I have only laid at the threshold the facts enticing the seeker to continue their journey beyond that which I have given. I know from my own study scratching the surface is only the beginning of a journey. As with any investigation of anything one needs to take the steps."
How very true.  The search for enlightenment, finding your inner Light, preparing yourself to reach the next plane of existence, all begins with questions and then researching to find the answers. 

Bishop Pat Schwab goes on to say,

"The church as I have mention went out of their way to destroy Gnosticism at any cost. Today's Gnostic Society has done a lot to bring forth the lost gospels and mystery text presenting them to the public. Can one become a convert to Gnosticism? Surely doing so can open fields of study to us, and, as well, the scholars.
In today's society it is becoming more and more common for many to seek out the inner-self and as well to find that light within us that seems to spark every time that a path of discovery opens to us. With each of these inner creations we have discovered that there is more to us as well as that which surrounds us.
No longer is the greater majority letting one minister or denominational tell them the do's and don'ts of their teachings. What may be said, as gospel truth is being questioned? No longer is biblical knowledge held by the select few. Ministries are beginning to realize that teaching, other than DEMANDING, brings the congregation a better understanding as they welcome the questions that arise out of their sermons and bible studies. No longer have the truths been hidden from us as they are available to us, not only on the web, but also in bookstores and other places. If one has the desire to seek the TRUTHS, LIES AND ILLUSIONS one only needs to open the pages of those books that by some are considered heretic yet opens a world of interest to the seeker."

I have to say that I was closed minded before I started this course.  I held to the traditional thoughts of the Holy Trinity, Jesus as Savior, the Bible was the LAW for all to follow without question.  When I read the Bible, and had questions, I pressed the "I believe" button as most people do.  This course changed that for me.  I DO have questions.  I DO wonder how valid the Bible actually is.  I do believe that the Bible does hold some true scripture, but, I also believe that many words were changed to place a "Fear of God" in the masses of the time, thus allowing the church to control and influence the masses.  

As a result, I have taken the time to begin researching for the answers I seek.  I am trying to find out the validity of the Bible by looking into the books not considered "Holy" by the orthodox church at the time.  Through translations and manipulations and heavy influences, the Bible was not assembled until the early 4th century A.D.  By reading many of the books NOT included (and also, that survived because many were destroyed when not accepted) in the Bible, I have started to understand what God wanted for us.  I am beginning to understand the steps I need to take to reach that next plane of existence.  A thirst for knowledge has entered into me and I believe that each and every one of us need to do whatever they feel right to find their inner Light.

Thank you Universal Life Church for offering this course and Thank you Bishop Pat Schwab for presenting this information.  It has changed my life and views on religion.

I have launched a campaign to find out the truth for my own inner salvation.


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