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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Spiritual Development

Dr. of Spiritual Development                                                
Final Essay by Catherine Tessier

This course is an in-depth study in the use of focused concentration and visualization to teach one how to move beyond a life that unfolds purely by happenstance to one that is rich in possibility and probability.

The methods outlined in the course materials were both plausible and challenging; but it was not until the introduction of the Prime Wave, that I began to fully realize that my life's journey was mine for the planning.  

Using the Internet, the largest known worldwide network, as my starting point, I began to visualize a different kind of web; one that has been around much longer: the Prime Wave.

I started planning my journey by testing my understanding of the Prime Wave via pertinent questioning:

What is the Prime Wave?
It is the web of life which was set in motion at the beginning of time, by our creator.

Where is it?
It is everywhere; a multi-dimensional living map, ever growing and ever changing, either haphazardly, or by design, or some would believe, by luck.  Each one of us is tasked with creating the streets, avenues, roads and bridges, as well as clearing roadblocks, defining boundaries, side-stepping potholes and dealing with other unexpected or accidental events as we anticipate, encounter, or perceive them.

How do we get there?
All of Creation is within the Prime Wave, each making its own road as it is walked, experiencing the journey via the “thread” we perceive it to be.  One might experience peace and joy, a zest for life, fulfillment through service, or the experience of a struggle with sickness, disease, poverty, depression, and a myriad of feelings between these points.  We are all there – it is how we travel it that is important.  Some of us simply wake up each morning, place our feet on the ground, and follow a path created by rote or circumstances, maybe family tradition or societal expectations.  Others use focused concentration, meditation, and visualization, and through the law of Sympathetic Vibration seek out attractive possibilities, and strive to move them higher up the ladder of probability, towards actual manifestation.

What else do we know about the Prime Wave?
The time actually spent in an active plan of concentrative focus is like holding a specific musical note, so it can find its complementary energy potential in the Wave.

What obstacles or roadblocks will we encounter?
Many and often.  The novice traveler will wander or flounder, sink or swim, catch  a gentle breeze like a leaf, ride a raindrop, or get caught in a fierce windstorm.  This is how strength and character develop. 

What tools do we need to bring with us?
Various tools will be presented as the tasks unfold.  At first, we may fumble with them due to the unfamiliarity.  This may lead to confusion, discomfort, blisters, or scars.  We may even put a tool down and give up the task.  Maybe we selected the wrong tool for the job at hand.  Maybe curiosity will bring us back to the toolbox.  Or maybe we will need to reevaluate our plan.

Do I have the means to make the journey?
We are created for the journey. No one of us is here without purpose. Every aspect of creation that we encounter will be both effected and affected by our own footprints.

Will I bring anyone with me?
The relationships in our daily life, even brief or infrequent encounters, are not creating our path.  They may influence our perceptions and decisions, or they may cause us to retreat or branch out.  But we are the one creating our path, with each step we take.  Each one of us must create our own path and follow our footsteps.  That's what is meant by “we create the road by walking it”.

What can I expect to find when I'm walking my road?
The simple answer is that we will find exactly what we expect to find.  The deeper meaning is that, what we perceive as our road trip, our road blocks, treasures to be uncovered, dark forests, or any part of our destination, is exactly what we will find.  Familiarity and mastering of the tools will give us the full understanding of how to maneuver on our thread of the Prime Wave.

What happens after I get there?
Look around  – no matter where we are, that's just where and what we are:  A living, breathing, blossoming, ever changing particle in the cosmos of life.

Thank you Dr. Crouch for this fascinating course.

Catherine Tessier

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