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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Mystical Christianity

Author-Mother Maryesah Karelon
Final Essay by:
Rev. Mary McGar

            From the first page of the first lesson of this course I was extremely intrigued.  I had discarded my strong Christian background years ago and was one of those who threw “the baby out with the bath water”.  I did so because traditional Christianity, along with the other Abrahamic religions, to me, deliberately and with malice subjugates and denigrates women so I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy or benefit from the course.  I did both, tremendously.  I am also interested now in reading “The Word According to Eve” by Cullen Murphy that was among the suggested readings.

            It was of great interest to me to understand that there are actually two Creation stories in the Bible and, of course, I prefer the first.  As a Neo-Pagan, for the most part, I was delighted to know that the first story emphasized the creation of the universe and putting Earth and mankind last in the creation process, not the center thought.  This gives credence to my belief that all the animals, including humans, created by the Goddess/God are part of the Divine and contain Divinity within.  This interpretation charges us with the responsibility to protect our entire universe and to respect all life; not dominate, kill for no reason, and destroy it, especially for profit.

            It was also intriguing to learn of the relationship between sex and sin.  Placing women in the position of being evil was an excellent method to render them worth little and in need of strict controls.  Doing so enabled men to achieve dominance over every thing.  Blaming women for the fall of mankind and equating sensuality to evil and lack of faith sullied women in the doctrines of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Thankfully, some of those ideas are beginning to be reconsidered.

            Even though this course contained more lessons than any other that I have taken from ULC every lesson was thought provoking and informative.  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course.  The meditations were a nice touch, especially for me, as I am going through some rather trying times emotionally and physically.  While I realize I should slow down and take time to meditate I tend to ignore that important need unless it is part of a lesson I have been assigned to complete.

            The last lesson of this course was as interesting as all the others but gave me more hope for the future.  That “the end” doesn't necessarily mean the end of the world but just an end to the way we do things and think was inspiring.  We still have an opportunity to change our way of believing, thinking and of living.  All we have to do is remember that all life is important, all life is Divine and all carries Mother/Father God's mark and influence in it and then, act accordingly.  As a Reiki Master I realize how important it is to become and remain grounded in order to accomplish good.  If we can balance the forces of love, intelligence, knowledge and power for good then we will all live in a far better world.  If we don't do this then the universe will survive and, maybe, even our planet but without the current population of humans and other present day life forms.  It is up to each of us to make a difference.


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