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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Y. Smith- Final Essay - Spiritual Development

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn and take this course with ULC I just completed  
Dr. of SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT by Dr. David Crouch

Throughout the 22 weeks I continued to grow  and what begun with was a course that I was hoping to help others with their spiritual development it helped me first. As I took each homework assignment seriously, turned in weekly short essays to the forum, corresponded with others and reading books to support the new knowledge I was absorbing. The 22 week course started off a powerful first five lessons: Lessons 1-5 Life with Clarity and Purpose, Direction, Clarifying the way by starting at the end first, Identifying and modifying the limitations that inhibit openness for change, Faith and Learning. Those first five lessons opened a new door into my mind! Life with Clarity and purpose, identifying and modifying my behavior and my emotions and how I thought of situations and how I reacted in negative situations. It taught me to mainly recognize what was going on, where do I need to be open (minded), how can I change my own thought pattern. 

At this point early on I was focused on what to focus on, and how and how to recognize/identify. Christmas came and went in my household and and I thought about this how I have the power of my mind and all I have to do it to get organized how to clarify, what is my focus? My focus was and still is, to help others. To be a spiritual advisor, counselor, to help them with their emotional issues, to physical. I studied Reiki and became Reiki II certified and even took reflexology course so that I can understand what was happening to people on a physical level and how I therefore can direct the Reiki healing. Although the most important is how to communicate with others when in need. How to console how to help them with the right direction and tools to guide them, their brains into a  positive frame of ind and positive way of thinking and living. 

After Christmas I went back to studying and this time with an armful of books to help strengthen what I was newly learning. I read books on Astral Travel, Projection, self hypnosis. As the next Lessons came in: Lessons 6-11-A Review/Magik, Review/Nature of Natural Magik, part 3, Experiential Filter and the Power of choice, Master sorting, Thoughts and Growth. At this point I created a sacred space in my home, was doing self-hypnosis with the help of homework assignments and suggestions by the writer of the course I was practicing  meditation and contacting my spirit guides and really to see if I could reach this level. I was sorting, filtering negative, seeing how a bad habit turns into a bad thought and thought leads to action and that action not favorable. How anger and how I control my emotions not the situation controlling me. I was beginning to learn that its okay to say No, its okay to cry when I need to and okay to not cry when everyone else is. 

After Lesson 12,  I opened a Reiki Healing Center and started to take clients, yes early I know but I was so excited and so ready to jump in and help anyone who needed it. I did many clients as charity and for free because they needed it and I was not concerned with money. I now currently take paying clients and teach Reiki but still volunteer 10 hours a week at the local County hospital doing hands on healing for patients who will allow me. That has been healing to my soul as well. I plan on making a trip to New Orleans this summer and volunteering spiritual healing and development classes for those in need. Upwards and on wards! 

Lessons 12-17 were probably the most intense learning I received the chapters were: Unconsciousness Altered States, Changing your history and future from your mind out, Future Pacing, I love the Internet, Acceptance, Ways to gain clarity. Learning how to do self hypnosis, meditate and how to hypnotize others was what I was doing at first and past life regressions, I was hoping to fix things in the past so that way the present was better for myself and others. I always practiced on myself first, I look within and when I saw things I didn't like I changed them. Slowly but surely. I feel if I cannot understand myself or my actions how on earth can I be help of any kind to others? Acceptance and forgiveness came into play and I forgave and when I did that it lifted me to a higher spiritual level. I have no grudges on anyone I do not get angry like I used to, am I perfect enlightened Buddha? Of course not but I can honestly say I am much better in my mind, much stronger and have a purpose,goal and future pace. I plan the future and do not dwell on the past.  At the end of these lessons I had finished most of my extra reading and was focused.

 This course taught me how to focus. The secret is? Be organized in your kind, know that you have the power of your mind to make good and bad choices. You have power of your emotions and just like in life if you are all over the place, a mess, can't find your keys, don't know directions to a grocery store, go to the counter and forget your wallet all this scatterbrain activity is the same way your brain is filtering experiences and memories. Your all over the place! Get a notebook, a workbook, a journal take notes, remember your dreams, record them, when you stat fading into thoughts of WHY did this terrible thing happen to me, STOP that thinking! You may never know the "why" move on and look forward and accept what had happened happened. Period. Learn from that mistake and don't do it again. That's all we can do. But if over and over and over your making the same mistakes, always losing your keys, always getting lost, remaining scatterbrained you will not be able to focus on your spiritual growth. Your connection with your spirit guides or ancestors, angels or spirits. ((You can call them what you like)) Through hypnosis, astral projection the techniques taught from focus, goals. I learned to keep my brain on track and its a powerful feeling!

 Now all I got to do it help others. Not as easy as I had hoped. Everyone needs a different script and everyone individual and each session requires me to understand and be empathetic to their experience and I custom create solutions, or prescriptions. Some just need to know they are doing a great job, others must know they are doing the best they can. Some are faster then others, as I learned I thought everyone would grow as I did and I found others to be much slower or much faster ((to my surprise!))

 Receiving my last group of Lessons 18-22: Creating, Manifesting and the Power of Now, Creating Clarity and Meta-Modeling, Tapping into the Collective Unconsciousness, Shamanism, Collapsing Timelines and Enhancing the Expression of Our Spiritual Selves.

To bring it to a very condensed version and how I can remember is this:
The 6 step reframe for Spiritual Development

1. Identify the behavior (recognize)
2. Establish communication with with the unconscious 
3. Separate the positive intent behind the behavior from the behavior itself.
4. Find an alternative behavior (replace the behavior with a positive one)
5. Get the buy in! Buy the cow and believe what you your voice in your head is saying (the new positive thoughts replacing negative patterns)
6. FuturePace imagine yourself in an old negative behavior and see what went wrong and change it. It starts with you working it through in your brain and then its easier to do in the future when that old patterns returned. 

This course has helped my new frame of mind, my spiritual thoughts, how to find a replacement or alternative choice to a bad behavior for myself and for my clients, it has helped my spiritual connections through readings and divination's, it has helped me be more understanding as to how and why folks behave the way they do. I am very much looking forward to taking two more course through ULC, Comparative Religion and Shamanism. I believe all these courses work together with Spiritual Development and without spiritual development all other knowledge gets cluttered in your brain and lost in your busy life . I learned how to take it easy, pace myself, set goals, focus with clarity on my goals and when a roadblock came to pass I recognize it and replace it with a new action and climb right over any obstacle and now I and really plan for my future. From business to personal. 

Rev. Yvette Smith "Mambo Asogwe LaReina"
ULC Ordained Minister,Spiritual Advisor and Medicine Woman 

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