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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Insights into Awarenness Final Essay

Awareness Final

What sense of awareness can be gained by adopting the first insight into your present lifestyle?

The first insight it will start with coincidence, hunch or intuition.  We will start to see things happening in our lives, like things falling into place or a subject that you were talking about in the past.  All of a sudden that thought or an incident happens and you wonder if it was a coincidence that it happened.  According to the first insight there are no coincidences.  The awareness that we can adopt is to pay attention to what is happening all around us, like the people we meet, to thoughts coming to us.  We need to look around and see everything, not just physical, but spiritual as well.  A person must also meditate to open and calm the mind in order to hear or get in touch with high source to gather the energy needed.  If this is done every day, along with taking the time to meditate, one will see an increase of coincidental happenings in their life—from people coming into our life to objects as well.
When I was growing up I used to listen to the stories my grandfather and uncles talked about when they were growing up.  A lot of their stories were about spirits and strange things that happened.  Some of the stories I would take to heart and others I would not think twice about.  Being raised Catholic, there wasn't a belief in the kinds of stories that they told.  As I am writing and thinking about this, the priest in our Catholic Church treated the parishioners like non-believers, or ignorant, and he would try to use fear to instill the message of God.  The Catholic Church did not encourage the reading of the Bible, so I never read it until I was in my twenties; of course I had heard of the stories in the Bible, but had never read them.  Once I started to read the Bible I began questioning the beliefs of the Catholic Church, regarding God.  I then began to go to other churches, such as Pentecostal and Apostolic, to learn what their beliefs were about God.  As I grew older, I started looking around and noticing the area around me, and where I lived.  I always believed the Earth to be a living planet, and that things are done according to nature.  I started realizing that the words I read in the Bible was that God is a spirit, which was more in-tune to my original belief system about God.  I learned in church that we live within God and he lives in us.  What is a spirit, I pondered?  I started to research spirits, and one thing in particular that got my attention was that spirit is made up of energy. In the early seventies, I remember watching a TV show about strange facts where plants could feel.  Scientists hooked up electrodes on plants, and the readings showed that the plants were calm, however when the scientists placed shrimp in boiling water, (they were not in the same room as the plants), the plants reacted, according to the readings from the electrodes.  I always thought that was amazing how the plants reacted.  Things like this keep coming back to me and confirming that there is energy all around us.  We are in this energy, with all this information about divine source, divine energy, and God the spirit; this is what changed my view on traditional religion.  I do not believe in organized religion, because it teaches fear and God is pure love.   When I would question traditional religious views some people would take offense to it and even get argumentative about it and of course I would too, thinking that I was right, one of us was trying to control the situation. 
The Fourth Insight is about taking energy or controlling.  By controlling others we feel more powerful and dominate over the other person, which is caused by having controlling or dominate parents.  If parents are dominating, then as we become adults, we become dominating until we or our children are tired of it and strike back, which is usually in a violent manner.  In order for insecurity and violence to end, we must experience an inner connection with divine energy.  The way to do this is that we must see the beauty in life, such as plants, trees, and people.  We need to sit and look at a tree and see its beauty so that the love can flow.  Not a physical love, but a deep spiritual love, and by showing this love you will receive the tree energy.  With people, we need to see features on the person and appreciate them to show love so that person is receiving your energy.  Thus, the energy will reciprocate. 
Engaging the flow is what the seventh insight is all about.  To do this, we must take in the energy and have the flow of love.  When we do this, coincidences, dreams, daydreams, and intuitions will lead us to answers.  With this knowledge as a minister, I will be guided to people with answers to my questions, plus I will help them with answers as well.  The spiritual intent and meaning of life is to become one with God.  As for the meaning of life, we are to evolve to a high vibration.  We are to expand the physical world into the spiritual being so that we can walk into heaven, in our same form.
Learning what spirituality is and the signs that go with it help me form a clear understanding.  Why people are feeling the restlessness, the control of energy, the control drama, and the loss of energy or disconnect from the divine.  These lessons finally gave me the meaning of what my life is supposed to be.  It also reinforced what and who God is to me.  God is a spirit energy that flows to us and we are in God as he is in us.  If I want to hear God, I have to spiritually get in-tune with him by meditating and taking in all the energy I can, and maintain it.  I have had a lot of coincidence in my life that have guided me and protected me as well.  This lesson has awoken me, spiritually.  Therefore, when things happen like a coincidence, a hunch, or intuition, I know now to pay attention to it.  As for working with people, if or when they come to me, I can at least explain to them what is going on, and help them to understand what spirituality really is.

What I have learned from these lessons is that God is always with us and us with him. 
According to the Bible, God has been trying to show and tell us about his energy throughout.  I have also learned that trying to control other people can take their energy from them and how we can become addicted to other peoples' energy instead of divine's.  I have learned to look at the world in a different light and that love is not what we see in the movies, but how divine looks at it; how we need not fear, because fear can suck our energy.  I have also learned how to get energy from plants and trees.  People today are looking for the true meaning of God and what and who he/she is. 
I thank you for a wonderful lesson.  Blessings to all!
Rev. Michael Guzman

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