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Friday, December 21, 2007

Metaphysical Healing

The Metaphysical Healing lessons were very informative. Since I am trained in the Reiki Usui Japanese traditional; method of natural healing and a teacher of this, I am very interested in the other styles of "hands-on healing" and stories of successful healing.

No matter what description, Bio-energetic, energetic, holistic, or vibrational to describe this process, it works wonderfully alongside traditional medical treatments. Any person wishing to heal and take the time to seek out such healers will heal.

There are healing circles which are open for anyone who would like to experience this wonderful relaxing healing technique. Some try this before seeking out an individual healer.

While most prefer a relaxing atmosphere with dim lights, meditative music, candles, sound of running water, and the smell of incense, others do not. Some believe in god, others do not. They need only the deep desire to heal. If deep down inside they do not want to heal, even though they say they do, they will not.

I could go on and on, however, Rev/Dr Kreigers lessons are so identical to the Reiki way, It would sound as if I was just copying her lessons. The need for knowledge of the anatomy, Chakras, Aura, and induction are all necessary and her instructions are wonderful.

I do not feel that I am ready to take a client in a past life regression journey and definitely not an exorcism. I love absent healing. Often our friends and family need us. For example, my daughter calls "Mom, I need your help. A man walked into me and I fell, knocking my knee out of place. I put it back into place, but it is swollen and hurts. I need you to send me Reiki. I was doing so good, being careful with my knee. Why now? The holidays are coming and I need to be at work. (pause) Mom? are you sending me Reiki right now? I feel warm and tingling."

My response, "Yes I am."

She went to work the next day.

There are so many cultures and religious customs in our world and they are all very interesting. I thank Rev/Dr Kreiger for sharing her experiences and that of the Africans calling to and learning to be a traditional healer. You mention that in Africa witchcraft is rife. So it is in other areas. Some cannot be happy with the wonders of special gifts for doing good. Some have to take it to the dark side.

I do believe what goes around comes around three times. If you do a good thing, you will reap the rewards. If you do something bad, Look Out. I have never understood why a person would want to and enjoy hurting another person, nor would I want to understand.

I believe "Harm None."

Rev Diane L Orr


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