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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Astral Projection

Astral Projections
As I started these classes at the same time as my Dr. in Metaphysics, it was interesting taking the 2 classes at the same time.  They, at times were very in sync and one helped the other.    
One of the areas throughout the course I enjoyed is the theoretical lessons or just hearing about your views of the different areas and topics.  This gave me a different view and also allowed me to have my own view of the subjects.  You presented other works from a lot of greats in the area of AP.  I’m sure it was meant to give us more to think about and ponder.
When you think of all the places you can travel to and explore in this vast cube.  Yes, cube like a large rubrics cube.  You may think that the yellow square is the one is above you, but just as you move so does it.  Your drawing was interesting and during my RV and travels before taking this class I never thought of this as you described.  When I did my 1st travels many years ago I always walked down the steps into the realms.  Your class opened my eyes ever wider than they have been before. 
As you spoke about being gods or god like and that is when I compared it to the person on Star Trak by the name of “Q”.  He can go any place at any time in the universe.  The universe and the heavens were his play grounds.  When he went back in time to show where we as humans came from it was a very strong statement.  It made me see how small the human race really started out as.
A while back while studying RV, OOBE, Quantum Jumping, and others it came to me that if a person can train themselves they could move their bodies using mind and spirit as a whole to another place.  I call this TDT or Trans Dimensional Transportation.  Maybe someday people will not need modes of transportation. 
As I spoke with my friend in this astral plane she is an alien from another world.  When I told her I was taking these classes it was strange that we as humans did not have this knowledge already.  On their world it is 2nd nature.  I explained that over time I think our ability to use the mind and spirit together has been stifled.  I’m not sure if this was stifled on purpose or was there a larger picture.  Or as today some believe we as humans cannot handle the real truth about our own minds and spirits.
You pointed out about protecting yourself while moving between planes.  Of all the times I have traveled I have never ran into others who wanted to harm or were negative toward me.  I do make it a #1 item to never approach others on the planes until they approach me.  We are all travelers on these worlds/planes and we make our own way just as we do in real life.  You talked about the shields and wards and these I have not needed.  But you did open my eyes that someday I may need them.   
I know now with this increased knowledge that the mind is endless and with the spirit anything is possible.   
Rev Carl Bjerke

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