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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chaplaincy Program

Chaplains are a special type of minister. Usually, when you hear the word minister. You think of a church pastor who teaches and assists a particular group or denomination. Chaplains on the other hand, are charged with helping anyone who comes to them for help or counsel.

The chaplain will work in a variety of environments and they generally are not bound to a particular faith, denomination or style of worship.  While the chaplain may or may not attend a certain church or be a member or a single denomination, s/he will ultimately be charged with the welfare and spiritual guidance of all people, primarily of those outside the church.

I was ordained in 2006 at Universal Life Church. Universal Life Church is about religious freedom and allows the minister the necessary freedoms and privileges to perform adequately those beliefs and practice of their particular faith or religion. This being said, my church does support the chaplaincy and accordingly they do make available the title of chaplain.

I think that chaplains are charged with the duty of reaching out in fellowship with people of all walks of life, helping these in need, regardless of their religious or non-religious beliefs, and providing both general and specific counsel to those people who may come to him/her for assistance. Their work has a profound impact on society, especially those serving in hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, and the military, as they are so called to assist those dealing with particularly consequential issues and concerns. I honestly believe that the many who come to the chaplain for their needs more often than not will leave the chaplain with a renewed sense of confidence and strength. This in and of itself is very large impact on society at large.

Many people get ordained through the ULC as a means to become wedding officiants, but also to study through our online seminary. If you need minister supplies or online ceremonies, we have a wide selection to choose from, as well as a place for spiritual articles and spiritual bookmarks. Visit our FB Page at ULC Seminary.

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