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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shamanism Course Essay

  I would love to start out with the dictionary telling me that a Shaman is a priest or medicine man or woman that has the belief that they can change or influence. Also noted that it is a religion based on spirits. OK!  That defines most religions and most people.  I saw a sign saying " I wonder why someone didn't do something about it, then I realized I was someone."

  Most  of my life I have had friends & strangers come to me and just start to tell me their problems. I wondered if I had Psychology stamped on my forehead.  So I let spirit lead me to become a Minister (through ULC). Then this is where I was confronted with men only are Ministers, Right! Then spirit guided me into studies on Master of Religion & diploma on  a Bible Course, then a Diploma in Psychology. I have been a Nurse since 1969, now working for over 10 yrs with the elderly. I am a Reiki 3 rd degree practitioner/master. Spirit has not led me to become a full  Master. My time is spread in other interests, to be a Master would require my full attention.  This last paragraph sums up to spirit guiding me & training me to be the Shaman I am today. Five years ago a Shaman friend dubbed me with the name "Crowbird", my power animal & spirit guide.

   I have made several type & bought numerous drums. In drumming I have entered  lucid states that I have talked to my spirit guides & visited others on another plain. In being a Shaman I find that I not only can I  help the sick but also have the knowledge to find lost things. I know what my husband is going to say before he says it. That gives him the goosebumps. I also have the gift of seeing others that have passed on. I guess like a move, " I see dead people". My grandmother had this gift & told me, when I was very young, that I also had the gift. I have aided many a soul to pass on.
  I understand that different cultures have different attitudes on what a Shaman can be or do. I understand that most people believe a Shaman is mostly Native American based. Doing the study course " Master Of Shamanism" I have learned about other culture practices. This is like a key opening new doors. Doors that have stood there for ages. Waiting on me to journey in. I have been drawn to Stonehenge & Sodona knowing that this is another energy point for me.

  I am able to do Out of Body & waiting to meet the Old Souls on another plain. With this study guide I am now able to do so.  I am also an Indigo Child, knowing that being a Shaman is in the plan for time of changes. I have become a Gate Keeper for United Christians for Israel. I can proudly say that when time of change happens I'll be able to guide all souls to their destination.

  All in all, I believe that this study is like putting the topping on the sundae. I know that being a Shaman is something that  has to be earned, can to be something inherited, can be a way of life helping for all the other puzzle pieces to fit as far as knowing where your life has been & knowing where you need to go. On my folder, where I keep my print outs on all 19 lessons, I have wrote, "God leads me down this path".  On Facebook I state that I am a Minister/Shaman.  AND PROUD TO SAY IT. I lived in the wilderness, 5 yrs., living off the land, raising all my own own food, vegetable & meat. This has  also prepared me for what is to come in the future.

  Now I look forward to meeting other Shamans/Ministers/Indigos.  I hope others reading this will take this course, it is going to be like a guide  & understanding to the future.
                                                                                                                                          Rev. Kathy Mostoller, Minister/Shaman

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