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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Course in Miracles

Doctor of Metaphysics Essay
Michael S. McGee, MS, LPC, Mht
ULC Seminary

The Course in Miracles has to be one of the most beautiful and difficult life courses to undertake. I have started the lessons at the back of the text every year in January for the last decade and usually lose track in April or so. It has been frustrating. But, as the Course states, “this is a required course” the only choice is when you will eventually complete it. I was excited to begin these classes and have not been disappointed. The meditation CD, “In the Middle of Know Where” by Loretta, was one of the most helpful meditation/trance tools I have ever used. I make my own and they are not near as well done as this one. I immediately began to use the CD daily and study the materials. I have to say, this has been a healthy life altering experience for me.

First, I decided that I would define what would be considered a miracle for me. Something, I could use as a measure of my success that had seemed impossible for me to achieve before. I have been continually upset by the actions of the administration where I work my “day” job. I reacted to most of their decisions as if they were personal insults. This was a key indicator that I was allowing my ego to dominate my thoughts with fear/attack models of reality. So, I decided to take the time to really allow myself to forgive both myself and them through adhering to the methods of these lessons. Second, based on simple benefits such as peacefulness, lower blood pressure, and reduced physical illnesses. I would estimate my progress. Third, I would monitor my thinking to see if I was progressing towards higher energy thoughts and reduction or elimination of low energy thinking dominated by attack or fear. Finally, I would note any synchronicities that indicated my change in thought was allowing me to experience everyday miracles.

I have over 200 hours of formal training in hypnosis and many years of experience in psychology/therapy. So, the information on levels of mind and functioning, was mostly a review for me. I see the strong similarities between the information provided here (and in the Course), psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, and particularly, Edgar Cayce’s work “Mind is the Builder”. As I write this, it seems that my Ego is awaiting recognition here. This is interesting.

Anyway, my preoccupation with unfair practices at work began to appear like one of those problems that are incapable of solutions that the ego loves. The amount of skepticism and suspiciousness was becoming overwhelming. I was in a most unhealthy state. I was like a swinging pendulum moving from under inflated victim thinking to over inflated I deserve more thoughts. The more I used the meditation CD and read the lessons, the easier it became to stop. And, the easier it became to imagine my connection to spirit in ways that helped me to feel more connected to the source and others. This still brings me to state of compassion I had not felt before. This helps me to laugh at myself when I do forget instead of condemning myself and others.

A lot of this comes from the reality that there is no separation from anything. The course tells us that separation is illusion. Now, science tells us the same thing. Quantum physics indicates that we are all a part of an infinite field of energy. I see this as just another way of saying the same thing the course teaches. There is NO separation. The world is illusion. There is only oneness and love in reality. The split in mind, including the levels of consciousness are all illusion. It is all a matter of perception. We perceive what we believe. We are taught to fear from an early age and go from fearless/loving child to egotistical/neurotic messes. But, we can change our thoughts and change our perceptions. We can be in this illusion but not of it. We are always in touch with spirit. We just need to remember it. So the madness of ego, fear, guilt, and blame, is just a silly game that makes no sense. If all are one and god loves all of us (how could god be so egotistical as to hate a part of itself), then, we can love and let go. All is God. God never dies or has to worry. So what do we really have to fear? No worries. My first breakthrough was to understand that if I experienced anything besides peace, no matter if anger or fear, etc. then, I was forgetting. I merely had to return to love. As I said, the CD and lessons were the best way to keep me on track. Plus, these lessons were just easier than reading the Course.

I continued with daily meditation for the entire time and still have not missed a day. I focus on positive or as I prefer to say, “high” energy thinking, by maintaining awareness. I began by making a vow that I would not use low energy or fearful language. My desire was to not speak unless I could make the message high energy. I can remember a lot of silence. Sometimes, I just could not get out of ego thinking and had to be silent while I processed just how confused and “mad” I had been. The truth is that I still have many silent days. The difference is I laugh at myself now as opposed to giving myself a hard time and increasing the fear responses. For a while many of my colleagues thought I was losing my voice (or my mind). In a way I was losing my mind and still am. I am losing the part of my mind that forgets to Love. It is bigger than ME. ME is not even real anyway. I also find that more of my co workers are now open to me in ways they had never been. Many of the difficulties I experienced were due to my own lack of Love. That was my first true “Aha” indicating a new awareness of miracles in my life.

This led to an enhanced experience of responsibility for the circumstances about me.

I could really begin to notice how my belief in how things are shaped them. So, I began to strongly imagine things as being abundant and safe. My business increased, my health improved, and relationships became closer/deeper. I began to feel a sense of relief from fear. I noticed that some people around me appeared uncomfortable with my new sense of peace. They wanted me to be afraid of getting hurt, getting sick, losing money, and many other common fears. When they did not receive a proper fearful response, they appear to feel the need to convince me to be afraid. It became a pretty funny game. I named it the “Michael is crazy and needs to afraid” game. The realization was most strong when one speaks out as not fearing death. Surely, one is mad if they do not fear dying. Personally, I believe I may have become fearful if I thought the physical body was really me or this world was all there was to existence.

So, I am continuing to use the intention exercises, the meditation, and I have started to work the Course again. These lessons have helped me to make the teachings more a part of my life by simplifying them and putting them in a more easily digestible form. I am not perfect. I still “practice” every day. It seems that my love actually influences many of those around me without me having to say a word. We are all one after all.

I pray to be a channel for god’s intention. I pray my ego never clouds the message. But mostly, I pay attention. So that I may not allow the influence of fear to attract things I do not want into my life. I take each challenge in stride. I spend many hours every day reaching out in love to others helping them to empower themselves and improve their lives too. I never forget to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit each day. And finally, I am open to the spirit’s answers. This is a great seminary course and has helped to change my life.

Thank you.

Michael S. McGee, LPC, Mht, MS


The Universal Life Church Seminary is a comprehensive online seminary where we have classes in Christianity, Wicca, and Paganism.  We have two courses in Metaphysics, as well as courses in Mystical Christianity, Buddhism and Comparative Religion. I have been a proud member of the ULC for many years and the Seminary since its inception.

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