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Monday, February 11, 2008

Four Gospels

It took me a bit longer on this one. I had to reread a few of the lessons. I thought that I had known about the four gospels from going to church all my life. Boy, was I wrong. I guess with age your perception of things change also. It was like I was reading it for the first time.

They (each book) each have their own version of the life of Jesus. Reading each one separately you would think they were about different people with similarities. I feel that is how it is perceived today. Each separate religion has their own interpretation of the story of Jesus. They pick and choice what they feel that it should be about. I think that Jesus had that written on purpose to show that everyone has their own way of thinking, and that is OK as long as the same message comes across.

Matthews writings were more from the human feelings, describing his healings and miracles. There is no order to his writings. I think it touches more of our emotional side.

Mark had another way of his experiences. He wrote of the teaching and his works. He wanted people to have no doubt in their minds that He was the true messiah.
I think Luke had the most accurate of them all. He presented Jesus as the perfect savior. They were a more spiritual account of his writing.

John's gospel spoke to all the people. Christians and non-christians alike. His teaching was pure and simple. Who ever believes in Jesus Christ shall and will have eternal life.

The gospels of these four men show their differences in relating to God's works. These four men are just like we are today. Each has a need of believing in their own way. Some people need more of a human connection while other people need more of a spiritual, faith filled connection. There is no right or wrong way to believe. The final outcome is the same - One God, whom we have eternal life if only we believe.
I believe that all four book intertwine with each other, kind of like complimenting each other. I also believe that these books are not a step-by-step instruction manual but a way of making us stop and think about and continually ponder on the writings. We are people of constant learning even if we read the same sentence over and over. God gave us a great ability to think in many different ways.

Thank you for yet another great study. Looking forward to my next.

Rev. P. Sylvia


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