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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Personality of Jesus

What makes the personality and character of Jesus Christ special
The personality and characteristics of Jesus Christ where unique or profoundly original this is to say they was different from other teachers and preachers of the day as of Jewish descent he was brought up with the teachings of the old testament as with rabbis of the day Jesus had his own interpretation of  life which is he believed we should follow the law of the land along with his teachings of brotherly love, when questioned by his followers he would use the phrase "I would say" this would be giving a direct approach and made him original in thought.

Another aspect of his personality and characteristics is that he was observant both as a child and in manhood this could be from his early years of being in Nazareth which is a major trade route, this would have been ideal for learning about life outside of his own world by listening to conversation and conversing with the populace and asking questions ,Luke2:52 tells us Jesus grew in body and mind. Could this mean Jesus was also outgoing at an early age for him to be able to develop his communication skills ready for his teachings.

John4 showed another original approach with Jesus in his discussion with the woman at the well in this he shows his ministry is open too all regardless of gender this included none Jews alike.

The best attributes to his personality was the sermon on the mount by not just following the law he embraced it thus showing compassion for all mankind and not just Judaism this was added to his preaching and healing abilities, this must have been a wondrous experience as oppose to a person just reading form a scroll .

What we have is a unique young man who developed his skills at an early age and as such was full of confidence but also compassion which gave us a teacher who was willing to give his time explaining the old testament and answer new question along with being a healer of the sick and able to run a seminary ( teach his disciples).

Rev. Andrew Longsden
Universal Life Church

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