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Monday, November 15, 2010

Spirit Quest

Final assignment is to write a short essay about what tools you like best, some miracles you have created for yourself, some change in your life, etc. Write about any way that you have changed your life using the tools and information you have learned throughout this course and send it.

When I first began this class, I thought it would be a basic review for me because I have been working within the spiritual world and meditating for as long as I could remember. I could always speak to my spirit guides. They are an intricate part of my life, and have been for many years. I thought I had most things with in my life set up well, and was headed to where I thought I should be. Upon looking back at my notes and journals that I had written when I started this class, I found that I was wrong in this thinking, and now I truly see that I was carrying things, and had many files hiding throughout my control room.

Well I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was not a basic review of information at all. I found that each discourse was extremely informative, and that they also gave me more tools to use not only within my personal life, but also in my work life in working with clients that are just waking up to their spiritual self for the first time. Most of the time they come to me confused, mad and not understanding how they got to where they are or why.

Something else I found greatly helpful was the setting of goals and watching as each goal has come to pass. Like road signs on the road of life. When I first began this class I was not in a relationship and I had given up on that aspect entirely. I basically threw myself into my spiritual work. I had come to the mindset that it would take a special person, that was not in my world at present time, to be found that could handle me, my complete life, my spiritual life, and my work. I felt that such a person was not within reach. Well I was half right, he was not with in my reach but he was out there.

One of the tools that I have used that has changed my life was doing one of the excuses of making a rose. I began adding all the energy of past relationships and the pain of it ending to the rose which I then cut it loose and let it fall into the earth. Then I created a balloon and on its tag I wrote what I wanted, A happy relationship with someone that could understand not only me, but my drive to help my clients and could handle the devotion to my career and spiritual work.
Well late one night while I was working at my office desk on the phone with a client, an instant message popped up on my computer with a really interesting question. It was from a user name that had nothing to even give me any prejudgment to the question. The question was this "are you pagan?" Normally I would think nothing of it, but it was like a red alert siren sounding off or alarm clock had started ringing in my control room saying, "delivery."

This was one time I about fell out of my chair and I almost dropped the phone, but I was able to recover quickly and I completed my call with my client. I answered the instant messengers simple question by saying "yes, why do you ask?" This was the start of an eighteen hour chat and many more days of long chats that followed.

With me simply releasing the past, opening up to the universe, and putting out that which I had asked for and wanted, a partner, they provided it.

After looking back I asked him what compelled him to send the instant message. He said he was sleeping and having a dream, and in that dream he was talking to this particular username and woke up. This compelled him to get onto the computer and try to see if there was really a person with that particular username that he had seen in his dream.

Come to find out he matches everything that I listed in my mock up, and what I listed in my journals, right down to my spiritual path. He has joined me in my reality. That is another thing I took from this class, creating my own realty and learning to stop worrying about the things that I cannot change, and how to set goals to overcome what I can change. I have learned to remove the suitcases that I used to carry around with stuff that I had not released from things pertaining to my childhood to things that even in the present world today truly does not matter to my world. I found that I was still carrying them around with me along with the fears of the past. I found this baggage to be unfounded worry.

This brought me closer to understanding myself better and given me more abilities like, being able to express something I had been doing naturally into words, so that I can now teach others in a more understanding way then I had been doing before. I have found the most helpful thing is the meditation. Now instead of giving examples of things, I can break them down into steps to be able to study and to learn. This class gave me a better understanding of the things that I do not always think of. The most use was the protection rose meditation. Many times while working with clients, and the public, I get energy thrown at me. Be it because they are not happy with their lives or because they are looking for me to fix everything, within their life, within five minutes or less. When I tell them I can only point them in the path to which they can choose to take, and that they are the ones that have to take the actions, or give them information from the spirits and that it may not be what they want to hear, they then normally take the first action they can and they throw the energy back at me. This class has not only shown me how to defuse their lovely little boom, but how to return it to the earth so that it can be used for something good. The ground cord is the most important thing that I have began using. I have been using this tool in my daily life, and releasing the energies. I have now moved to using it in my professional work life when meeting, dealing, and working with hard clients. Then releasing them after I am finished.

I am truly thankful for this class not only have I found valuable lessons, but I have also been given the tools and ability to help others.

Rev. Lacy Richard Moore


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