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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christian Studies Gospels

Even though the book John is said to be the most hotly debatable of the Four Gospels. I find it to be written in a more realistic content than the other Gospels.

The book Matthew opens with Jesus genealogy, with more of a Jewish twist to it. Leading to Him as being the King of the Jews. Matthew writes the Sermon on the Mount in a repetitive, narrative kind of way.

The book of Mark written to the Romans. Mark’s writing is seems to be to someone that already has the details and he is just going over what has already happen.

Luke was known to be a physician and his writings were to the Greeks. His book is trying to give encouragement as Paul did in his writings. He shows the Roman Emperor that Christianity was not a threat to Roman Rule.

In the Gospel according to John
I am moved by John’s opening statement. In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word became flesh Jesus. The steps that John stakes to tell the story of Jesus is leads me to believe that he had to have a closeness as Paul had with Jesus. He speaks as if his relationship with Jesus was true even after His death. John speaks of how Jesus heals a man and tells him to change his ways or something worse will happen to him. Tell of how Jesus came to heal and deliver us all. How when choosing disciples chose men from all walks of life. How He came to do the works of the Father not of any chosen people. How He fed the multitude out of the lest of them. Letting them know that if you have the faith of a mustard seed, He can work miracles in your life. He is the living bread of life that came down from Heaven. John’s closing tells of how He tells Simon if you love me then feed my sheep.

I believe that all the Four Gospels have its significant point of view. I am intrigue more with John’s writings.

Rev. Leo B. Burns


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