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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spiritual Awareness

I recall asking my parents to have the country song "Me and Jesus Have Our Own Thing Going," played at my funeral if I should die while I was still a child. Looking back I realize, It was my own personal statement of awareness’ perhaps of the first insight even at the age of 5 or 6. As I grew older the awareness grew stronger. I knew that I sensed things that the adults around me did not. My God with his divine unconditional love was not theirs with the big stick of fear, guilt and shame waiting to pounce on your whenever he got the chance. I learned not to asked the questions and upset them but deep inside I knew there was an "energy out there" that was not understood or communicated with by my parents, community and church. As in the 4th insight to remain around certain people would only result in drained energy and I would actually find myself sick. It was then I became somewhat of a loner but seldom lonely except for the cold winters when I could not communicate with nature and be lifted by its beauty and positive energy. Humans who are not aware of the oneness of all things created by the Spirit and thus connect with all things cut themselves off with the selfishness of the ego, where the ego is always focused on self at the price of others.

I am a professional storyteller, often when folks are listening to my stories they will say, "How is it so many astounding and coincidental things seem to happen to you and not others?" For a while I thought I just recalled them to use in my stories and they did not since they were not storytellers. However, lately I realized there is something unique in my life and has been there since I was a child. Perhaps, it is in everyone's life and I just tap into mine. After taking this class and my son saying to me just lately, "Mom you live a most unusual and charmed life. It is as if circumstances and things in life, play right into your hands when least expected, " I am aware that because I attempt to be at one with all things created by Spirit it does seem circumstances unfold upon my behalf with great mystery.
Just yesterday was a great example. I had painted a door prize for the International Thanksgiving dinner for peace among all faith and cultures. A piece of my soul was in the painting for I had felt such love for all mankind as I painted it. It was warm in its earth tones accented with blue for personal truth. I titled it - A Time for Gratitude - Thanksgiving. As I delivered and set it up I held it to my chest and with my minds intent said, "May the person who gets this painting feel the passion and beauty I felt painting it" I did not know the couple who won it but hoped it would not end up in some closet somewhere. Yesterday, I went to church and read that we had guest, Art and Cathy, a man and wife, that would be doing the special music. Suddenly, I noticed their faces and realized they were the winners of my painting, but the real treat came when all 4 of their songs were on Gratitude. I knew my oneness with all the Universe had brought my painting to them and their song, I Danced While I Could was their gift to me. I have loved to dance all my life but after an accident that left my knees in a lot of pain I leaned to swim instead and now instead, make my fingers dance on paper with my paints. As I was painting their painting I had said to myself. This is almost much fun as dancing as I splashed the paint on paper and moved more like a dancer than a painter on the paper.
While I have been involved in a peace mission for years as a teacher I have found until each person hears their own inner calling and listen to this voice within they are not ready to find a better path, and thus the teaching is useless. However, I have noted that just being able to forgive and send love energy to those who seek to hurt me and others often is enough to help the closed door of their minds open to a higher self.
After reading, Dr. Emoto book on blessing water. - Messages in Water, A year ago this month I started blessing the water I swim in each day and all the people that swim in the water. I bless the oceans, the lakes, the streams, the rain, puddles, tears and the water in all plants and humans on this earth. Just this simple act appears to have others opening up and asking for a better way. It is at this point I can teach and they are open to learning. I have a blog site where I have asked others to join me as they bath each night or morning in blessing all the water of the earth for in this way all humans and Mother Earth are blessed daily. I have not had a lot of takers yet, but I have faith they will come and join me with time in this blessing. There is a 100 Monkey concept in science that when 100 monkeys are taught a new trick that for some unknown reason the universal mind picks this up and monkeys all over the world can suddenly do the same thing. I believe as more and more of us commit to love and spirit and not the ego that this too will be picked up by all the universe. I feel our reason on this earth is to know this divine love and beauty that is a part of our heritage being created in the image of the Father/Mother Spirit who is Love.

Many of the things shared in this course are things I have been doing all my life. I think the joy of the class has been that I am now aware I am not alone. This inner voice of wisdom is calling to many, I just have not known it until now. It reminds me of a fiction book I read in college long ago by Stephen King, The Stand. In the story there are people all over the US hearing this same inner calling of wisdom to a better way, while it appears the rest if the world is falling apart. Instead, all these people follow the wisdom of the voice and as the world comes to an end for those going the wrong direction, there are those ready to lead those seeking the right direction.

By Rev. Linda Francis


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