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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spirit Quest

Final Essay

Like so many of the seminary students I have taken some time to write this essay. With pages and pages of notes and posts (some lost in the forum oblivion   :o)  and more ideas, experiments and happenings resulting from the course, it’s hard to put in a few words all the benefit this class has provided.

From the first lessons and basic tools we begin to change our perspective, a kind of equivalent to learning preventative medicine really. We begin becoming responsible for our own openness and focus. We learn that others just might not like the changes we choose to make in our lives and yet we to create a way to stay true to ourselves none the less. We learn all this in a simpler more specific way. We also learn to protect ourselves while in this vast learning utopia of a world we live in and while, keeping ourselves in a healthier state over all.

As we continue in the course we discover how to create what we want but more then that, to find out exactly what that is.  We work through competition, spiritual agreements and finding our spiritual path. We learn that forgiving ourselves frees us to accomplish that which we strive for. We gain more clarity as to exactly who we are and so we develop a whole new idea as to our own identity and what our truth really is.  This then begins to weave a new life tapestry and we question our beliefs and what we think we know in order to get closer to reality, the real truth.

Spiritual Communications, Karma , Chakras, Reincarnation all given new perspective and simplicity, making our creativity and personal capabilities more accessible in our practice and as we reach out to others we become more effective.

It’s one thing to affirm something, it’s quite another to find and define what it is you are affirming. This course is indeed a quest for that find.

The most memorable discourses for me?

Most?  That would be saying a lot as there is not one discourse that isn’t entirely useful, needed and exceptional.

Still, “Amusement” ended up being a ringer for me. Wow, as a professional entertainer and Clown my whole life, I related to every word. I live that as my “other” calling and was so very pleased that this oh so necessary puzzle piece was included. Not only a reminder for me however, I found new angles and useful tools throughout the discourse.

The Amusement Rose!  Who’d of thought  (Amy ;o) )
I have been able to defuse some incredible situations with this. More over I have remembered how healing amusement is for me. Not just for others, which is my  job, habit and lifestyle but healing and balancing for myself.

My Amusement Rose is funny little iridescent rainbow of a thing. It’s like the holographic glitter used over facepaint or the reflection of a lit prism on the metal of an old toy drum. It’s more then comforting it’s a part of me manifest.

The discourse on pain was so eye opening. At 45 years old and a mother of a 4 year old boy, I’ve been around the block as it were. I’ve spent the better part of my adult life healing balancing and digging. I have Taken apart sometimes tearing down and then reconstructing my, self.

Still as I worked this discourse, and that is the point, one must work it, I was immersed in a new pool of knowing.  The discourse on pain is not about “poor you look at what you’ve been through” (yuck)  it’s all about reclaiming your whole self. Outstanding!

The Money discourse echoed the entire course and by the “Program Wrap Up” I’d grown into a more whole person markedly.   I’ve grown up and out of some ugly and controversial happenings and as one of my mentor’s would say “released them with Love”  (usually said with a smile and tint of just enough sarcasm as to not spoil the sentiment but acknowledge the intricacies of the act ;o) 

It is just then however the tapestry really starts looking like something. Pulling energy out of others!  Wow, what a gift.

Through all of the last discourse, I like others I’m sure was (and am) still experimenting and developing.

And what of Miracles since starting this course you ask?

Well I’m not sure my miracles are as exciting as avoiding getting shot during a bank robbery or anything, LOL but they are no less miraculous to me.

In working with mock-ups I’ve been able to produce more work, crate different atmosphere and learn the lesson of letting go to “get what you want”

        Cases in point: 

*The BIG One! 

When attempting to catch the fish I wanted for my boy, I was not specific enough in my mock-up. Still, I was no less thrilled when instead of me the gentlemen fishing just down from us, caught  “our” fish. He was more then happy to show the monster to my boy with his “Woooo” and his gaping mouth. (my boy not the fish lol)  Then my boy proceeded to create his own catch not 15 mts. later just as he said he would a small mouth bass just as impressive as the man down the pond. And may I say as a proud Mother of a mock-up artist  pound for pound of the fisherman that was a much bigger fish my boy reeled in. ;o) LOL

*Teaching someone to run energy.

I was guiding someone in running their energy in an attempt to help them, at their request, to quell the anger that seemed to uncontrollably plague them at times. I gave a few suggestions after defining what it was for.  It was amazing to watch their face as this opened up energy flow and communication between us. Wow!  He told me after that instead of a silver grounding cord he’d visualized the belts of his tractor!  It was great. :o)

*Open Intimacy

I’ve spent much of my adult life alone in a crowd. I Love and live with the public but that is far different from the intimacy known by others. As a result I am quite shy and introverted when in one on one interactions that are very intimate, not sensually speaking, but especially spiritually.  As a result you are “in your own head” allot. The problem with this is that sometimes you can miss the obvious. And this course is outstanding in filling those holes. One thing I found that was unexpected was that as I became intimate in a human way I was able to open up spiritually as well.  This had an awful lot to do with the person I was with, however I would not have been in the place to experience this without the work I was doing with the course. Here’s where the miraculous part comes in.

I have for over 15 years suffered a disease. In all those years I had privately had the condition I’d prayed that no one should suffer it, I’d prayed for pain relief and acceptance, I’d prayed for strength. However, never in all those years never one time had I ever thought to pray for healing for myself. That’s right I’d never asked. Well we learned again through our course here that if you don’t ask you don’t get right. Being able to pray openly and out loud with this person it came to me that I had never asked to be cured. And one night it hit us both at the same time and that is exactly what we did. I mocked it up as we prayed and I saw a new reality of freedom from illness.  And guess what?  I’m cured!!!  Now I don’t mean I think, I might, I may, I’ll check. I mean I am completely cured!  Now that my friends is a good old fashioned miracle if ever I saw one!!!  Woo Hooo!!!

However even with that the most important miracle of all is what this course has done for my boy. Combining the Reiki principles with the grounding cord or “Silver Straw” as he and I call it, :o)  we’ve developed a mourning ritual of creating balance before he goes to preschool. It’s been amazing to watch him and he has even told kids at school that they should use their silver straw when they get angry. Gotta  Love that. Forgiveness, creating a you that is closer to God and so much more, this course is helping me to create a better learning ground for my son. He’ll use this the rest of his life. I guess that means I am a better Mother for taking this course. So thank you Amy I’m proud of the work you’ve done and I’m proud to be one among the many here. :o)

Rev. Colleen


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