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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Master Of Religion

By Rev. Gwendolyn Kerr Simpson

The Master Of Religion Course was very enjoyable for me. I believe that it was written well and very informative. I liked going through the history of the church through this course.

                In the beginning of this course when it taught how the Bible was taught by different authors at different times. But that they all taught of the same God that was so impressive. Also it taught of the influence the word of God has been on the world even today. 

                     I liked learning about how the Bible came about and how the different versions came about. However I do believe that we all worship the same God and all of his teachings are important. I have been raised by the protestant Bible but I know that all of God’s teachings are Holy.

                          I liked learning about the twelve apostles and their role in the teaching of Christ’s lesson’s.  I enjoyed the lesson about Martin Luther and his views and changes.

                            I enjoyed learning of the birth Of Jesus and his conception. I enjoyed rereading about the fact that God did make man in his own image. I liked rereading that God himself told how proud of his son Jesus he was.

                             I really enjoyed the part about the Holy Trinity. This is a subject that is in so much debate. I think that it even reassured my feelings for me. That there is a holy Trinity all of the same power and knowledge three separate but all the same. However only one God.

                            The part about the priesthood was just as nerve racking as all of the original research I had done on the subject. I know that anytime that you have an organization that there has to be some way to govern it. But I think that when you are called by God then you are called by God. I do not believe in all of the man made offices of clergy and I do not believe in all of the years of schooling that it requires. The Bible tells us of the offices God has assigned and he tells us that when he calls we should answer. So the priesthood and it’s offices really was always confusing to me and it still is.

                               I do however believe that women can teach the word of God. I believe that many women in the Bible were chosen by God himself and that they were very important. Women can be very important in preaching the word.

                    This lesson also taught about denominations and I am one who does not believe in denominations. I do not even believe in the separations of different religions who believe in the same God. Jesus even told us we will all be the same in heaven. There will be no denominations. I believe that God our father  wants us all to believe in him the same way.

                          I believe that this lesson taught a lot about worshiping in church. I think if you love God you love him all of the time not just when you come to church. I believe that even if you do not attend church regularly you can still be very in touch with God.

                 Giving to the church is also great if you can. Giving to anyone in need is great if you can but it is not always possible. Also it does not always have to be money that is given there are many other ways to give. Family structure is the basis of our existence. Without it I believe that we would not have anything to live for. It is the way that we maintain our love, comfort and generosity.

                                  Alcohol is also a very touchy subject. I do not think that God is going to send you to hell for drinking socially. I believe that it is the addiction of alcohol that causes problems with God. But also I believe that it is your actions while drinking alcohol that causes you to be a bad person.

                         As far as divorce I believe that it is becoming to easy to obtain. That it is the downfall of our society. Marriage is supposed to be forever but in today’s society it is not taken seriously enough.  Catholic beliefs are not something I tend to believe in. I believe that the Catholic religion is very man made.        

                                           Also the counseling section was very good I believe that anyone that God trusts to teach his children he defiantly trusts them to counsel them as well.

                     I learned a lot from the information I received in this course. However this course did not change a lot of the views that I had already formed. But it did reinforce a lot of them. I think that this course was very well rounded and very informative. I would recommend it to anyone who asked. 


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