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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Course In Miracles

Sincerely I hope this letter finds you well and in happy spirit. Let me introduce myself, I am Allana D Maher Leckie. I know we have met typographically via the Internet, unfortunately not in person, my loss. May I also explain why this paper is late; first of all I have been a superintendent of a small school, chairman of the board of Education, Financial data entry person, Spiritual leader, teacher trainer for the past four and one half years. Writing all my own worships for the parents and children. Also burdened with too much illness from members of my family and the unavoidability of their untimely death I had to take a sabbatical leave after training a pastor and four people to take my position at school. Another factor is I do not like writing about myself.

• Allana D Maher- Leckie
• Ordained Minister
• PhD in Holistic Health and Nutrition
• Masters of Science in Nutrition 1999
• Founder and Director of Alternative Directions - The BETR Way 
Nutritional and Bio-Chemical Counseling Service 1995
• RHC, Registered Holistic Counselor, RC, Registered Cosmetologist, LCE, Licensed Clinical Esthetician and a Bonded Notary Public.
• Website –
• Allana has great respect and appreciation for ULC Seminary. . She recently introduced and encouraged one of her former students to become involved with ULC Seminary.

Allana D Maher- Leckie, MsHN, RHC, LCE, and N P., was recently inducted into the Manchester Who’s Who Registry of Executives and Professionals for her professional accomplishments. She is a Registered Clinical Esthetician and Registered Cosmetologist, who specialized in Professional skin peeling and electrolysis. She operated a private practice in Chicago for ten years. She trained as an intern under Chester P. Yozwick, PhD., and became a Registered Holistic Counselor, certified in Bio-Equilibrium testing. She received is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Holistic Health and Nutrition from the Clayton College of Natural Health. Allana is the founder and director of Alternative Directions 4 Managing Life, The BETR Way , and Nutritional & Bio-chemical Counseling Service. As a young adult she was diagnosed with an illness that doctors were unable to effectively treat. She decided not to give up and to attempt holistic medicine. She founded this organization/ministry in order to bring awareness and help to others in similar situations. The BETR Way  is a non-medical and non-chemical nutritional corrective holistic approach for body, mind and spirit health. She dedicates her services to children with learning disabilities, disabled adults, the homebound and elderly. It is her experience and expertise in bio-equilibrium testing and research (BETR) that enhances the professional services provided by the organization/ministry. She works diligently to maintain its outstanding reputation. While Allana specializes in Nutrition, Bio-equilibrium testing, MSA (Meridian Stress) Testing, manipulations, and acupressure, her emphasis is always on education and self-care, not treatment and dependence; on helping the client understand and apply lifestyle changes that will promote health and prevent illness. Also she gives Wellness workshops & educational classes for the public and authors two newsletters (one in English and one in Spanish). ( Manchester Who’s Who, 2003).

Allana’s practice of health for Body, Mind and Spirit is just that: the health of the Mind, the health of the body, and most importantly the health of the spirit. Qigong practitioners believe that disease begins spiritually. Studying religion and being a Spiritual Educator and Teacher, she believes that as well. She also had the honor of Confirming and bringing many special education children (a time when special Education classrooms were in basements of schools, later graduating to the Principal’s office, then in the mid 90’s to a small private classroom). She told me one of the greatest honors was of teaching God’s Word to young children and preparing them for First Communion and interpreting for deaf and Chinese students when they became Citizens of the United States of America. She was nominated for the Lumen-Christi Award in 2005 (for teachers) and appeared in the Lutheran Witness (2003) and the Reporter Newspaper, 2004 (spiritual magazine/newspaper).

She is member of the Coalition for Natural Health, the Homeopathic society, and the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians. ( Manchester Who’s Who, 2003).

In response to your question of why I became or who introduced me to become a minister, I would have to honestly say that it was God calling! I have been a certified Eucharist minister to the home-bound and elderly since the early eighties. I have visited many a bedside, (hospital and home) to bring communion to these wonderful people. However the one person I give the credit too is my teacher, friend and educator Dr. Chester P. Yozwick, PhD, whom I interned with to become certified in the scientific field of Bio-Equilibrium Testing, He suggested and introduced me to ULC Seminary. Now he is at home with the LORD, (March 2003). I certainly have and will miss his friendship and input in my life and practice. Thanks be to God for allowing me the great privilege to know Dr. Chester P. Yozwick, PhD and study his teachings and instructions, Laboratory work, etc., at his Clinic. May I use it always to assist humanity in their search for better health.

I really have not explained the Betr Way Nutritional Counseling Service. It is Biblically based nutritional way of eating your way to health The BETR Way, the Natural Way, Alternatively- that follows Scripture as accurately as humanly possible. I created it when I was studying for my Bachelors Degree in Nutrition. Being a former cardiac patient I spent (wasted) 27 years of my life on allopathic medicines that began destroying and shutting down my body functions. I prayed and knew that there had to be a better way to health and solutions to cardiac problems than prescription drugs and their poisonous side effects. These best medications that were prescribed for me for the rest of my life rendered me a cripple depending on a walker to motivate. I wobbled out of the hospital on this walker and that began my journey back to the improved health. This procedure of health building took almost 9 years. Following this horrendous journey I began studying at local colleges, anything that had to do with nutrition and health. Than I found the American Holistic College of Nutrition and began studying for my Bachelors Degree in Holistic Nutrition (Received 1996). This is when God brought Dr. Chester P. Yozwick into my life. He was one of my Professors at the American Holistic College of Nutrition. I was not completely back on my feet from the years of medicine poisoning but began an Intern program with Dr. Yozwick at his clinic in Ohio (meanwhile still working onward towards my Masters of Science at AHCN) Rec., 1999. My prayer was to emulate his techniques and use them to assist people in their search for better health.

The Betr Way™ is and Acronym for Teaching and Holistic Education thru Bio-equilibrium Testing & Research with Alternatives from Yahweh. Bio-equilibrium Testing & Research (BETR™) tests Chemical and Metabolic disorders detected by Urine Analysis of; 1) Carbohydrates (combined sugars), 2) Acid-Alkaline pH), 3) Sodium (electrolytes), 4) Cellular Debris (albumin), 5) digested protein (urea). This important test can test the soils of the earth as well. However many people put a small value on pH and the misunderstanding of it. This is my life work, Bio-equilibrium Testing is not only testing the pH of the secretions of the body, acidity or alkalinity it is an accurate means of expressing every degree of biological life in mathematical terms. It is a mathematical equation. It is not a measure of the amount of acids or alkalizes; it’s a measure of resistance between acids and alkalines. By the resistance I can tell whether someone has too much or too little calciums, or which calciums are enough and of which ones they have too much. It is not a quantitative measure; it’s a measure of resistance. By a differential calculus by deduction I can tell what is happening in the human system.

I certainly hope this answers all your questions on how and why I became a Minister of the WORD and how I’ve applied my studies and abilities to use the gifts GOD has put into my hands to assist other people on their journey. However, I know the beginning introduction was written about me, but I cannot really take the credit for any of these accomplishments. There is an innate nature that GOD placed within me to do these things, these are HIS gifts not mine, lent to me to be used for his Glory! Never an opportunity ceases to appear when I am not drawn to the situation, not of my own doing but the stronger force (hand/will) of GOD.

However, we must always remember all good gifts cometh from the LORD, cometh from the LORD GOD day by day. All good gifts cometh from the LORD, cometh from the LORD in great array, may we use them to bring glory to HIS Holy NAME.

Thank you for your time and energy spent to read this presentation of a life used to serve our LORD GOD Almighty.

Good Health, Regards

Allana D Maher Leckie


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