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Monday, October 04, 2010

Spirit Quest

by Rev. Kamyar Shadan

Thank you for the Spirit quest program. I wanted to share the insights I gained in the Discourse on MONEY!!! I guess that gives it away. The exclamation point that is. I consider myself a spiritual being living and adapting to an overly materialistic world. In a way materialism is part of our being. We possess our body and organs so life as we know it is biased towards materialism. I appreciated that you where not resisting or resenting money during your presentation. You where reflecting that like everything else in life it is what you do with it that makes the difference. I think at a certain stage most humans get to a point they believe that they either have it or don't and then they hopefully realize that with it or with out they can live the life they seek. Most of life is window covering. 

All the things we exaggerate need for are dependencies that we are exposed to, create, adopt and become hooked on. They exist because we chose the degree that they are a part of our lives. So how can a spiritual being make friends with money since most human beings would actually, admittedly or not, like to have a lot of money and want all the luxury and freedom that goes with it? That is why the lotteries all around the world are so huge. Every one of those millions of tickets represents at least a few hundred thousand human beings and millions of their dreams. You can get what you seek. If you don't have something material that you really want it is very likely that you really truly don't want it. It may be good to have, nice to have but not a must have for you. So if you struggle with it just start getting to know yourself better and be around people that are like minded. Even someone with G5 Private jet may feel inferior or that they lack something when it is parked next to a private 747.

First, let’s focus on the idea that money is good but our impression of it or people who have it is not very good. Most people don't regularly meet many people that accumulated exuberant amounts of wealth that they truly respect. Another pain point for money is having it is too much trouble. You have people chasing you to invest it, spend it, rob it, gamble it or loose it. One of the unpleasant experiences you can have with your money is managing it and not letting it manage you. Most people have a love/hate and dysfunctional relationship with their money and their money manager. One of the pain points are when you have to deal with a mostly sales oriented and artificial money management world. That world is filled with mostly self serving people and entities that are just gaining peoples trust to prey on them. They befriend clients, gain their trust and cover the facts in six feet of fine print. They make people think it is ok for them to make more money on their client’s money than the clients themselves. People have surrendered to the way the industry churns and burns them. It is most hurtful when they want to stay in the relationship just because they have known the person for so long or that they are concerned about how their advisor would feel no matter how brutally they are being preyed on. Its only money after all! Is it! Wow. 

Those types of people are usually the kindest and most vulnerable. But they are choosing to stay in a co dependent, predatory and abusive relationship that they do know how to leave. So those of us that have our hearts in this industry need to earn our keep by continuing to do what we truly believe and are dedicated to and not worrying about saving every single person. Only save those that want to be saved. We need to do this in the most sincere matter and not get disappointed when people don't believe us and want to stay in a dysfunctional, predatory financial environment. We need learn from the rejection, doubt and reluctance we sometimes face and not try to save or savor it or wallow in it. 

Also, we need to learn that you can't save the people that don't want to be saved. How interesting. I guess faith and belief plays out in a similar way no matter whether you go to a church, mosque, temple, synagogue, nature or shrine. “YOU GO”. Nobody can drag you there and keep you there for long at least not in most countries. Those who stay reluctantly do so for other reasons and are just playing along to get along. We need to save the people that want to be saved. We need to move on and take the learning experience to the next relationship, stay committed and share our story of why we do what we do. You can only help those that care and want out and trust that there must be a better way.

Another great point you made was about doing what you love and perhaps loving what you do. I love helping people and helping them overcomes their obstacles. I love making things better. I take pride in helping people be in a better place than I found them. When we have ideas and plans in our head we need to bring them to life we can't get stuck before or right after the creation part. You need to realize that they are there for a reason. They are a gift from life. In a perfect life you would get done all the ones that are important to the core of your being. You would get them done in their order of importance and maturity.

In a perfect life we fulfill the inherited, earned and learned purpose of our mind, body and soul. It’s like having children. Most people don't realize that their dedication is judged in raising their children not in just being willing to give up their freedom and choosing to have them and then just having them. You don't bring children into this world to turn them over to someone else to raise or to turn them out at 18. That is a social machine. You are just feeding the system without even knowing it. If you think you can justify it by doing that. Don't. You would be only contributing if you do everything possible from your first breath until your last breath to make them wonderful, fulfilled, loving, caring and confident human beings. Anyway back to ideas, creating things and leaving everything better than you find it. After creation of an idea the tendency is to think the rest of the motivation is mostly about power and money. That is when the spiritual being in us wants to stop and may not want to follow through. We say it’s created or it’s conceived. I am done. Now I have to raise it and grow it. No way. It exists. Next! Not quite just yet. Same goes for beginning of marriage or any relationship. The work is just starting. Only you can take it to the next level. It is not truly living, nurtured and vital until you get your creation so it can survive and blossom on its own.

In my case I love finding things that I can make better and helping people with learning that they can have a functional and fulfilling relationship with their wealth. I need to stick it out and reach out despite the rejection, disappointment and the denial I see. I need to put my self in their position and the reasons that they have become so complacent, bitter and/or numb about their wealth and unconditionally surrendered to those who manage it. I need share my sincerity. I need to seek and work with like minded people that can see through me, appreciate my dedication and that choose to place their trust in me. You can't help those that have totally surrendered to a predatory and dysfunctional environment or to those that have lost faith in the possibility of a better way for them to be served..




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