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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Comparative Religion

RE: Final Essay

It is with heartfelt thanks I write this essay with comments regarding my involvement with the ULC Seminary courses, most notably this Comparative Religion Part 1 course. I have just completed discourse #20 and it is with eagerness and anticipation that I continue with current enrollment in other courses as well as looking forward to taking future classes.

I feel that I have gained a great deal of valuable information regarding various religions, practices, origins, their evolutions etc. which will enable me to better reach out to others. I feel I am divinely directed and guided to continue taking such courses as this to strengthen my arsenal of pertinent information on these subjects so I may better relate when exchanging ideas or reaching out to those I console. I feel the information studied within the course will assist me in moving forward with more wisdom and clarity to relate to those of diverse backgrounds.

Much of the content reconfirms my belief that one can perceive the truth within all religions. Divine Light is in many forms, in many religions. Recognizing Light through different holy names and forms; such as Abraham, Solomon, as Zarathusthra, a Moses, as Jesus, as Mohammad, Rasul of God, Bah u llh, Buddha, Brahma, Vishu, Shiva and on… I have a greater understanding towards those who believe in many Gods, and Goddesses, countless spirit beings in the cosmos and within nature. God is all and within all, all are on with God. Or, how God can be perceived by some as and energy force. I understand that most importantly these ideas are all important and integral parts of the whole.

I feel more confident in making right decisions on my own path of discovery that will aid me to inspire others on their chosen paths. The bottom line is that since recorded times people are asking the same question, seeking the same answers, trying to find their truth. The more knowledge I have regarding different schools of thought, the more able I will be to recognize the right words or expressions to use to relate to the need of the individual I minister to. By using their language it is within their ability to better comprehend. Using terms and valuable information given in this course concerning the various religions makes it possible to convey ideas within their scope of understanding at this time of their expression.

The more knowledge of others beliefs the more we rise above the distinctions and differences which divide us. We can discuss this point, exchange ideas and “Make a Difference”. We know Spirit is found in all traditions. Gained insight with the Comparative Religion Course allows us to fine tune our instruments so as to reach those we speak to on their level.

The suggested readings, the websites to explore, and the other activities enhance each discourse. Although there were some I have not yet experienced due to time constraints, I will return to some of these suggestions at a later date. I feel it is a wonderful resource to refer back to that is much appreciated.

As I am taking 2 other ULC courses concurrently while also working as a therapist as well as running my home for a family of 4, in retrospect perhaps should have scheduled things differently to allow more time to digest the information. The course has kept me engaged and involved and I found myself putting other things on “the back burner” so to focus on the discourses instead.

Thank you for compiling such a complete and need I say interesting course. I would appreciate any other information regarding continuing CRC Part 2.

My snail mail contact information follows below. Please acknowledge receipt of this essay and send document to the address as listed.

In The Spirit of Light and Love.

 Denise Ostop-Gliozzi


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