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This is where we post the essays from many of our Universal Life Church Seminary students. When students finish a ULC course, they write a comprehensive essay about their experiences with the course, what they learned, didn't learn, were inspired by, etc. Here are their essays.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Comparative Religion Course


Reverend Nicholas Lake

Religions throughout the world share similarities and peculiarities that shape how we define our religion in relation to other religions.  Rites and rituals for one religion are accepted while others may view their paradigm belief with skepticism.  At present there are 43 religious beliefs that are practiced daily.  Each belief system is founded on a spiritual journey through self-awareness, inter/intra connections.  This course has opened my spiritual eyes to the endless possibilities of how individuals can interact with other religions by opening their hearts and closing their mouths.  These days of political, racial, ethnic uncertainty, religion has and will be the fabric that binds all cultures together.  Ministers, priests, rabbis and Imams of today have to be more open minded and not reliant on their "own religion is the best religion "dogma.  Today there are seven religions that are recognized worldwide.  Each of the religions share a common theme:  they each share a profound impression of the principles and rituals of their home countries.  The common thread for each religion is sought to bring harmony to their disciples, they offer recognitions for the world's aesthetic and graciousness.  They display reverence and humbleness before the anonymities of the cosmos.  I learned that each person we encounter shares an idea about who we are and how we can help in that person's role in life.  I learned that the five elements of life of this course have evoked a positive model as a Minister.  Fire:  Embracing the universes heat when talking about life.  Wood:  building of the foundation between man and its infinite abilities.  Metal:  Strength, able to withstand the physical pressures of changing of life's directions.  Water:  Liquid pleasure, moving of one idea to another.  Cascading of hope and change.  Earth:  The epic-center of what is good in our conscious and inner being.  What I found must enjoyable about this class is the diverse faiths share commonality of ethical teachings and acting upon them.  The common elements that we share are two elements -The First is the concept of reverence for the supreme beings and respect and morality that this brings.  Second is the "golden rule" concept of treating other religions as you would treat your religion.  Of recent times the plight of religious fervor has taking a turn for the penitent person to grasp.  I cannot find any fault with this class; this program is presented straight forward information that enhances the student to seek new information about the existing information.  There is no reason to alter/change the format of this class.  Information is discussed with enlighten and reverence.  The students and proctor can discuss each topic in a discourse but professional manner.  What I can say is I learned how every religion must be open to other faiths and paradigms without losing their own faith.  Ministers of ULC can learn from this class by visiting other faiths and exchanging ideas through cooperation and fellowships.  We as educators must be vigilant in our teachings and acknowledgements of other religions and faiths.

I would enjoy taking additional classes with Rev. Kythera Ann     

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