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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Master of Religious Philosophy Lesson 3

Master of religious philosophy questions for lesson 3
Is the US marine corps a cult?
The US Marine Corps or USMC could fulfill several criteria
1)     Do they have a charismatic leader the answer would be yes this could be the commander or the president a person who is able to give a moral boost to his or her men.
2)     They display an impressive level of group and self thought to engage in rescue operation.
3)     Although family members cannot engage with the USMC i.e. combat and training they engage socially and wear the corps colors.
4)     The corps members do not give financially but may give their lives to defend their country family and friends.
5)     The corps is carefully segregated from the community for training purposes and to prevent injury or infiltration.
Although these answers would imply the corps is a cult the actual answer is the USMC is not a cult each individual male or female believes in his or her own religion not the same religion or the same following of a particular branch of the same religion .also the corps has numerous career opportunities which a cult would not the questions could answer either way when delved deeper into the role of a marine and their colleagues and family and friends.
               The USMC is and always will be a military unit and not a cult. It has religious believers and a charismatic leader but these criteria do not fulfill the religious aspects.

Rev. Andrew L.

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